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Chapter 7 – The Mysterious Village/Soul Badge

Ash, Cynthia and Brock had been following the same dirt path all day, and had finally reached a small town; that was funnily enough, not even registered on their Town Map. The group looked up and saw how peaceful the small segregation of people seemed to look. They shrugged to each other. They might as well stay the night; after all, they were traveling all day, and they were probably going to do the same tomorrow. They may as well get some rest whilst they could.

They quickly reached the entrance of the town; a large ominous gate that covered the large gap in the walls surrounding the city limits. It was a straight-shot from one end of the town to the other, and so it was possible to see the exit gates at the back – a replica of the ones they were currently standing in front of. Nodding to each other in agreement, the three hapless adventurers stepped through the gate and into the closed-off town. The moment their bodies passed through the boundaries of the town, the gate slammed shut behind them, and two guards jumped out of nowhere; each brandishing a large sword in their hands. Pointing the large weapons at the group, Ash, Cynthia, and Brock all sweatdropped and forced down their fears – with obvious effort.

"Who dares trespass such sacred grounds? Answer me if you value your life!" Ash wasted no time at the clear-cut threat, and quickly introduced them, before the other two had a chance to speak. The guards seemed satisfied with their answer, well more like Ash's answer. They both bowed in unison for their actions, obviously ashamed. "I apologize greatly for the inconvenience, please forgive us." The three shook their heads in unison, smiling as they did so. However Cynthia was still confused as to why they acted that way. "I do have a question though… with all due respect; why did you threaten us like that? I mean… we don't look that suspicious do we?"

The guards shared a small chuckle between themselves, before calming down, and answering the blonde-haired teenagers' question. "No not really, in fact the more we look at you three – and the Pokémon you have with you on your shoulder there…" Ash sweat dropped at his Pokémon's laziness, having had slept through the whole ordeal. "Well you see… Team Rocket has recently taken… all of our Pokémon – we were left with none of them at all… and that's why we resorted to using swords against you three, instead of Pokémon…"

Ash and co. gasped in shock at the news, feeling terrible for the poor people of the village. Looking around, he only just now noticed the people walking around the area. Whilst not many, it was their expressions that caught his attention – they were so very afraid, not only of them but, it looked to be, even of their own shadows. The guards were about to speak up again, just before they stepped back in complete shock and awe. Ash looked up from where he was facing, and towards the guard's faces' – his shining blue eyes on display for everyone present to see.

"The next time I see Team Rocket – I SWEAR that I will make them pay." No one said a word. No one was able to say a word. It felt as if the wind had been sucked out of everyone present, and that what the young teenager was saying, was just fact – it wasn't something that he said he will probably do; he will do it, and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop him. Seeing the determination in the young man's eyes, the guards couldn't help but smile. They nodded – their minds made up: this young man might have been the answer that they had been searching for.

"Well… actually we kind of lied to all of you – sorry about that…" Ash's eyes returned to normal, and everyone turned their attention towards the guard that spoke. What could he have meant? "The thing is… is that there was actually two Pokémon that wasn't taken, during the raid a month ago… however, its only because of the fact that the father was away at that point in time, and the child was still an egg back then… it hatched that same day – what a way to enter its world, huh?"

The group all looked down at the last part, however, they couldn't deny that, that was an intriguing statement, and Ash definitely wanted to learn more about the mysterious Pokémon. "So… which Pokémon weren't taken?" The guard answered with a small smile of pride on his face. "Lucario, and his son Riolu – they are both currently residing in the temple you can see to the right of you." They looked towards the beautiful looking temple and nodded towards him, however it was obvious; judging by their facial expressions, that they had no idea what the Pokémon in question were. Noticing this, the guards laughed and elaborated for them.

"Well, Pokémon of their species don't usually live around here… in fact they thrive namely in the far-off region of Sinnoh; but this town has been blessed with the presence of the both of them." They nodded, captivated by the appearance of an obviously rare Pokémon, and in a place that wasn't normal for it to thrive in. "The legends say, that a single Riolu egg, was found over 300 years ago, when this village was just starting – as a means to protect the people from the wild Pokémon around them." He paused and looked up to the sky. "Ever since then, there has always been one Lucario per generation, with us thankfully receiving two in such short time… Of course; the only reason that we have a second egg at this time was because it was brought to us by some mysterious woman that no one can remember anything about… Not that it matters in reality – she gave us a gift that we are eternally thankful for." The group looked at each other – the last part rubbing them all the wrong way… however they weren't sure why. The guard looked back at the group. "But anyway… if it wasn't for him protecting our village; there would have been so much more damage. So whilst he didn't manage to save our Pokémon, of which all of us, especially him, feel regret for – we can be thankful that he stopped further damage from happening." He finished making the group's admiration as a whole grow both for the Pokémon that saved so much, and for the people that are able to push through such difficult times. Ash, especially felt proud of the Pokémon, and he couldn't help but feel some form of connection – something which he couldn't explain, even if he had wanted to. Taking a deep breath, he looked towards the two guards again, and spoke.

