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Chapter 1 – A Trainers Unity

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the Viridian Forest - with not a dark cloud in the sky. The group was currently enjoying the nice weather as they devoured some fruit that they had found in the surrounding forest. Pikachu and Gible were busy, conversing with one another, finding just how much the two had in common with each other. Ash turned his head towards a smiling Cynthia whom was laying her back against a nearby tree. He put his head on top of his hands and spoke to her. "You know, I just realized… we've been traveling together for a good few days now, and I don't even know where you live or even where you're from." Cynthia's expression became noticeably downcast at the mention of this, which Ash picked up on immediately. He put one of his hands on her shoulder and squeezed it, in a comforting manner. "You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to." She nodded, smiling as she did so, and a comfortable silence enveloped the two newbie trainers. All of a sudden, a noise was heard that quickly grabbed the attention of everyone in the area. The group looked towards a nearby bush that the sound had emanated from and walked slowly towards it, the trainers in front of their respective Pokémon.

Nodding to each other, the two trainers pushed back the foliage that was blocking they're view, revealing an Eevee who was cut all over, and in obvious pain. Ash was already by the creature's side before Cynthia could even blink. He held the small fox in his arms that promptly sunk its teeth into the human who was holding it against its will. Ash bit down a scream of pain and reached into his bag, pulling out a super potion as he did so. He put the fox Pokémon down and gingerly rubbed his bleeding arm, before speaking reassuringly to the retreating Pokémon. "Don't worry, I can help you; but you have to let me."

The Eevee looked at the trainer unsurely but the look of sincerity on his face washed all the hostility that it may have had for Ash away. She took a tentative step towards the human trainer before her legs gave way due to the creatures' weakened state. She closed her eyes, waiting for the impact. However, instead she felt the exact opposite; she felt the wounds that littered her body, becoming better. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at the raven-haired human in what could only be described as shock and hope. Ash smiled down at the Pokémon before helping her back onto her feet again.

The Eevee turned its head to the side at the young trainer. "Eev-Eevee?" Ash had an idea what it was saying and spoke, a smile plastered to his face. "Well I couldn't just leave you like that – it wouldn't be right now would it?" The Pokémon looked up at the trainer happily. "Eevee!" Ash patted the fox's head, laughing as he did so, just before it tackled him to the ground causing a large pain to shoot through his head. He continued his laughing fit as he started tickling the Pokémon back. "He-hey cut it out!" The fox did as it was told and sat in front of the boy who spoke, wagging its tail expectadly. The male trainer scratched the back of his head awkwardly before patting the fox on the head. "You know… it would be awesome if you could come along with us." The fox looked at the boy in silence before it nodding, smiling.

Ash looked at the creature, shock evident on his face. "Are you sure?" The fox answered with another licking on his face. "Alright I get it!" Ash said laughing, before taking one of the Poké-balls off his belt and tapping the top of the Fox's head with it. Everyone held their breath as the ball rocked back and forth. After 10 drawn-out seconds the ball stopped its shaking and Ash broke out into a stupid grin. Making a peace sign along with Pikachu he yelled out to the heavens. "I caught an Eevee!" Cynthia smirked at his actions. "No shit Sherlock." Ash fell to the ground anime-style, causing Cynthia to laugh harder.

He got up a moment later and pouted at her with tears in his eyes. "Why did you have to ruin such a dramatic moment?" Cynthia waved her hand in an 'I'm Sorry' motion, her other one trying to cover her mouth in a futile attempt to stop the giggles from escaping it. She looked at Ash, who was trying to use his puppy dog eyes to stop her laughing, which since she found to be the cutest thing ever; she agreed and finally exhaled loudly, calming herself down. "Alright, sorry - I just couldn't help myself." Ash continued pouting at her before he sported a triumphant grin; getting up and continuing they're trip down the dirt path. Following in suit, Cynthia got up quickly and started walking in stride to Ash. Suddenly a white light was shot out in the form of a stream, out of one of the red and white capsules on Ash's belt, revealing a small foxlike creature. It jumped in happiness at being outside again, and looked up at its new trainer, frowning at what it saw. Pikachu was currently asleep on his trainers shoulder, lazily leaning against Ash's head.

