Playing Zodiac
Must Be Monkey

Nanao in truth hadn't planned on getting all of her casting done in one day. However, her mind contained a good idea of who she wanted for each part, or roughly so. She walked along, thinking about the exact casting when she suddenly bumped into someone, causing her papers to go flying. She hurried to grab all of the papers, only to have someone hand her the papers.

At that, she saw Abarai Renji standing in front of her. "You should be more careful." He let out a chuckle.

At that, Ise slammed her fist into a palm of her hand. "I got it. I couldn't figure out whether you should play the snake or the monkey and your chuckle right there says that you should play the monkey."

"Hold it." Renji raised an eyebrow. "What to you mean by what you just said?"

"I am putting on a New Years play and it deals with the zodiac story." The female grinned at the male, the look of determination majorly saying that she would not be said no to. "You're the monkey."

"Aren't you supposed to ask people about things like this and get a yes or no answer?" The male folded his arms. "And why did you pick those two to choose from, huh?"

"Because your zampaktuo is a baboon with a snakes tail." Nanao stated.

"Oh... you're going by zampaktuo?" Renji gleaned a major smirk on his face.

"Well, not on everyone." Ise admitted. "But there are a few."

"I see... so then you're going to try to convince Hitsugaya Taicho to be the dragon?" Abarai was suddenly laughing, holding his sides.

"Actually, he was the first person I talked to and I convinced him to participate. So yes, he will be the dragon." Nanao stated. She watched as Abarai suddenly opened his eyes, shock emanating from his features.

"Wait... you succeeded in convincing that stuffy little kid to do something childish?" Renji folded his arms. "How did you do it?"

"I said that until after the new year, I would be doing whatever paperwork Matsumoto Fukutaicho didn't do and was supposed to. It was as simple as that. He thought that was a rather major offer for something he felt was a minor request and is also looking through the scripts for me." Ise pushed up her glasses. "He's actually easy to get along with."

"Yeah... sure. I heard about what happened between you two last New Year. You know the only reason he played that game with you was because he never has been able to say no to Yachiru-chan, right?" Abarai scratched his head.

"Well, don't you know what her nickname for him is?" Nanao blinked a couple of times. "Nearly everyone in the Woman's Society knows why he puts up with her antics."

"Isn't it Snowball-chan, or Fluffly?" Renji garnered a guess.

"No... actually, she likes to call him aniki." Ise stated. "I think it is rather cute that she thinks of him as her older brother."

"A woman would. Do you realize she is also referring to him as a crime boss for some gang?" Abarai stated.

At that, Nanao glared at him, pushing up her glasses, becoming quite stern about the whole matter. "Seriously, what is it with males taking something and twisting it to have a different reason."

Renji suddenly backed away a bit. "Well... yes... but... who are you going to get to play the snake?"

"Well, I was thinking that I would get..." At that, Isane suddenly paled.

"What is it?" Abarai stated.

"The first person who came to mind... the first person who came to mind was..." Nanao stated.

"Who... your taicho?" Renji stated firmly.

"He's not participating. He would turn this into something the younger shinigami couldn't participate in rather quickly." The female folded her arms. "No... the person is someone that is associated with symbols of trickery. He has been referred to as snake like, but also a fox."

"Ehh... you mean Ichimaru Gin?"" Abarai let out a deep sigh. "Yeah, I guess under normal circumstances he would be the first person who would come to mind. Me... I've forgotten that he exists."

"No you haven't. Forgetting that he exists is not the right word for what you are doing." Nanao grumbled.

"Perhaps not. I choose not to think of him." Renji began to move away.

"That is a bit hard when your best friend happens to have been very close to the man. I have yet to see what Matsumoto found to be so special about the man." Ise waved over her shoulder goodbye.