There are so many issues to deal with following the attack and everything else, that I would be writing till judgement day, and everyone would get bored. With that in mind, here is the very last (absolutely the last, lest I be spanked until my bottom turns purple) chapter – I'd like to think it isn't rushed, but more of a montage...anyway, you have all been wonderful, this was meant to be like, six chapters long and I hope the ending is what you all wanted...or most of you anyway.

Life, as it turns out, is a lot like God. It giveth and it taketh away.

They get their perfect moment, Castiel recently pronounced infection free, a ring less marriage proposal and their families falling in line with their rhythm, falling in love with them as a unit.

Dean holds on to that moment, even years later, because it was perfect.

Castiel gets released from hospital and they have their bad couple of weeks. Castiel can't sleep, his hip is still healing, and he has nightmares most nights.

There are months where he skirts the subject of sex, until Castiel sits him down and forces his way through layers of repression to talk about what Alistair did, it's hard for him to say, and kind of makes Dean want to kill Alistair over again. But they get through it and it becomes just another grain of sand between them, interrupting their once perfect slide together.

Then comes the moment when Dean realises they have to go back to Castiel's apartment, clear out the rest of the debris and rescue anything that's left.

Castiel makes a choice, and tells Dean to burn anything that's left in the apartment.

He doesn't go back to his old place, because stupid as it sounds, he thinks maybe James dies there, and he isn't sure how he'd feel, going back.

Dean doesn't press the issue.

Even though the building attendant had cleared most of the place and stuck a new door in place of the old one, there was still enough damage to remind Dean of what had happened. The mattress was gone, but there were a few stubborn blood stains on the floor, the walls were plastered and painted anew, but he could see the faint dents where Alistair had broken the old walls with his fists.

He drags everything out to the kerb with Sam and Gabriel's help. Then he goes back to his own home and finds Castiel , curled in the very middle of their bed, eyes so red and throat sore from sobbing since Dean had left him.

That's when he realises that this is the first time he'd left Castiel alone since he came out of hospital.

He remembers that moment because it broke his heart.

There's therapy after that, for both himself and Castiel. They talk about what happened, about the future and their past and everything that comes to mind. Eventually Castiel gets used to being left alone again, but it takes time, anxiety attacks and frantic calls to get there.

A year after the attack, Castiel twists in his arms, turning over in bed and kissing him like he's just remembered how.

Dean kisses him back.

Afterwards, in the slight afterglow, naked and still joined and sweating. Dean wonders what happened to the Castiel and Dean that they used to be, the guy going through his divorce and the strange hooker.

They've come a long way, or they haven't moved at all – he can't figure out which it is.

As with all dark times, things begin to get better. By Ben's second birthday they're mostly normal, mostly back together the way they once were. Castiel is happy with him and they take a picture in Lisa's back yard (which at some point stopped being his and Lisa's old back yard, even in his head) Dean and Castiel and Lisa (holding Ben) beside a blue cake shaped like a bunny.

Castiel frames it in a new frame, bought from IKEA, and puts it on the wall above their bed. It's only the second new thing he'd bought to replace the things he lost at his apartment. The first being new clothes.

After publishing delays, and a whole new third act being added at the eleventh hour, Castiel's book is finally put into print. It tells the story of Castiel's family, his move to the city, his work before he become an escort and after. Meeting Dean (dubbed Edward in honour of Pretty Woman, a film Castiel loves despite himself) falling in love, every obstacle that fell into their path...then Alistair, the hospital, Ben and their marriage – three years after the attack.

It is not an international hit. But it pays the bills and a while after its release, some producers approach Gabriel (now Gabriel Winchester –Garrison) with an offer of making it into a mini-series.

He holds out for a movie – and gets one a year later.

Angel – starring Thomas Dekker as 'Chris' and Adam Baldwin as 'Edward' hits cinemas in the fall of that year and receives mixed reviews.

Lucifer calls it a masterpiece.

Michael wants the two hours of his life back.

Dean's parents tactfully decline tickets, because in John's words 'What I don't know won't give me an aneurism.'

Lisa enjoys Morena Baccarin's performance as Edward's wife, as Dean knew she would.

Sam finds it hilarious that Adam Tudyk played Gabriel.

Gabriel points out that there was some pretty lazy casting going on, as 80% of the cast seem to be from Firefly.

Castiel and Dean watch it on their new couch (a product of Cas's IKEA fixation) in their new home.

They agree that it's a terrible movie.

Though the soundtrack was excellent.