"What's wrong Eevee?" The fox, looked close to tears, Ash noted, as it pointed its paw at Pikachu, causing the normally docile Pokémon to jump up; angry. "Pika Pika-" "Calm down Pikachu, it's alright." Ash looked at the distraught Pokémon that was on the ground. "Do you want to climb on my shoulder?" The brown Pokémon nodded eagerly before jumping on Ash's left shoulder. It looked at Pikachu with narrowed eyes before whining to her master. Ash looked at her along with Cynthia who was standing to the right of Ash. Eevee pointed towards the shoulder Pikachu was on before resuming its whining.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that it wanted to be on the shoulder that Pikachu was on. (It's a good thing that it was so obvious, since this is Ash that we are talking about here.) Ash sighed; looking at Eevee who looked even closer to tears than it had before. "Pikachu; do you mind letting Eevee sit on my right shoulder while you sit on my left?" He looked at his yellow partner and saw he was going to cry soon as well. He looked at them both before soon yelling;


Cynthia: "In case you were wondering; that was supposed to be the dramatic end to that scene."

Ash: "Way to destroy that epic ending Cynthia. GOSH."

Cynthia *giggles*: "Sorry, I just love doing that."

Ash: -.- *sigh*

45 Minutes Later – In Pewter City:

Ash walked through the entrance to the large Pokémon Centre; popping his dislocated arm back into place. Wincing at the pain he spoke. "Ok… I concede that maybe that wasn't the best idea I've ever had." Cynthia giggled at his antics. "I told you putting them both on the same shoulder was just gonna cause future problems." A loud crack sounded.

"You'll be feeling that in the morning." Ash just deadpanned at her and spoke, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Ha ha HA… you're a regular comedian." Cynthia giggled. "I know." Ash sweat dropped at his friend before following her to the front desk. Ringing the bell they were met with the kind face of Nurse Joy. She smiled at them before she offered to heal their Pokémon to which they both nodded 'yes' to. Pretty soon the two were sitting across from each other in the dining area.

After they both sat down they started to talk to each other; "Hey, Cynthia what do you want to be when you grow up?" She smiled, "That's easy! I want to be the greatest Pokémon master ever – the greatest champion of all the regions!" Ash froze at that. "Wait - that's what I want to be!" Looking at him she smirked. "Well, we both know that only one of us can actually succeed at that… of course we also both know that, that person is gonna be yours truly." Ash looked at her smug expression with narrowed eyes. "Was that a challenge?" Her smirk only grew larger, "You catch on real fast dontcha?" Ash growled at her comment before he realized something.

"Wait… I just had an idea!-" "Well there's a first time for everything." Ash gnashed his teeth at her giggling face. "Shut it." She decided to stop annoying him for now… or at least long enough so he could explain his idea to her. "If we both wanting to become Pokémon master's what if we do the gym battles together!" One of her eyebrows rose at his very vague explanation. "Elaborate please." He nodded before complying and going into greater detail. "What if we do the gym battles together as a team/tag battle?" She put her finger to her chin in deep thought before she addressed her companion. "That's a good idea… on paper - however I don't know if the gyms are going to let us."

Ash started to think about the fact she brought up, before realization struck him. "That's true; however there's one thing that you're forgetting." The girl's expression showed interest. "What's that?" He smiled. "There's no limit to the amount of trainers competing - just the amount of Pokémon competing." She froze when she heard his reasoning before she exclaimed; perhaps a bit too loud. "Ash you're a freaking genius!"

Everyone around them turned to look at the female teenager who had shrunken back into her chair; a deep crimson staining her cheeks from her unwarranted outburst. Ash suppressed a laugh at his friends' antics before he spoke to her again, waiting until she raised her head and give him her full attention. "Alright… so if we are going to do this, that means we are going to have to know each other's Pokémon inside and out." Cynthia was still in shock due Ash's sudden stroke of genius; however she nodded her head before reciting her Pokémon's statistics.

