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Angelus sighed out a breath he didn't need as he walked through the dirty streets of Los Angeles. He was a bit far from where he had been calling home these days, but he was avoiding heading back there for the time being. There were some rumor floating about that his sire, a vile creature by the name of Darla, was back in town and he guessed that she was probably looking for him. 'Some vampires have all the luck.'

Angelus wasn't one for hiding, and he wasn't, he just didn't feel like dealing with her and the drama that came with his maker.

Killing her was a nice option, one he'd flirted with for the better part of his undead life, so it was certainly on the back shelf.

As for LA itself, he too was getting rather tired of it. He'd come and he'd gone from this dreadful place throughout his undead life than he could remember, but this time had certainly been his longest stay.

It had been a matter of business that had brought him back, but now that it was taken care of, some time ago at this point, he was rather bored of being out here.

He often found himself heading down to Sunnydale, one of the Hellmouths, but that small town was sure lacking in charm, even with sitting on the mouth of Hell.

Annoyed with the thoughts in his head, Angelus found himself much farther out than he'd intended to go. He stopped and looked around, an unhappy expression on his face. He spotted two young vampires down the road, but other than that the place seemed empty. He cocked his head just so, watching the two, reading and sensing their humming excitement.

Needing to blow off some steam, he decided to fuck up whatever plans they had going on.

Smiling, Angelus started toward the due, his leather duster blowing around him in the small breeze. He began whistling an old show tune as he walked.

The two young ones both seemed to ignore him, at first, and very briefly, before they turned their heads to look at one another than turned around to look at him. "Uh, can we help you?" one asked, looking non too impressed with the new arrival.

Angelus smiled again as he stopped, opening his arms out wide. "Just wondering what all the excitement is about."

The two looked at one another again, then him. "Well, that's none of your business, now is it?" the other asked, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning his body off on one hip.

Angelus actually wanted to laugh at him for that one, the gesture. If only he had a mirror... and if only vampires had reflections. "Everything that happens in my town is my business," he replied coldly instead.

"Your town?" the hoity one asked with a snort.

"Oh, boys," Angelus spoke, taking a few steps closer to reach the two, laying an arm around each of their shoulders, "boys, boys..." He was about to continue but his eyes glanced up through the window of the shitty little diner the two had been stalking outside of and he caught glimpse of what was inside.

Who was inside rather.

The first thing that popped into his mind was that he missed days when he would get excited about a kill. That's what had the two of them buzzing after all, waiting for her to come outside. To do what comes natural to their kind.

It had been a long, long time since he'd felt that himself. He enjoyed a good fucking with, toying and abusing, sure. But the pure freshness these too had... it'd passed long ago.

Though, upon seeing the young waitress inside, he felt something... something close to it, but not quite right either.

His hands gripped the two young ones shoulders as he watched her move about the small space, preparing to close up for the night. She was just doing the finishing touches so it wasn't long before she was about to come walking out the door.

The vamp to his left smiled, forgetting everything else, and practically started bouncing in his place, his hands rubbing together. Angelus rolled his eyes then increased pressure on his grip, making them both bend at the knees and start in with pained noises. He growled, a clear warning, one that needed nothing more but as the young girl stepped outside, startled by what she found, he turned them both and pushed them. "Get on out of here," he called, his voice threatening.

One of them took off running, the other stumbled then shot him a look, but got one deadly glare in return and soon the second caught up with the first.

Watching them for a moment, Angelus looked at the ground then his hands which he wiped against his jacket and shook his head before turning to look at the girl on top of the stairs still. He was glad his heart no longer beat for he was sure it would have given out on him.

She looked scared, felt it. He took a step back.

"You shouldn't be out here alone at this hour," he told her, feeling uneasy of his choice in words. She continued to stare, eyes wide, body unmoving. He began to doubt himself all the more. "This really isn't a safe neighborhood, I mean." This time she nodded. Slightly. Just so. He took another step away from her. "I don't think those two will be stalking this place out again, though."

"Th...they were waiting f...for me?"

He shrugged. "I'm not sure, but it looked like it. Like I said though, I don't think they'll be coming back."

She looked all the more shaken. "Well, um, th..thank you?"

He nodded. The two stared for a long moment. He'd never felt more nervous in his whole life, and the demon inside of him was raging at the butterflies who'd come to join. "I didn't mean to startle you," he said. "I'll be on my way now."

He had taken several steps away when he heard hers as she descended down the stairs. A few more came and went before he heard her call out.


He paused then looked over his shoulder. He could tell she had an inner battle of her own raging on, about him, about trusting him. 'Smart girl.'

"I...I, um, I tha...thank you again. I don't know what..." she trailed off then shook her head, ", I just a few blocks away but I was, um, wo...wondering if ma...maybe it wasn't too much of an inconvenience for you...that, um, maybe you could...I don't know... walk me?" she said, wincing as she finished off. Her face began to burn red and he saw her start to bolt away in pure embarrassment.

God help him, he found it cute.

Before she could get too far away he called out to her, agreeing with a smile.


They kept a safe distance from one another. He kept his hands in his pockets and she clutched her bag with all her might. He'd watched from the corner of his eye as she had earlier taken out something, he didn't get a chance to see just what it was, as some sort of weapon, now clutched in her palm, being squeezed so tight it had to hurt.

"Well, um, this is me," she said.

The vampire came to halt, turning to view the shabby looking apartment building. It took all he had not to wince at the sight.

"Thank you again."

He nodded.

Her head gave a little shake then she stepped forward, she switched the weapon to the other hand then held her now free hand out to him. "I'm Buffy by the way."

He slipped his own out of his pocket to shake it. "Angelu... Angel," he said instead. Something he was far from, had ever been.

No one had even dared calling him such a thing since back when he was human. His sister had given him the nickname despite any good reason why he was anything but, had always been anything but.

"Pretty name," she breathed out, then blushed again. She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I mean... it's a nice... name... not... oh, okay, I'm shutting up and going away now."

He chuckled. When she tried to pull away, he drew her closer. She gasped, had those doe eyes back on, but he enclosed the space between the two of them anyway, kissing her gently.

In all his many years, Angelus had never kissed someone as he did now. It was slow and sweet, tentative. There was true emotion, though he wasn't sure just what that emotion was, behind it.

His hand came up to her cup her cheek and she let out a small moan. He used the opportunity to slip his cool tongue inside her warm mouth, exploring the taste of her.

It was overwhelming and he nearly lost control. His body was on fire, his mind racing. Angelus let out another deep growl and had to step away from her.

She stumbled before catching herself, her harsh panting filling the otherwise almost silent air around them. "That was... wow... I should... should go now." She looked about as dizzy as he felt.

He began to say something about how she should be more careful out here at night, or to invite himself up to her room, but instead he just nodded once more, focusing on keeping both his hardening cock from coming out to play and his true face and his true nature. The first he didn't mind her seeing, not one bit, but the whole living dead thing... he didn't know just how well that would be going over.

So, he let her walk away.

For now.