Untitled Fic
Chapter 2 'Location, location, Location'

*Midnight's Club office – New York – Two days later*

John Sat looking at Midnight as the Hatian voodoo priest took a seat across from him. The look in the priest's eyes told John that finding the information had been taxing. Most likely Midnight had spent the better part of the last two days getting the information. He waited for Midnight to say something and finally the voodoo priest rolled his eyes in the back of his head and an eerie voice began to speak through him.

"Hello John, John hello." Came the female voice of Lilith.

"If it isn't temptress of every nation, the flirter of destruction, and the most evil 'woman' to ever walk the earth. So what do I owe the pleasure of your company luv?" John asked.

"You needed information John, and I have it. Midnight has sought my wisdom and I have offered it, but at a different price. I don't need the true name of the Prince of Lies. I want something else John… Something far better." Lilith stated as she made Midnight draw little circles on the desk in front of him.

"What do you want Lilith?" John asked fearing that he might already know the answer.

"Well John… through you our children all met their eventual fates. Maria actually cast me off and took up with you. In a way it made me proud to see that your bloodline was so well connected that our daughter wanted to be part of your life. Still… It bothers me that I can't punish her correctly. A couple thousand years of being subjectated to the Prince of Lies as a whore would bring her high and mighty attitude back down where it belongs." Lilith said.

"She was your daughter too Lilith. You would do that to your own flesh and blood? You would take the best part of you and attempt to ruin it?" John asked.

"Yes the best part of me. My mercy, love, and unconditional heart went into her. To be honest it has made me a far better demon being rid of those things. To answer you yes, I would do that to her. Not only that but I would ensure that she was beaten daily for what she has done, but she isn't what I want John. I want another child." Lilith said through Midnight's lips.

"Not with you, and not with that body." John stated.

"Of course not with this body you foolish man, and not with you either John. I can't risk having a child with someone whose blood line is so… rebellious. No, I want a child with someone else. I have selected the person and I will grant you the information if you promise me that you will try to arrange our meeting. I can do the rest from there." Lilith said.

"Who do you want to sleep with?" John asked.

"Kal-El of Krypton." Lilith answered.

"He's… You do realize that he's married." John said.

"Of course I know that, but it doesn't concern me. Besides if his love for his wife is pure I won't be able to tempt him; however, that is the price for my information. Do we have an accord?" Lilith asked.

"We have an accord…" John said regretting what he was agreeing to.

"The princess is here in New York. When her time line was disrupted she was taken from Themyscira and brought to 'man's' world as she calls it. She lives beneath the city in the subway tunnels along with the other Amazons. You have about as much chance of getting to her as I do of entering paradise." Lilith said with a laugh.

"That's for me to worry about Lilith." John said as he stood.

"Remember my price Constantine. I will have it… Or I will have our daughter's soul." Lilith said with a cold voice before she left Midnight's body.

"You learned what you wanted Constantine?" Midnight asked.

"Yeah, she told me everything I need to know. Like I said here is the name of the devil. Give me fifteen minutes to get out of the building. I will be over at the coffee shop across the street, and I won't leave for half an hour. But before you say it I will not be in the same building you are when you call him." John said as he handed Midnight a piece of paper folded in half.

John walked out of the building and into the coffee shop. He waited and five minutes after he left an explosion of hell fire came from Midnight's club. John watched as everyone inside was engulfed in flames. He knew that Midnight would try and without the proper summoning circles, another mystic as an anchor, and an entire arse load of luck there was no way of containing the prince of lies let alone controlling him.

"Told 'im." John said as he walked out of the coffee shop and headed toward the subway entrance.