"As you know by now I only have Gible however he is quite a strong Pokémon." Ash nodded, waiting for her to name Gible's moves. "He currently only knows three moves as he has only just recently reached level 10. At this point, these include: Dragon Rage, Tackle, and finally Sand Attack." Ash nodded before reading off Pikachu's move list. "Well as you know, Pikachu does seem to be quite a bit more powerful than other Pokémon of his species; especially given his level right now is only 9. He currently knows Thundershock, Tackle, Growl, and a weaker version of a Thunderbolt." He paused for a moment, before continuing. "As for Eevee; I don't know, but we will find out soon enough." Ash stopped his explanation of his Pokémon and looked at Cynthia who soon spoke up.

"Ash; if we are going to do this I think we should practice our teamwork with each other." Ash nodded at her plan before grinning. "What are you grinning for?" Ash merely shrugged at his blonde companions' question. "Guess I'm just happy that I can accomplish my dream with someone else." Cynthia smiled at that and nodded before speaking. "Guess that means we should train before attempting to take on the Pewter City gym leader." Ash closed his eyes while nodding; showing he agreed. Opening them again he saw his friend gone. It didn't take him long to realize what she did;


Cynthia: "And that was the dramatic-"

Ash: "Hey wait a minute, I thought you had left."

Cynthia: "…" *runs away*


15 Minutes Later – Just Outside Viridian Forest:

Ash and Cynthia stood opposite to one another, determined looks plastered upon they're faces. Ash turned towards his newest Pokémon. "Do you mind showing us what moves you know how to do?" The fox cocked its head to the side in obvious confusion, before Cynthia took over and grabbed the Pokédex from Ash's pocket. Just as Ash was about to lodge a complaint, Cynthia scanned the small creature using the machine. Ash and Cynthia listened carefully to Dexter's information about the Pokémon. "This particular Eevee is a female and level 8 on the evolutionary scale. In addition to this, its current moves are as follows: Tackle, and Helping Hand. However, it also knows Shadow Ball, a move that Eevee's of her level are usually unable to know by default, at least without the assistance of a Technical Machine."

That last part caught the attention of both trainers as it did indeed seem strange that an Eevee they found in the wild would know such an advanced move. However, in the end, they decided that they would look into that in more detail later and instead focused on the task at hand. Ash looked up at Eevee for a second before addressing her. "Can you use tackle on that tree right there?" Eevee looked at the tree her master was pointing to before nodding and diving at the trunk, managing to almost break through the tough tree bark that encased it. The two trainers were very impressed by the force the Pokémon held behind its head-butt. After the show of strength, Ash called his Pokémon back to his side, a feat that was done at a very fast pace. He patted the Pokémon on the head for a while before talking again. "Eevee can you try and use Shadow Ball?" The Pokémon looked unsure, however nodded anyway; and a large dark ball began to take shape inside of its open mouth. Soon enough, the sphere started growing exponentially out of the foxes' mouth. Everyone in the general vicinity gaped as a huge ball made of pure darkness was hurled towards the remains of the busted tree; completely obliterating it, and leaving nothing in its wake.

Ash quickly recovered from the shock and ran over to his newest Pokémon, hugging her close. "THAT WAS FREAKIN' AMAZING EEVEE!" Said Pokémon quickly barked happily at her new trainers' praise and rubbed her head against his neck. Ash continued to smile, scratching behind the foxes' ears', earning a pleased; "Eevee…" Cynthia stared over at the scene with a small smile on her face, but a confused thought process going on within her mind. 'It almost seems a bit too convenient for us to find such a rare Pokémon, with such high stats this early on – and in the middle of nowhere, no less… There is no way this is just coincidence; I wonder what it means…?' She puffed her cheeks out in thought before sighing and giving up, saving those thoughts for later. She then unlatched a red and white ball from her belt, and then threw said Poké-ball in the air letting out her Gible. The small dragon jumped just short of the front of her, and then looked around in confusion; seeing no need to be out. Cynthia laughed slightly at his reaction, and then called him over to her. "Alright Gible, I would like you to try to use Dragon's Rage on those trees over there." After pointing out the target in question, the Pokémon obeyed and started the creation of the large purple vortex, hurling it towards the position of which his master was currently pointing to.