"Do you think that we could maybe meet these Pokémon?"

The guards looked at the young man, with slight unease. "Well… it's not that we don't trust you… but Lucario doesn't take very kindly to outsiders, and Riolu gets scared very easily by anyone he doesn't know…" He trailed off at seeing the same flash of blue scan through Ash's eyes. "Please… I just know that I need to meet them for one reason or another – I don't know why, but I just know that I do: please give me that chance."

For the second time since meeting them, the guards stopped cold. They were left speechless – not something they were used to being. However, that only just made them surer of their decision. Nodding to the young boy, they smiled and began leading the way up into the temple. It was the only site in the whole of the town that looked to be renovated recently. Large blue colored spheres lined the walls, lighting up the interior and making the golden walls glimmer in response. The group was captivated by the beautiful building, before stopping short in front of a door that the guards told them, contained the Pokémon that they wished to see. Nodding to each other, Ash pushed open the doors…

What greeted them was the sight of a human-shaped blue Pokémon playing with what seemed to be a child-like version of himself – a number of people standing guard on the sides of the large open room. Both of the Pokémon quickly turned towards the newcomers in the room, causing the guards to step back and the three trainers to move forward a few steps. The humanoid version narrowed his eyes at the unknown people before finally resting his eyes on Ash, his son doing just the same. Both sets of eyes widened at the same time; the sight beneath Ash's deep blue orbs paralyzed the both of them and shocked them to the core.

A blanket of complete silence enveloped the room as Ash stared down the two Pokémon on the other side of the room – none of them saying anything. Finally, Lucario looked down to his feet – eyes closed, but a smile slowly stretching around its face. Looking back up, tears filled its eyes, confusing everyone present, just before it nodded to Ash – a feeling of acceptance washed over the boy who nodded back, not truly understanding why he did so. It was at that precise moment that the younger-looking Riolu walked past his father and up to the newbie trainer, looking straight up into his eyes. Ash looked down and slowly, gently, started petting its head. The effect was immediate. It quickly started laughing and grabbing onto his pant leg, before running around the room, obviously trying to get Ash to follow, which it did, continuing the game of tag for quite a while – ignoring the shocked looks from everyone around, and the proud look from Lucario.

"Oh my..."

Ash stopped his game of tag in order to turn his attention towards the voice in question – Riolu in tow. What greeted his gaze was the sight of a beautiful brown-haired woman, with a slender body, and large golden robes, giving the appearance of that of a Queen, or someone of that rank. She had her hands over her mouth in an obviously surprised look – having just entered the room and seeing the scene in front of her. Lucario nodded to her slowly, a small smile leaping across his face making her pale face become that much whiter, before nodding as well. Coughing, she turned back towards the young trainer.

"I'm amazed... No one has ever gotten Riolu – except for her…" Ash's ears perked up at the last part. "I'm sorry miss but… who is this 'her' person?" Lucario and the mysterious lady exchanged a look before she answered. "I'm sorry young man – but other than the fact that she brought Riolu here, no one actually knows anything about her: not even Riolu himself, considering he was just a baby and all."

Ash gained a quizzical look before accepting the answer, and missing the sigh of relief from the brown-haired woman. She looked towards him and smiled. "Young man… Ash was it?" He nodded, confused how she knew that but didn't question it. "I was wondering… do you think that you could do me a favor?"

He nodded dumbly at her, prompting her to continue. "I just realized I hadn't introduced myself… terribly sorry Ash." She coughed into her hand before continuing, as if she had never stopped in the first place. "My name is Kaede; and the mayor of this town; the Rura Village." Ignoring the looks given to her by the visitors, she continued. "Considering Riolu's obvious attachment to you…" She ushered to the Pokémon pulling on Ash's pant leg again. "Lucario and I agree that he should be trained, and outside of the village… so we both think that you should be the one to do it Ash – if you would like to that is."

