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Chapter 12 – The Plan Falls into Place

Ash had woken up early and was currently outside with his Pokémon. They all looked tired and so did he. Sweat was dripping down his shirtless body while he spared with Kirlia. Zorua was taking on Pikachu while Dratini was against Flareon. Riolu, the only fighting-type Pokémon amongst them, was looking over the battles and giving tips when necessary.

This was the scene that Ash's friends had woken up to. The moment that they went outside all the girls started drooling at Ash's physique while Brock got an envious look in his eyes. When Ash saw the group he took in a deep breath before he returned his Pokémon, Riolu included – well, minus Pikachu; who happily jumped on his master's shoulder.

Ash then exhaled before he spoke. He wasn't sure if what happened, really happened… but he was going to do this anyway; in order to test if what he saw, really did occur.

"Guys... I know that I have been acting like a jerk and I just wanted to apologize... I don't know why I said or why I did those things to you guys, and I know that you probably won't be able to forgive me this quickly but... I really am sorry."

Ash then felt a pair of arms wrap around him.

"It's about time you came around... Idiot."

Cynthia smiled at him before placing a kiss on his forehead. This managed to achieve three things:

It made Ash blush heavily

It caused Brock to enter his depressed state... again

And finally... It pissed the living hell out of the other two girls.

"Hey! Let me kiss Ash too!"

"Yeah; me too!"

Cynthia was pushed aside by the other two jealous girls who went through the job of showering their crush with kisses. Cynthia gnashed her teeth at the two girls for ruining the moment. She ran back and pushed the two girls to the ground, and proceeded to pummel them, an action of which, they gladly returned.

Ash sighed before smiling slightly.

"It's good to be back!" 'Whatever that really means, though… I don't know…'

*Later on the boat back to Pallet*

Cynthia and Ash were busy conversing with each other; the later just now realizing how much he truly missed the girls company. Sabrina and Celestia, on the other hand; had decided to form a temporary alliance, hell-bent on getting Ash away from the blonde haired girl. Once he was away from Cynthia however; there was no holding back. And Brock? Well… he was having a very deep conversation with his Geodude… Poor guy. (xD)

"We will be arriving in Pallet Town momentarily!"

Ash and co. nodded to one other; before walking to the front of the boat where it docked. They walked off, only to be greeted by Ash's smiling mother. She gave Ash a hug; something in which he happily returned, missing her greatly.

Delia smiled at her son's attitude recovery, before grinning at the group of five; happiness obvious.

"Well, good news kids! The Vermillion City gym leader just arrived back into the gym the other day! You can challenge him tomorrow, when the gym opens its doors again; I hope that you're both ready!"

Ash and Cynthia nodded to each other. Their conversations on the boat had been namely revolving around the battle that they would soon undergo. The Vermillion gym leader uses 6 against 6 battles due to the fact that it's the last gym; so a challenge is in order. In addition to this; the gym leader apparently uses a bunch of different Pokémon so they decided that they should use a variety of Pokémon as well.

Since Ash hadn't used Dragonair much since she evolved, the dragon-type would surely be used. Kirlia and most likely Zorua as well due to a combination they had planned.

They had decided that Cynthia should stick with Gabite, Tyranitar and also Gastly, in order for their thought-out plan to become a reality.

Delia saw the determined look in her son's eyes and couldn't help but smile sadly; memories that she would much rather forget, coming to the front of her mind. She quickly wiped the sad look off of her face, in that one instance; before anyone noticed, and smiled whole-heartedly again.

"Alright you kids – in you go; I made us a feast to celebrate you all getting so close to the League!"

The group quickly hurried into the open door and promptly sat themselves down in the dining room where Mr. Mime was cleaning. It was at that point in time that Delia walked into the kitchen; coming back with a bunch of different, delicious looking foods. This promptly caused everyone's (mainly Ash's) mouths to water at the enticing sights and smells.

"This looks great mom!"

Everyone else nodded in agreement causing her to smile at their antics.

They didn't waste any time and began ploughing down the incredible food like there was no tomorrow. Delia smiled silently to herself, eating at a moderate pace, and just enjoying the mood that the room had become such a big part of… that is, before she noticed a slight streak of bright blue on Ash's normally raven-colored hair. She coughed on her food, before quickly washing it down with some water that she had in her glass. Her eyes widened in shock as a billion possibilities flew past her mind.

