Summary: Legalos arrives in our time period, but not through natural means. What do you think our society would do with such a strange and beautiful creature? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. I don't intend this to be a Mary-Sue or slash story. Rated PG for language and some violence later on.

Nothing of the Lord of the Rings is my property. I don't own them and I'm not making any profit on this. I just like playing with them a little. Any original characters are my own.

A/N: I've only seen the movie (FOTR) and I'm very nearly done TTT, so if there are some inconsistencies, chalk it up to ignorance. Feedback and constructive criticism are always welcomed.


Time and Space

Chapter one

"He's dead."

My shoulders slumped in a heavy sigh. This had not been the news that I wanted to hear. I had worked so long and hard with him. I thought that we were making progress. Guess he didn't think so.

"When? How?" I finally asked.

"In the medicinal closet. Grabbed an empty syringe..."

I raised my hand, letting him know that he didn't have to continue. "I'll contact his family." He had been my patient. I owed him that much.

My heart was damn near broken after speaking with Joe's mother. She had been so hopeful about a recovery. "But he was getting better," she choked out between sobs.

I nodded. "If there's anything I can do, don't hesitate."

I hung up the telephone a few minutes later. This day couldn't end soon enough. I just wanted to go home, soak in an extraordinarily hot tub and forget everything about today.

God, my first suicide. How was I going to handle this?


I shut my eyes. Go away, I thought. Let me be alone for a little while.

"Glad I caught you. Hey, listen, sorry about Joe." Mike held my arm. "You gonna be okay?"

I shrugged.

"Before you go, there's someone you need to meet."

I rolled my eyes. "Not today, Mike. I just want to go home..."

"It has to be today," he interrupted. "His forty-eight hours will be almost up and then we can't keep him any longer."

"So?" Normally, I would have been more than a little concerned over a person being released from the hospital with mental problems, but today just wasn't my day.

"Lin, I know that this situation with Joe has upset you, but this guy needs your help. Somehow, I think you're the only one he might be able to relate to."

I was a little unsure over what that meant. But I knew that I couldn't let Joe ruin my ability to try to help others. "All right. What's this guy's deal?"

Mike grinned and handed me a folder while we walked to the elevator. "Police brought him in. They found him wandering around Jane and Third. Normally, they would have thought he was just high, but something made them change their minds."

"That he wasn't," I replied, not looking up from the pages before me. "No signs of alcohol or drugs in or on him." My eyes found Mike's. "So what's the story here?"

The elevator dinged and we went in. "Seems the guy was more or less confused..."

"Not unlike users,"I interjected.

"But most users can at least speak English. This guy starts spouting off in some language no one's heard before, ever."

"So he's from out of town." I was becoming a little frustrated. "Look, just give me the gist of the story."

"All right. The cops bring him in because he starts screaming at the top of his lungs, using that weird language. He rushes around to some of the bums around, looking at their faces."

"Like he's trying to find a familiar face?"

Mike nodded. "Seemed that way. The cops then pulled him over and he starts getting all freaked out."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Freaked out? Is that some new psycho-jargon that I wasn't informed of?"

He smirked, but continued. "Anyway, he's resisting the police. They have a hell of a time trying to get him into the cruiser."

The elevator dinged again. The pair strode out into the mental ward of the hospital. "All the while, this guy's ranting in that language and getting more and more paranoid. Cops said his eyes were like saucers when he finally realised what was happening and where he was."

"Sounds like he was high. That's been known to happen." We stopped before the door to the common room.

"But he didn't have anything in his blood. In fact, his blood is what got us stumped. Never seen it before." He handed me another, smaller folder. "Guy's got no name, no anything, but whatever's pumping through him, it's clean."

I frowned. His blood was indeed very odd. He apparently lacked any particular type, not A or O or positive or negative. Nothing. "And this was less than two days ago?"

"Yep." He pointed through the glass into the common room. "He's calmed down quite a bit, as you can see."

Instantly seeing him, I gasped. "He's practically comatose!"