"Eevee use Helping Hand." The Fox-Pokémon obeyed its master and started clapping; emitting a white light from its body that entered Gible's own body, amplifying its attack power for over twice its current amount. The vortex soon became out of control, and kept tearing through the ground before eventually blowing up the spot it was aimed at, knocking the two trainers and they're Pokémon to the ground, in a heap. Ash was the first one to recover, standing up and sighing out loud. "Why does it feel like it's going to take us a while to get this - like a long while…?" Cynthia followed his actions of getting up, before dusting herself off and replying to him. "I'm not sure Ash… maybe the fact that there was no control in that attack?"

Ash sweat dropped at her blunt response. "Cynthia; does sarcasm mean anything to you?" The girl looked at him strangely. "Sarcasm… Sarcasm…" She looked like she was in deep thought, for way too long. "Nope!" Ash fell on the ground anime-style. "This is going to be a long training session." He muttered before getting up again and dusting himself off. He quickly ran back to the spot he had just previously occupied and yelled out to everyone present.

"Let's do this!"

Ash *looks around*: "*sigh* finally, she's gone-"

Cynthia: "And that was the dramatic ending"

Ash: *chases her around* "get back here!"

A good few hours later - Pewter City Gym:

Two trainers pushed open the large doors to the Pokémon gym that, on the outside, looked to be made of nothing but pure stone. A shadowed figure sat atop a large stone slab that was in the shape of a throne. He looked down upon the two challengers, one with a yellow Pikachu on their shoulder, in an almost condescending way. Sighing he spoke up so that the two trainers on the other side of the field could hear him properly. "So… which one of you two wishes to challenge me." They looked confidently at the shadowed figure. "Both of us." This caught the leader off guard. He stumbled for a second, before regaining his composure. And coughing into his hands, he spoke again. "I'm sorry but it's strictly against the rules to have-" "More than the number of Pokémon selected by the leader." Ash looked at the still shadowed figure confidently. "Not the number of trainers competing."

The leader stepped out of the shadows that was still mostly obscuring his physique and walked off of his small platform revealing his brown complexion and silted eyes. The two were suddenly having doubts about their way of battling at his expression, before the most unexpected thing happened; the gym leader began to laugh. The two pre-teens stared at the young man, confused; which promptly stopped his laughter. "Well, what can I say? You two got me good there." He rubbed his chin before smiling to the both of them. "I, Brock; accept your challenge!"

*Cue Gym Awesome Gym Music Here*

"Go! Geodude! Go! Onyx!" As that sentence was said, two Pokémon were set free from their capsules. One; a boulder that had two arms protruding from its sides, and a face that (no pun intended) looked to be set in stone. The other one resembled that of a huge stone snake that could have very easily reached the top of the gym had it tried to. The two trainers faced each other before nodding, refusing to show fear to one another, and sending out their Pokémon of choice.

"Go! Eevee!" "Go! Gible!" Brock stared at the two Pokémon with a quizzical look upon his face. 'Neither of those Pokémon look to be strong enough to stand up to Geodude; let alone Onyx.' He frowned in thought, before smiling again. 'I wonder what they are up to.' The brown haired leader laughed slightly before pointing his finger at his opposition. "I don't know what you two are up to; however… I don't plan on losing to a couple newbie trainers who just recently started they're journey." Ash smirked at Brock's attitude, before pointing back at him, yelling out as he did so. "Then bring it!"

Complying with said request, he nodded, before yelling out a command to his biggest Pokémon. "Onyx; use bind on that Gible!" Said Pokémon did as it was told and slid towards the Small dragon at a pace much faster than either trainer had expected. "Quick Gible; dodge it!" The dragon-type leapt out of the way just before Onyx closed its tail around the area it had only just then inhibited, growling at the realization that it had missed its attack. "Now Gible use Tackle!" Gible reacted quickly to his masters' command and dove as hard as it could towards the large Pokémon. Whilst Tackle usually couldn't do too much damage against a rock-type, it could cause some pretty decent damage if it hits the right area, along with the assistance of a 'Helping Hand'; compliments of Eevee, of course. However, the large rock-type Pokémon didn't give any indication of movement, something of which confused the female trainer to no end; before her eyes opened wide in realization.