'No... It can't be… That bastard-'

"Mom, are you ok?"

Delia took a deep breath, before smiling once again; and nodding. She turned towards her son and his friends' worried faces and relived them. "Yes… sorry if I worried you; just went down the wrong hole is all!"

The kids seemed content with that answer, and so they went back to their conversation. Meanwhile Delia shook her head with confidence. 'No there is no way that would be the case… not after all that…' She then went back to eating and conversing – the worry not leaving no matter how much she tried to convince herself that it was alright.

*Later That Night*

Brock and Sabrina were sleeping in the guest room whilst Celestia offered to sleep on the couch. Delia was sleeping soundly in her room while Cynthia was sleeping on an air-mat that was located next to Ash's bed. Said blonde was fast asleep; leaving our raven-haired hero as the only one still awake. He sighed as he ran a hand through his head.

"I tried to hide it with some of my other hair but I think she noticed it."

It wasn't hard to figure out, that he was referring to the blue streak that was predominantly going down the right side of his head. Tip-toeing down the hall quietly, he went to the bathroom, in order to examine the current state of his hair. Another streak of blue looked to be starting on the other side of his head.

He sighed before ruffling his hair in vain, in an attempt to try and cover it up before heading back to his bed. Lying down on his bed, he smiled at Pikachu who was curled up next to his arm. Closing his eyes, and slowing down his breathing, he felt the clutches of sleep overtake him, as his mind left the conscious world, and entered another one entirely.

*The Next Day*

Ash looked around tiredly, judging by the rising sun and a significant lack of Cynthia… that it was almost noon. Aka, he had slept in much later than planned. Yawning loudly; he stretched and got his tired body, out from his bed. Walking over to the bathroom; he had a shower before putting on his clothes and going downstairs. Just before leaving, he stopped to examine his hair in the mirror; doing his best to cover the blue strands of hair, as he could.

The moment he rushed downstairs, he ran over to the breakfast table; the tasty smells of his mother's cooking making his mouth water.

"Morning sleepy-head!"

He pouted at Cynthia's nick-name for him before finally laughing alongside her; his mother smirking at them, knowingly, from behind. Ash wasted no time in digging in; eating as much food as a small army eats, in only five minutes. Delia merely smiled at her son's enthusiasm; right before a streak of blue passed by her eye-sight, causing her to frown momentarily.

However, this time, Ash caught it; and he knew that there was something bothering his mom more than just what's been going on… although he wasn't sure what. Not wanting her to catch on to what he was thinking however, he masked his own expression with a fake smile, that no one in the area managed to pick up on…

No one, except for Cynthia…

*On the Road to Vermillion... Again*

Ash took a deep breath, before stretching and laughing to no one in particular.

"Man this sure feels nostalgic, doesn't it Pikachu?"

"Pika, Pikachu!" The furry mouse agreed with his master, happily. Cynthia smiled at the pair before running up to the both of them; leaning forward as she did so.

"It'll be nostalgic for me too once we actually get there, after all that's where I had first met you!"

Ash smiled at her joking demeanor; as the two then started to talk about stuff not relating to battles for once. Sabrina was busy being jealous as she stood next to a bored Brock and a spaced out Celestia who seemed to be in deep thought. (That's a first, huh?)

Noticing this, Sabrina turned towards rose-haired friend; and spoke, her voice laced with worry. "Are you ok Celestia?"

She seemed to snap out of whatever trance; she was in, and smiled towards the psychic-type user. "Yeah I'm alright; sorry… I just spaced out there for a second there."

Despite what was said however; Sabrina could tell that something wasn't quite as right as Celestia claimed.

*The Previous Night*

Celestia was currently in the bathroom; located in the Ketchum household, holding a phone next to her ear. Since everyone was asleep, it was obviously the perfect time, in her mind, to make this call.

"Celestia, may I ask, why it is that you are calling? Is there something that needs my attention?"

Taking a deep breath, the pink-haired operative continued talking.

"Well yes, actually… first of all; Ash's emotions seem to be returning to normal and..." She paused for a second, before continuing. "Well, I don't actually know if this important or not; but, he seems to have gained streak of blue in his hair… and it looks like he is trying his best to hide it."

