One month later:

"KC, are you sure? What if she doesn't like me? Or what if I'm not what she expected oh gosh no, never mind I'm not going." This was the dinner with KC's mom. To say I was nervous, looking back now, I don't even realize why, out of this relationship the dinner with his mom went exceptionally well.

"Clare, baby, relax. She'll love you. You've transformed me into this 'nice young man' I am today." He said it so confidently that I was convinced he liked the new image.

"Really? She really said that?" I was blushing like mad. The idea that my first and only
(-_-) boyfriend's mom liked me made me feel like I accomplished so much.

"Honest, she will love you even more when she sees how amazing you look, how perfect you are." His sweet words had such a huge effect on me. I was so swoon by his oh so obvious perfection.

"Let's go." He took my hand and led me to his house, the nerves in my stomach accelerating as if I was at a boiling point in my life. Oh how much I wish that I would've known what I know today.

We walked into the living room and I saw an average looking girl with natural flat brown hair, and average brown eyes. She looked very… average. Well that was until she smiled up at KC, like he was her whole life, she looked so beautiful when she was happy, I guess everyone looks exceptionally better when in a better mood. I must have been radiating when she offered me into her kitchen with open arms and a warm smile that I could tell was sincere. If I could've known Mrs. Guthrie before, we would've been great friends. I cannot explain the wellness to her. She was wise beyond an average 35 year old woman because of all the trauma and sickly things that happened in her life.

We all sat down at the smaller generic looking dinner table that looked so homey all at the same time. I sat down into the opening while KC sat at the side facing the wall, and his mom sat adjacent to me.

"So Clare, how is Degrassi treating my baby boy?" KC looked down, as she called him her baby boy. I thought it was cute, I smiled, flashed KC a knowing smile, and politely answered her question.

"Actually KC is really good at school. Plenty of friends, amazing grades, and the signs are pointing up for him."

She smiled at KC and I smiled at the both of them. We all subconsciously made a content sigh. I smiled towards Mrs. Guthrie, she was much more lovely than a judgmental person would've guessed. You would assume an ex drug addict would go back to their old ways, would be a screw up for a parent, but she was doing just the opposite. She was cleaned up and trying to be the best mom she could be. She was trying to make up for her faults and KC was gladly accepting after much persuasion. I think that Mrs. Guthrie was a personal inspiration. I surely did admire her. I still do.

We all sat and ate dinner; the awkwardness was so intense at first, it was almost tangible but it soon melted away like the warm air radiating my cheeks. It almost felt more comfortable than my own house.

As I was walking home with KC, he proceeded to tell me how much fun he had and how much his mom loved me.

"Why don't you come in?" I asked, fully aware my parents were gone for at least two days.

"You sure?" He seemed weary about it, but I suggested that he should come in, so that I don't get scared. I had no idea where this seductive person was but I wish was, but I wish she would've stayed away. I wish the vixen secretly hidden inside of me never accelerated to the surface. I wish she never existed.

I pulled him into my room, and that night. That night I regret for different reasons. That night was the night I lost my virginity to Kirk Cameron Guthrie.

The night I changed my fate for the… different.