"Gible quickly jump away!" Gible jumped away just before a large boulder shaped Pokémon came hurtling towards where he was. Ash quickly took the opportunity as Geodude had just hit a wall, momentarily stunning it, and nodded to his companion. "Alright Eevee; use Shadow Ball on Geodude!" Eevee nodded and quickly created the sphere of darkness before shooting it at Geodude. Brock looked on in shock at the huge ball of energy that was being formed in front of his eyes, and grunted before speaking out. "Impressive for an Eevee of such an early level I'll give you that much kid… but there is no way such a small Pokémon could ever damage my Geodude to any extent." Ash smirked in retaliation, and a flash of blue shone past his eyes, shocking Brock to the core. "That's what you think."

Brock's confused look only increased, just before he realized he forgot to give his Pokémon a command. 'He was trying to stall me…? And I fell for it?' He looked on in shock, shouting to the Pokémon in danger. "No! Onyx watch out!" "Too little too late Brock!" They watched as Geodude was sent flying towards an adjacent wall. Falling down and grabbing his head (what other part of his body does that thing have anyway?) it turned towards the small fox that had caused so much damage to it and grunted in annoyance at having lowered its guard so much. It was only then that he heard what sounded to be like a roar… a roar of which was heading in his direction… getting closer and closer- "Geodude watch out!"

The command heard; it moved out of the way just in time to miss a full on dragon's rage that would have knocked him out completely had it hit him directly. Cynthia's smirk fell only slightly at seeing that it didn't have a direct hit; however she reveled in the fact that it was so critically damaged and looked up to see Brock. He was giving them both a shocked look; something of which was returned with looks of determination and pride. It was in that moment that he realized that there was something special about these two trainers, something that he hasn't seen even in some of the greatest of this world. The first true smile, in such a long time; appeared on his face and he laughed to himself, a single tear rolling down his cheek as he did so. The two trainers looked at him, confusion evident on their faces as they did so. He wiped his face clean and then spoke out to them.

"I haven't felt like that in years… there is just something about the bond you two share with each other that got me for a second… that teamwork is unparalleled; one attack after another, to the point that my Geodude is almost out of this game and your Pokémon haven't even been hit yet… – and something tells me that a lot of what you did weren't premeditated were they?" His question awarded two nods from the trainers in question… well; Ash nodded, but he had no idea what 'premeditated' meant; he just agreed for the sake of agreeing. Brock smiled at them; his mind made up at this point, and yelled out for everyone present to hear. "I can tell this match won't last much longer; so let me see just how close you two truly are and let's make this a battle to remember." The two trainers in question nodded, smiling, before quickly yelling out commands to their Pokémon, whom were all waiting patiently for their trainers to finish their conversation, staring down their opposition the whole time.

"Gible, use Dragon's Rage on Geodude!" "Eevee; use Shadow Ball on Geodude, lets finish it off!" Brock cut them off just before the attacks would have landed. "Onyx, cover for Geodude!" The large snake-like Pokémon quickly rushed over to his companion; taking the brunt of the attack as he did so. "Quick, use the smoke as a cover-up to hit them with your tail!" The two smaller Pokémon; weren't prepared for the incoming stone tail, and were sent flying across the field, heavy damage having been done to the both of them. Neither looked to say anything, until after the attack was dealt, and at that point in time, it was already too late.

"No Eevee!" "Gible get up please!"

Both Pokémon grunted heavily, as the critical hits took their tolls on their small framed bodies. It was then that Brock smirked victorious as it looked like his opponents were all attack and no defense… or so he thought. All of a sudden, his Geodude grunted in, what appeared to be sudden pain – falling down, unconscious soon after. Everyone looked on in complete shock at the fallen Pokémon; all except for Ash and his current offensive choice, who didn't look to be damaged much at all, after a closer look. He smirk soon replaced that of Brock's as he congratulated Eevee for the successful attack, something of which confused everyone else present. He looked up, expression unchanging, and explained to the rest of them. "You see, when Eevee was 'sent flying', I had actually already figured out that you would do that with the smoke, and just had her jump off of his tail, shooting a Shadow Ball at your Geodude as she did so – it wasn't too hard to make it look like she was hit harder than she really was; which was almost not at all."

