Heyo! Rongirl98 here! Sorry for the short chapter, but I'm not very good at first chapters, hope you like it!

I was at the park near my house on the mainland. I started running towards the swings, when I got knocked over by a blur of blue.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!"A voice said to me.

I looked up and saw a boy holding his hand out to me. He had spiky sapphire tied in a bandanna with a flame pattern, and eyes like liquid gold. I took his hand and he helped me up.

"Thanks," I said, dusting myself off. "Who are you?"

"I'm Luke," he answered. "My dad owns the carpentry. What's your name?"


"Cool." He looked around the park, then pointed at a scrawny boy with silver hair. "Hey,Angela. Do you know that kid over there?"

"You mean that snot-bag who thinks he's all that but couldn't beat up a fly if he tried? Yeah,I know him. The other day he called me a spaz so I threw a rock at his head." Luke laughed."Awesome! Well, he calls me stupid all the time and says that I'm too loud, so I'm gonna pull a prank on him. Wanna help?"

"Heck yeah!" It might be fun! "How about we try to scare him so bad that he pees his pants? That'll be hilarious!"

Luke looked at me in amazement. "I can tell we're gonna be good friends!" He flashed a smile at me and I laughed.

"Angela! We're here!"Pascal shouted, waking me up.

I rubbed my eyes and rolled out of bed. I thought about my dream as I got dressed. It was an old memory of mine from when I was five.
Luke and I did become good friends. Best friends, actually.

We were best friends for two years, but then he and his family moved to another island, and we haven't talked or written since.

That memory's been showing up in my dreams a lot, lately. I opened the door to my cabin and walked onto the deck. I closed my eyes and breathed in the salty air.

"There it is. Waffle Island," Pascal said and nodded once.

I walked off the boat, smiling like an idiot . There were lots of shops nearby, and the scenery was beautiful. I looked around and noticed a short and chubby man running towards me.

"Hello!You must be Angela! I'm mayor Hamilton. Welcome to Waffle Island!" He shook my hand vigorously. "So what do you think of the island?"

"It seems nice. I think I'll like it." He clapped and nodded. "Wonderful! Let's go see your new house!"

I grabbed my big suitcase that Pascal brought out of my cabin, and we started walking. Hamilton lead down the path through
Waffle Town, telling me about all the shops.

There was a general store, a clinic, a tailor shop, and a fish market. There was even an Inn with a bar, and some shops to help me with my farm, house, and tools.

When we arrived at my house, my jaw dropped. It was a cute little pink house with a big field next to it. And around the corner, there was a waterfall and hot spring. I started to jump up and down a little and squeal. I finally had my own house! The mayor saw my reaction and chuckled.

"So you like the house?"Hamilton asked,still giggling."It's also furnished. And it's free!"He added.

My eyes grew bigger and my mouth hung open more. I got my own house...for free...and it was already furnished? I must be dreaming!

"Well, I'll leave you alone so you can unpack. You should go meet everyone later," said mayor Hamilton. Then he turned around and left.

After a couple more minutes of admiring my house, I decided to check out the inside,so I shut my mouth and opened the door. It looked a little bigger on the inside, but it was still pretty small.

There was a straw bed in the corner, an end table with a diary, a medium-sized dresser,a bookshelf stacked with books, a calender, and a tool box. In the middle of the room, there was a big table. There was also a counter for me to cook on, but I wasn't a very good cook, so I might not use that very often. I sighed and to unpack my clothes.