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STOP! Roxanne yelled in pain. Max stop! She yelled once more. Max stopped, that's what you get for lying to me, max began to cry. I'm sorry, Roxanne cried. Max walked out of his and Roxanne's bedroom leaving Roxanne crying. Roxanne looked at her arm were max had squeezed it, and then dug his nails into it. It was blue, and had blood dripping down it. Roxanne sat there and cried. Not knowing what to do. All the times she had cried before, she always had Max to comfort her. Roxanne thought about how she had lied about not kissing Max's arch enemy from High School, Will at the mall. She wasn't having an affair. But Will was trying to have an affair with her but… Roxanne loved Max not Will.

After Roxanne had calmed down she grabbed her car keys, walked out of the bedroom room, walked by Max trying not to pay any attention to him, opened the front door and left.

Roxanne was going for a drive to calm her down then suddenly; she looked to her left and saw a car coming towards her. It smashed into the side of her car and left her injured lying on the road. The driver kept driving like nothing happened.

Max tried to sleep, he thought Roxanne might be at Stacey's apartment, or at her Dad's house. But still there was something that wasn't right. Max got out of bed, grabbed his keys and his wallet with Roxanne's picture in it and left.

It was cold and dark that night, and rain was pouring down. When he was driving down the same road that the accident was on he caught sight of a car with the same number plate as Roxanne's car. He pulled over and saw Roxanne lying on the side of the road with blood all over her.

Max ran too her and tried to calm her down she was screaming in pain with tears running down her face. Max called 911 and soon the ambulance came. Finally they got her in the ambulance and she was off to the hospital.

Max had his eyes stuck on Roxanne. Max was holding Roxanne's hand tight; his eyes began to drop tears. He couldn't believe what he had done. If he hadn't treated Roxanne so badly then she would have never left their apartment, she would have been in bed safe with Max by her side.

Max began to cry even more, Roxanne grabbed his other hand in a way that told Max that she would forgive him. When they got to the hospital Max had no choice but to let go of Roxanne's hand and let the doctors take it from there. Max waited and waited, he didn't want the fate that his dad had. It was the same thing as when a car smashed into Max's Mom's car leaving her dead.

The Doctor came out of the room and said that she was going to be ok and that Roxanne wanted to see Max.

Max, crying of happiness, walked in the room and hugged Roxanne.

"The doctor told me I could go home today." Roxanne said sweetly.

"So you forgive me" asked Max

"Of course I do, do you forgive me?" Roxanne answered back

"Duh, these things happen, don't they?" Said Max

Max leaned over and kissed her and said I love you.