Silence ensued… the shock of how well thought out the attack was astounded everyone in the match and in the stands alike. Ash quickly used the shock to his advantage and yelled over to his partner. "Now Cynthia!" Said blonde quickly broke out of her shock, and nodded towards her partner's call for help before shouting out commands, herself. "Gible, use Dragon's Rage one last time!" "Eevee use Helping Hand on Gible's attack – lets finish this!" Brock and his only remaining Pokémon could merely look on in shock as the purple vortex that headed towards the large rock-snake Pokémon, doubled in size, soon becoming large enough to cover a major expanse of the field. No amount of dodging could get them out of this situation now, Brock realized, and so the trainer simply resigned to the result, one last smile appearing on his face as the resounding explosion caused a bright flash of light, blinding all those present. The dust cleared soon after this, giving the result that was to be assumed anyway:

"Onyx and Geodude are unable to battle! Winners are Ash Ketchum and Cynthia Shirona!" The two trainers jumped up and down excitedly before embracing each other causing large blushes to sport on their cheeks… But at that moment they didn't care.

*Finish Awesome Gym-battle song here*

Brock had already thanked and returned his two rock Pokémon and then walked over to the embracing duo. The two trainers found Brock staring at him which made them feel uneasy before he started laughing again confusing them once more. "I wasn't kidding when I said that you guys are the real deal. That teamwork was truly incredible – how long have you two known each other anyway?" Ash looked at him and then spoke, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "Ummm, I guess about a week now?"

The rock-type gym leader just looked on at the two teenagers in complete shock at that realization became reality. Both of them were smiling at each other, proud smiles on their faces for their first gym triumph. He nodded to himself as he knew that he was right – there was something special about these two, and he wanted to see how far they would go, with his own eyes.

"Alright then… Is it correct to guess that neither of you own a badge case or…?" His response was met by two trainers shaking their heads; an action of which caused him to chuckle. He then ushered over two small children who looked at the winning trainers, handing them each a shiny, new badge case. They thanked the kids and Brock for the gift who waved them off, laughing as he did so. After calming down a bit, he spoke to the two trainers once again. "Well then… it is with my pleasure, as the gym leader of Pewter City, to award the two of you, each, with the symbol of your victory at this gym." He opened a similar case to the ones the trainers had just received, and showed them the two identical round badges inside of it. "These are the boulder badges – congratulations you two-" "YEAH! We got the Boulderbadge!" "Pi-Pikachu!" Brock; interrupted half-way through, sweatdropped at the scene. "Are they always like this?" He asked Cynthia who shrugged before smiling.

"Yeah, pretty much."

The Next Day – Path to Mt. Moon:

Ash turned to Cynthia before smiling. "Well we should get going." The girl smiled at him and nodded, turning to leave the town alongside him; before another voice sounded out from behind them. "Wait!" The duo turned towards the voice to see Brock running towards them. Ash and Cynthia both turned towards the newcomer. "What brings you here Brock?" The leader smiled, and spoke. "Well… I was wondering if I could travel with you guys? It's always been my dream to travel the world and see a whole load of new Pokémon with friends… If you guys don't mind that is…" The two looked at each other before nodding and smiling. "Sure! Well, as long as it's ok with your duty; being a gym leader and all." Brock gave them a nervous smile at that, making them not feel so sure.

"It is ok with your position as gym leader to leave. Right…?" Cynthia asked, leaning forward with her hands on her hips; making him nod his head, as quick as it was possible for him. "Of course it's ok! What; did you seriously think that I would leave without getting someone to take over my gym for me?" All of a sudden some kids could be seen running from the gym towards the group of three trainers while screaming. "There's the gym leader! Get him!"

Brock suddenly started to sweat. "Aw shit." He quickly grabbed the hands of his two new travelling companions before getting the hell outta there, the kids in hot pursuit. The two trainers who were being dragged across the ground both screamed one word:


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