Everyone looked at the beautiful woman in shock, except for Ash – whose previous surprise was quickly replaced with a determination that only further cemented the decision. Looking down at the small Pokémon tugging away at his clothes, he stooped down to face him head-on. Smiling he pet it on the top of its head, and spoke to him – everyone present, peering forward in order to listen to what was being said.

"I can't say that I'm an incredible trainer, nor can I guarantee success out there on the field…" The small Pokémon lifted its head to look at him. "… However, I can promise you a loving family, and other Pokémon friends that you can work with and learn to care about – so what do ya say Riolu? Would you like to join me on my journey?" The small Pokémon stopped for a moment; shocked at the proclamation, before smiling and nodding happily, going back to hugging Ash's pant leg.

Everyone chuckled at Riolu, with Kaede smiling widely at the scene.

"Well I guess it's settled then... Riolu make sure you have a good life with Ash." Riolu nodded, before taping the button on Ash's only empty Poké-ball, not sensing any used energy inside of it. Said Poké-ball rocked back in forth for a few elongated seconds, before stopping on a dime. He ran over to it and picked it up. Holding it out to the camera, he shouted aloud, waking both of his Pokémon up in the process and getting them to join in. "I caught a Riolu!" "Pi-Pikachu!" "Eev-Eevee!"

The other people in the room sweat dropped at Ash's antics minus Kaede who was giggling to herself. 'Yes, Lucario was right… he does know that person…' Ash had long sense sent out Riolu who instantly went to walking right next to Ash. Everyone laughed at Riolu's over protectiveness who he himself blushed in embarrassment. This only fuelled the laughter even further. Kaede looked at Lucario who was smiling behind the rest of the group, and grinned at him. Sharing a look they joined the rest of them in the center of the room, with Ash chasing Riolu around.

'What the relationship between the two of them is though… that I am unsure of…'

Soon After – At the exit of Rura Town:

Ash, Brock, and Cynthia all said their goodbyes to the people of the village, Kaede, Lucario and the two kind guards wishing them off. Turning towards the only Pokémon left in the whole area, Kaede spoke softly. "Do you know the relation he has to that woman?" He nodded his head shortly, signaling the affirmative. He motioned for her to follow him back into the temple, an almost unreadable expression placed upon his face. Nodding to her companion she followed suit, just missing the red-haired teenager bolting down the path to the exit of the city – hiding in the shadows. Her destination picked for her, she smirked to the sky and followed after the recently departed group.

Meanwhile – Somewhere down the road:

The group was currently continuing down the path that would lead them to Celadon City, in the usual positions of people. Riolu had decided to walk next to his new trainer, in order to protect him from danger, making it difficult for Ash to walk and not accidentally step on his new-found companion. Sighing at the amount of trouble that his new Pokémon was already causing, he hung his head low in exasperation. However, no matter how annoying it may already be, he couldn't help but smile at it; proud and happy that such a rare and probably strong creature wanted to join him on his journey that would hopefully last a lifetime. He looked towards his two human companions and saw them both looking to be in deep thought – of what, he wasn't sure, but he could tell they were thinking… yep (good freakin' job figuring that shit out Ash).

Sighing to himself once again, he focused on the road, continuing the pace that they "Prepare for trouble. Make it double. To protect the world from Devastation. To unite all people's within our nation..." (I'm not bothered to write the rest… if you seriously don't know it by heart yet – I will ask you kindly to leave… as you obviously don't know Pokémon… Ok I'm joking pls don't leave… *sad face*)

"Team Rocket!" (No shit guys) The three in question, all cackled in unison, just before something nearly scared them out of their balloon. "Pikachu use Thunderbolt!" They had no defense, and no plan of attack, and so their short-lived attack ended just that abruptly. "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" (Good riddance!) Ash and co. nodded to each other, and continued on their way as if nothing happened, Riolu's admiration for his trainer increasing ten-fold.

It wasn't long after that episode, that the sun started to set. Looking around the path they were on, the spotted a large open clearing, placed neatly to the right of them. Nodding to each other, they walked towards the grassy field, and dug through their belongings, preparing to set-up camp for the night. Ash and Cynthia had begun to set up the table that had (somehow) managed to fit inside Brock's small backpack. They then reached onto their respective belts, and sent out their Pokémon.

