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Ch. 6

Evening fell, the moon rose, and no one came. Emmy lay awake, waiting for her signal. Why is no one coming? She sat up, rubbing her arms to restore warmth and failing. Suddenly Emmy heard someone running toward the tent and scooted to one of the front corners, tendrils of doubt and apprehension worming their way into her mind.

Two guards burst into the tent as though they were looking for someone. Fear blossomed in Emmy and she scooted farther into the corner, attempting to remain hidden. It didn't work; the guard carrying twin sabers across his back turned at the movement.

"Get up," he ordered, dragging Emmy to her feet as he spoke.

"Who are you? Where are you taking me?" Emmy asked fearfully as she was dragged outside her tent.

" 'Saber' to you," he said, glancing down at her. "Leilita wants a word," he added, a cruel smile on his lips.


Uncle, help me, Emmy thought desperately as she was marched to Leilita's tent. I'm in trouble! Leilita wants something from me, and there's these two guards who dragged me out of my tent, and Uncle, I think she might kill me! No thoughts answered her unspoken plea, and she felt despair and fear constrict her heart.

Raised voices greeted the three as the they stopped in front of a large tent next to the cooking section. The two guards hesitated, gauging the situation by the intensity of Leilita's voice. "She wants the girl; let's give her to Leilita," Saber said. "Such a pretty little thing," he added regretfully, touching Emmy's face lightly. Emmy's heart threatened to explode as she felt his hand slide down her throat. She will be mine... Let Leilita see her, then spirit the girl away tonight, and the blame will fall on 'Her Highness.' Yes, that will work...

"The girl is Leilita's," Saber's companion stated coldly, his eyes on Saber. "Not yours."

One minor issue, though, Saber added as his hand dropped from Emmy's throat. Saran. "I know that," Saber snapped, and pushed through the tent flap.

Leilita and Siveya stood in the center of the tent, each stiff with anger.

"What!" Leilita snapped.

"Milady, the Seer is here," Saber replied.

Siveya and Leilita turned to face him, and the rage on Leilita's face sent shivers down his spine.