"Hasn't hardly moved from that spot since they let him in last night. Just keeps looking out that window."

Thank goodness they kept it closed, otherwise... I shuddered.

I thrust the folders back at Mike. "So you want me to write an evaluation on him today so that he can stay for another seventy-two hours?"

"You know the drill by now, Lin. It's not safe for him outside."

I leaned heavily against the door. "Mike, I'm not sure that this is for me. I've already got upwards of thirty patients. And with Joe..." I rubbed my forehead.

"Just do the write-up," Mike said gently. "I'll have someone else continue on, if you want. But I just can't have him out there."

I could never say no to Mike. "If you weren't my boss..." I pointed a lazy finger at him.

His grin was wide. "Great. I'll talk with you tomorrow to see how you did." With a pat on my shoulder, he was off and I was alone.

With a grumble, I pushed open the door. The smell of the room always got to me. Something of a mix of vomit and anti-septic. Not terribly inviting. I wished they could open the windows to get fresh air, but the risks were too great.

I smiled at some of the patients that I knew and waved to a couple of others. Some of those guys would never leave here.

I made my way to the nurses desk. "Hey, Doreen."

The older woman looked up with a smile. "Well, hello there. Been a while since we've seen you down here."

I shuffled my feet. "Yeah, I know. They keep me busy upstairs most of the time."

"So now you've come back to the little people," she teased.

"Something like that." I looked over to the window. "That man," I pointed for further emphasis, "how long has he been there?"

"Bout the time they brought him in." She lean in on her desk. "He's been as silent as a mouse and just as gentle."

"Huh. His report made him out to be a little more violent."

Doreen shook her head. "Haven't had an ounce of trouble with him. But then, haven't had anything out of him. He hasn't eaten a thing and getting his clothes off was quite a to-do."

"Do you think he understands what people say to him?"

She slowly shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, but I think he's scared. He doesn't seem to understand where he is."

I nodded taking it all in. "Was there anything special in his clothes that could give us a clue about him?"

"Come see for yourself." Doreen rose and went to the back room. I followed her in. She pulled out a large canvas bag and opened it up. "Not exactly your standard east side issue."

My curiosity was piqued with the guantlets staring up at me. Doreen was right. Pushing them aside, I pulled out a leather vest that felt wonderful, almost silk-like. A pale blue tunic came out that was nothing like I'd ever seen or felt. It shimmered a little and changed colours when the light hit it differently. It was caught on something heavy. With a tug, I pulled out a matching pair of knives, about eighteen inches at least. My eyes lit up. "He had this on him?" I asked incrduously.

"Mm-hmm, and this." She reached into a cabinet and pulled out the most beautiful bow ever. The handle was delicately carved with wondrous engravings and each end was detailed with what looked like forest scenes. Gently taking the instrument, I beheld it. God, it was beautiful! So exquisite. The bow I owned for my archery habit had nothing on this object before me. "I can't begin to say how beautiful this is," I whispered.

"It is lovely."

Reluctantly, I handed it back to her. "Who is this guy? And where did all this come from?" I looked back at his clothing bag. The mystery now seemed to only begin.

Standing near him, I could finally see his face and body clearly. He was without exception, the most uniquely defined creature. His nose and chin were slightly pointed delicately. His lips were thin and red. But his eyes, oh how those eyes entranced me. There was a light in them; they seemed to glow as did much of the rest of him. But I also saw sadness. Profound despair and loss were there in those blue orbs.

Perhaps it was just the greyness of the city through the light.

"Who are you?" I finally asked.

He didn't react, not that I thought that he would, but you had to start somewhere. "My name's Dr. Kaitlin Myers. You can call me Lin, if you want." My eyes narrowed. "Do you understand me?"

Nothing. Something, though, told me that he did.

I returned to the back and brought out his gauntlets. "Are these yours?" I held them out.

And then he looked at them, his eyes filling with even deeper sadness. "Elessar," he whispered. He blinked and a tear rolled down his finely chiseled cheek.

A silver tear.

To be continued...