"Come on out; Gabite, Gastly and Vaporeon!"

The three Pokémon were let out. They looked at their master and smiled before walking over to the Pokémon food bowls that were set up by Brock.

"Kirlia, Dratini and Zorua come on out!"

The three Pokémon came out; with the first two tackling Ash to the floor affectionately, whilst the later settled for merely smiling at their interaction. Eevee, feeling left out a the shows of affection, joined in on their actions, and quickly tackled her trainer even farther into the dirt.

After enduring the tackles for a while, (too long in his mind), the young male trainer finally had enough, and forced them off of his now-dirty body. All three of Ash's female Pokémon reluctantly got off of the trainer, before running over to where the smell of food was coming from. His other three Pokémon copied their counterpart's movement and quickly made their way over to the Pokémon food bowls.

Ash had already eaten his third bowl of food by the time Pikachu, Zorua and Riolu had actually their bowls. He and Cynthia were conversing, while Brock was busy giving his Pokémon their food; smiling all the while.

The sound of rustling leaves alerted the group to the arrival of someone or something, to the left of them. They all quickly, stopped what they were doing, and ran towards it. The shrubbery in question; was pushed back to reveal... a lone Ponyta, walking around behind the bushes. The red flames that normally adorned a Ponyta's, back and head, was emblazoned in blue; showing it to be yet another shiny Pokémon.

Before anyone else attempted to damage the creature, Cynthia spoke up, in a voice that seemed almost pleading. "I want to be the one to try to catch this one… please let me."

Ash and Brock both nodded towards her, smiles on their faces; before standing back. Cynthia thanked them, before sending out her Vaporeon, in an attempt to capture the fire-type. Vaporeon jumped in front of her master, and stared down the Ponyta who barely seemed to notice.

The type advantage didn't even seem to faze it at all. Not ready to be undermined by her opponent; she quickly shouted out a command, to her newest Pokémon. "Vaporeon use Water Gun!" Vaporeon materialized a large stream of water, which promptly hit Ponyta square in the face. The fire-type bit back the pain, before shooting a Flame Thrower attack in retaliation to Vaporeon who allowed it to hit; thinking it wouldn't hurt... She was wrong.

Vaporeon yelled in pain causing Cynthia's look to change to a shocked one. She gnashed her teeth in an angry manner, not expecting the attack to have had quite so much force behind it. Gaining her focus back, she pointed her finger towards her opposition, and yelled out another command. "Use Tackle attack, and knock that stupid Ponyta into that tree right there." The water-type complied, but to no avail, and it was quickly sent flying into the opposite direction, compliments of a Flame Wheel: unconscious.

Returning her Pokémon, with thanks gracing her features, she reached onto her belt, and after a moment of thinking; sent out her second Pokémon. "Go Gabite!" The dragon-type shot out of the poké-ball in question, and stared down his opposition; ready to do whatever his trainer tells him to.

"Gabite, use Dragon's Claw, let's go!"

The dragon-type launched itself onto its opponent, only for it to jump back at the last minute; landing in front of some surrounding shrubbery. This action quickly caused Cynthia to gain a smirk, and give a command that no one was expecting.

"Gastly use Shadow Wave!"

The ghost-type Pokémon in question appeared in all its glory, from its position right behind Ponyta. The pony-looking creature looked back at the unexpected foe, but it was too late – and it was knocked out by his strongest attack.

Cynthia narrowed her eyes at the downed creature, before deeming it ready for capture, and then threw her Poké-ball; causing it to rock back and forth. 10 tense seconds later, it stopped its movement, and signaled the fact of its capture. She smiled before running over to it and holding it up, camera showing the Poké-ball off in a 360 degree angle. "I caught a Ponyta!"

Ash, Brock and their Pokémon smiled before they returned to the campsite, ready to clean up and depart to their next destination.

Soon After – At the Pokémon Centre in Fuchsia City:

Brock, Ash and Cynthia had healed their Pokémon and so they had decided it best to retire early, in order to challenge the gym the next day. After getting to their chosen room, they got changed and laid on their respective beds. Forcing themselves asleep early, the next day rolled by slowly but surely…

The next day – At the Fuchsia City Gym:

Ash, Cynthia and Brock nodded to each other before the three of them pushed the doors to the gym open revealing... absolutely nothing? The three looked at each other in obvious confusion; wondering if the gym was either closed for the day or perhaps under construction. A voice from an unknown brown-haired man, however, quickly alerted them to the presence of another gym leader in the area, sans Brock. They all looked up at the man that was dressed up to the likes of a ninja, and a certain essence of grace about him. Smirking towards the newcomers, the gym leader spoke.

