Okay, I think this is kinda my first more serious piece. I was going to end it all fluffy and lovey-dovey, but this is where it ended up. Seems the plot bunnies were feeling a little down today :P

The rain continued to pour, the clouds casting dark shadows all over the hushed street. No-one was out and nothing moved except for the torrents of rain running into the gutter. Two men ran out into the street. The man in front was wearing a blue army coat. He wasn't leading the man behind him, he was walking away. The man behind was younger, dressed in only a dark purple shirt and black pants. Within minutes the pair were soaked to the skin.

"Jack wait!" called the younger of the two, holding out an arm in front of him, as though to grab him despite the distance between them.

"No." The man in front swung around to face the man on his tail. His face was scrunched up against the rain, but his emotions were clear. Determination shone through the grief and the shadows of pain in his eyes. He clenched his jaw, forced himself to say it, "No Ianto. You stop. This is it. That's enough. Stop."

Ianto did indeed stop, froze in his tracks. His arm fell slowly to his side as he watched his lover, uncertainty plain on his face. He stood and he waited.

Jack however could not stay still. He paced back and forth like a caged lion, before letting out an exasperated laugh. He swung round until he stood before Ianto, only a few feet between them.

"It's stupid Ianto. We have to stop this. We should have known how this was going to go, but no, of course we couldn't see where it was going. It's never that easy is it?" His voice was getting louder as he shouted the question to the heavens. He'd had it; he didn't want to know anymore. "Come on Ianto, we knew all of this! But of course, I had to be blinded. It's this bloody planet! This wretched century! Everything always has to be so –" he let out a frustrated roar.

Ianto looked taken aback by the display of rage, but never left that spot. He watched Jack's outburst in silence, not making a sound, just listening. Once the shouting ceased he took a step forward, an arm outstretched to hold his lover, softly murmuring the word "Jack."

But Jack jerked away violently. He swiftly moved away, out of Ianto's reach, as though the thought of his touch repulsed him.

This hurt more than any of the things he'd said all night. Ianto shook his head slowly, at first to clear his thoughts, but then in denial. This man before him was Captain Jack Harkness. His Captain Jack Harkness. The man he spent so much of his time with. The man he worked with, saving the planet from outside threats every day. The man he cared for. The man he wanted to spend the rest of his days with. The man he... loved.

And here he was, not even able to touch him.

"Jack," he said brokenly, hoping he hadn't heard the tremor in his voice, "Please, don't do this. We can work through this. I don't want to lose you. We need you... I need you. Please Jack, please."

Jack watched the young man before him. He'd been forced to act beyond his years at Torchwood. His hair was plastered to his head, his shirt soaked through, moulding itself to his chest. He stared, stared into those big blue eyes, his Ianto. He shook his head at the thought. Not mine anymore.

Ianto took the movement as a rejection. His face fell. All the pain and the anguish, the hurt and the suffering, the love and the loss, all came pouring out at once. His calm, emotionless facade had been broken. No, it hadn't been broken; it had been ripped off and torn to shreds. The one coherent thought that travelled through his mind was, and now I'm alone.

All that was left now was complete desolation. Alone. Again. Everyone he loved left him eventually. Nobody really cared for him. But that didn't seem to matter to Ianto Jones. He still cared for them; He just didn't know how to stop himself. There was nothing he could really do about that.

And now, once again it seemed it was goodbye. Ianto hated goodbyes. They always hurt. Always.

"But I love you." He whispered into the wind.

Despite his low voice Jack heard exactly what he'd said. The Captain threw his hands to his head and tugged on his hair, anger and frustration building too sudden and quick.

"And that's the problem!" he roared.

Ianto froze, shock rolling off him in waves, numb.

No, no...

"For God's sake Ianto! Don't you see? Can't you see? That is exactly why I have to go! This wasn't supposed to happen!"

Ianto could hear him. Crystal clear. He just didn't want to hear it. Too much. No. His head was pounding, his limbs were shaking, his heart was breaking. Saw it coming. There was a voice in his head, one that told him he should have expected this. I'm damaged goods, It said, who would ever want to be with me? His sight began to blur as the tears forced their way out and streaming down his cheeks mixed with the rain running down his face, a cool contrast to his burning cheeks.

Jack watched his usually cool, calm and sophisticated lover begin to unravel to at the seams. The mask had slipped and shattered, and now he could see the pain in his eyes shining brightly.

"Goodbye Ianto," Jack turned and walked away, leaving the broken Welshman to cry in the rain.

He fell to his knees, unable to hold himself up any longer. The shock was still there, but so was the pain. The sharp, agonising, excruciating pain. He felt his heart had been ripped from his chest, and there was nothing he could do about it.

He stayed kneeling in the street, the water continuing to steadily drip down his face.

It was like this that Tosh and Owen found him twenty minutes later, due to a phone call from their boss only moments before, with a towel and a pair of arms to pull him up and steer him back towards the flat.

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