There was silence on the other side for a second before loud resounding laughter could be heard; followed by a deep voice.

"Yes… thank you for bringing this to my attention Celestia; that is a very good development indeed…" He stopped to contemplate something before putting the phone by his mouth once again. "In fact… I think that this could not have happened; a moment too soon… after all you will all be reaching the Vermillion Gym tomorrow correct?"

"Ye-yes that is the plan sir."

She could almost hear the smirk on his face through the phone. Gathering up her courage, she spoke up again.

"Um... sir if I may ask; why are you so fixated on us getting to the gym tomorrow? What is going to happen?"

A few seconds of unbearable silence later and suddenly loud laughter erupted and she was treated with the answer that she was afraid of.

"Well… let's just let it be a surprise alright?"

Celestia sighed knowing that there would be no way to argue with him anymore. Giovanni then stopped his maniacal laughter; turning serious once again.

"Is that all?"

Celestia nodded and spoke, through the mouth-piece.

"Yes, sir."

"Very well, keep up the good work; and I shall see you tomorrow."

The last thing she remembered hearing from him, was the maniacal laughter as, she dropped her phone; the shock and horror too much for her to handle.

'See you tomorrow?'

*Present Time*

Celestia sighs before running a hand through her some stray hair that had fell over one of her eyes. Looking to her left, she is met with a sign that says the following: 'Vermillion City 200 Metres away'. Her mouth hung open at that news; how long had she been day dreaming?

Well needless to say it didn't take them long to reach their destination; and soon enough, the beautiful buildings of Vermillion looked back at them; the half-built Pokémon Centre in the middle of it all. Ash and Cynthia look at each other and sweat drop, uneasily. Laughing weakly they spoke in perfect unison.

"Yep, this is certainly nostalgic alright..."

Walking over to the sign on the 8th and final gym; the sign which had appeared to be closed for so long, now read 'OPEN'. Ash and Cynthia nod to each other; right before yanking the door open. The moment they did so, however, a large net came from the inside of the building and pulled them all in before anyone else noticed. (Now, you may be wondering how they did this? Well… they're team rocket; they are good at what they do what can I say? Uhhh never mind… Forget I ever said anything).

Meanwhile; inside the large gym's interior – our heroes were valiantly trying to escape… that is to say; getting their Pokémon to pointlessly use their attacks on it, seeing as they weren't working, instead of actually attempting to find a way out themselves. GENIUS!

"Pikachu use Thunderbolt, again!"


The bolt of lightning that was shot merely ended up bouncing back, and hitting the poor mouse in the face.

"Pikachu! Are you ok?-"

"So, how are you all enjoying your stay so far?"

Everyone looked down from their place in the air; the net having suspended them fairly high up. They were met with the face of a tall brown-haired man in a suit, surrounded by an army of at least fifty nameless grunts. Ash quickly gets up from his place at the bottom of the net, and runs forward; yelling at the unknown criminals, as he did so.

"Who are you? And why are you doing this to us?"

The tall brown-haired man merely laughed in response, deciding the humor the boy.

"My name… is Giovanni; or as I'm better known; the leader of Team Rocket and one of the Viridian City's traveling gym leaders… one of which; if you couldn't tell… you wont be battling today… so sorry about that."

The smirk never left his face as he listed off his taunts; promptly achieving the desired effect of pissing Ash off. His smirk only increased at that, and so he continued.

"Why I am doing this, however, is for me to know and you to find out."

He then turned around to one of the three people in the front of the army, in different colored suits, and spoke.

"Please move our rowdy friends here to our bases prison... oh but make sure the rude one gets transported separately."

The Rocket Operative nodded, and followed his underlings, as they pulled the unwilling trainer out of the bag, forcing him to watch as the entire net was moved to a new location; alien to everyone inside. He fell to his knees as he saw all his friends; human and Pokémon alike, getting moved to another location, just before he felt a swift chop to his neck and his entire world went black.


Giovanni smirked on board the ship going back to his hideout.

"So Ash, it's been about 10 years, and we finally meet again."

He laughed loudly to himself, as he clenched his fist tightly, the cracking, reverberating across the whole room.

"And this time; I won't let you escape my grasp…"

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