"The name's Koga… and by your get-up I can only assume that you two are the famous double-battle trainers that I have heard so much about?"

Ash and Cynthia nodded at the classification, before the gym leader laughed and walked into his place on the field, the other two doing the same. After Brock had walked off to the sidelines, and the competitors were all in position, Koga turned towards his new-found rivals. Smirking at them one last time, he spoke.

"I Koga Croy, the leader of the Fuchsia City gym, accept your challenge!"

*Cue Awesome Gym Music Here*

Quickly taking charge, the poison-type trainer, sent out the two Pokémon of his choice.

"Go, Muk! Go, Nidoqueen!"

Both fully evolved Pokémon were sent out, causing both Ash and Cynthia to gulp, before steeling themselves and sending out their own Pokémon.

"Go, Dratini!" "Go, Gabite!"

Both Pokémon landed in front of their respective masters and stared down their opposition.

Koga's smirk stayed in place as he shouted out commands, left and right. "Muk, use Sludge Bomb, Nidoqueen use Poison Horn!"

A blob of pure poison was shot towards the currently airborne Gabite, with Nidoqueen running towards her chosen target; poison on the tip of its horn.

"Gabite; dodge the poison, and then counter with a Dragon's Rage!" "Dratini; dodge, then use Thunder Wave on Nidoqueen!"

Both dragon-types nodded before shooting out a purple vortex, and electric beam respectively. Gabite quickly got out of the way of the poison bomb and watched as Dratini paralyzed Nidoqueen in place.

Koga gained another smirk before shouting; "Muk use your Sludge Bomb on Dratini!"

Dratini was not expecting the attack and took it full on, poisoning it heavily and knocking it into the Gabite who was nearby. The poison, passing from one onto the other, caused heavy damage to both dragon-types, and left them on the ground in obvious pain. Cynthia gnashed her teeth in annoyance at the unexpected assault, as she tried to figure out what to do. Ash, on the other hand, yelled out towards his Pokémon, in an attempt to get it back up again. "Dratini, I know you can do it! Get up, please Dratini!"

Koga watched on, in an almost pitying way as his opponent tried to scrape victory from nothing, as both of their Pokémon were hit head-on by a strong attack that could knock out other Pokémon twice its size. "Give it up kid – there is no way you can get that thing back up… it's already over-" "PLEASE GET UP!"

Dratini's eyes glowed the same brilliant blue that Cynthia and Brock had just grown accustomed to see, as they narrowed in determination before lifting its head into the air. Everyone, minus Ash looked on in shock as all of a sudden, a great shower of meteors appeared out of nowhere in the air. Koga's mouth, for the first time in a very long time, dried up as he stared up at the attack – shock evident within his eyes. "No… no it can't be… how does that Pokémon know that move?"

Looking into his opponents eyes, he stared on in shock, as the brilliant blue color seemed to wash over him. Ash pointed his finger towards the gym leader, and narrowed his eyes in determination.

"Dratini; use Draco Meteor – LETS GO!"

The rain of 10 meteors that fell from the sky was truly breathtaking for all who watched… and for the two that it hit – breathtaking in more than one sense of the word. Koga yelled out, unable to form a string of coherent words, as the smoke cleared and the two Pokémon were revealed, to be…

"Both Nidoqueen and Muk are unable to battle! The winners are Ash Ketchum and Cynthia Shirona!"

*Un-cue Awesome Gym Music Here*

Koga stood… still, and unmoving at the completely out-of-the-blue victory that he had just witnessed, and fell victim to. He had no idea how they had won the way that they did, although it wasn't like he hadn't expected something like this… having heard similar stories from the other gym leaders. It was just that, experiencing it first-hand was something completely different.

As the poison-type specialist walked forward, badges in hand, he couldn't help but wonder; just who that boy truly was. Cynthia, Ash and Brock thanked the gym leader for the battle, and walked out of the gym; two badges in-tow, and a confused leader behind them.

On a roof-top near to them, a certain pink-haired Rocket spy smirked at the three people who were leaving the city.

'Tomorrow is the day... I will gain his trust... If I want my mission to succeed...'

The figure suddenly disappeared in a burst of speed making it look as if she had never been there in the first place...

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