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Goodbyes – Chapter 3

The following morning the sleepy Welshman woke to the sound of his alarm clock buzzing frantically. With a groan, he pushed himself out of bed to prepare for the trying day he knew was to come.

To be honest Ianto had been surprised he's managed to sleep at all last night, but he guessed that there was only so much worrying you could do before you exhausted yourself.

After a long relaxing shower, he headed to his bedroom to pick out his suit for the day. Opening his wardrobe, staring into the mass of shirts and suits, he began to tense up again. What a waste of a shower. His breathing quickened, his chest heaving as panic ran through his mind. He slowly backed toward his bed, perching on the edge, taking a few deeps breaths.

Breathe Ianto! He berated himself sharply, pull yourself together!

A few moments passed before he gathered himself together and went back to the wardrobe. He thought back to Tosh's plan and frowned. They had agreed last night that he should ignore Jack, and not even give him the time of day. To show that he didn't care (although that was pretty far from the truth... Jack didn't need to know that) and to show the Captain what he was missing.

The more he thought about it, the more the grin grew as he pulled out his favourite red shirt. It just so happened that it was Jack's favourite shirt too. What a coincidence.

He dressed quickly and made himself a cup of coffee, deciding that he was too nervous to eat anything. He'd just have to make up for it at lunch, assuming that he felt better by then. Leaning against the kitchen worktop he held the coffee to his chest, cradling the warmth. He was ready in record time, but wanted to hang back a bit and get to work the same time as Tosh or Gwen. That way it would be like having moral support, even though Gwen probably didn't know he was coming back.

It was then that he started to worry about how everyone would react to the change in their relationship. Gwen, who was usually so predictable, would react one of two ways, probably. She would either fuss around him like a mother hen, or, she would side with Jack because of her little crush. Though, the more he thought about it, the more he doubted it, because over the last few months Gwen had spent a lot more time with Rhys, which had made them stronger and closer as a couple. And, if he really thought about it, she hadn't been making as many passes at Jack as she used to. So maybe she'd moved on from her crush? That would be nice.

And Owen... Gawd only knew how Owen would react. The only reaction Ianto could actually imagine was Owen ridiculing him at every possible moment, pointing out that he really had only been a part-time shag. That wouldn't make things any easier would it? But he hadn't been too awful when he and Tosh had brought Ianto home after the fight. Mostly he just stayed out of the way, so maybe he wouldn't be too bad?

Looking up at the clock he saw that it was late enough now. Tosh would already be in by now, and Gwen would be well on her way if not there already. Within fifteen minutes he was stood outside the tourist centre staring resolutely at the door, trying to stop himself from glancing up at the camera, knowing that he was being watched. Bracing himself he straightened out his suit and marched into the tourist centre.

Inside of the Hub, Tosh was sat behind her desk tapping away, but all the while sending surreptitious glances first towards Jack's office, and then to the entrance. It was long past eight, so Gwen was already in, just wandering around finishing up the odd bits and bats. And any second now Owen would saunter in, snarky and hung-over as usual. And true to her word, less than a moment later the alarms went off and Owen marched in with a sour look on his face. He waved a hand in her and Gwen's general direction before grumbling off to the Med Bay. Tosh held back a sigh. Ianto still wasn't in. And Jack was yet to make an appearance. She knew he was sat in his office, but he wouldn't surface until one of them went out to buy the first coffee of the day.

Come on Ianto, she urged silently, returning to her computer screen hoping he wouldn't be long now.

Only a moment later the alarm went off as the cog door rolled forward revealing our smartly dressed Welshman. He was hiding the nerves particularly well; to say that his hands were shaking and all he could do was silently repeat his mantra over and over again: "Oh God. Oh God. Don't look up. Don't look- Oh God..."

Tosh was the first to notice him arrive, sending him a reassuring smile from over the top of her computer screen. He nodded and returned the gesture with a tight smile of his own. With his blank mask in place even Tosh struggled to see signs that he was panicking, it was only the clenching of his fists that gave it away.

He turned and headed towards his personal haven, the kitchen. As he marched through the Hub, Gwen called out a greeting and even Owen managed to shout some kind of abuse at him. Ianto sighed; at least everything was going the same as usual so far.

Once he'd reached his beloved coffee machine, he took a long deep breath. The rich aroma was more than enough to smooth out his frazzled nerves. A smile spread across his face as he realised that everything was the same as when he left it. Thank God for small mercies. There wasn't even a single mug left in the sink, or pizza boxes piled on top of the counters.

Slowly though, this made Ianto wonder. The fact that it was so clean started to strike him as odd, why was it this... immaculate? They must have eaten while he was away. There's no way Owen could have lasted more than a few hours without food.

"Oi! Teaboy!" came a shout from the autopsy bay. Three guesses who. "Where's our bloody coffee? I'm dying over here!"

He smiled; it was hard to believe he'd missed that. Shrugging and deciding to face the mysterious cleanliness later he made a start on booting up his much-loved machine. Minutes later he was heading out to his teammates with a tray holding four steaming cups of coffee. He dropped Owen's off first, realising this would be his best bet to shut him up for a while.

Owen turned round when he heard the Welshman approaching ready to spit out some kind of insult, only to fall silent as his eyes to land on the tray in front of him. Ianto held the mug out, trying to hide the smirk he could feel creeping onto his face at the Londoner's dumb silence.

Owen all but snatched the cup out of his hand and took a hurried slurp. Ianto left to go deliver the rest of the drinks to the caffeine-deprived group, but he definitely heard a strangled moan coming from Owen's direction.

The girls were slightly more dignified in their responses; Gwen held her cup close to her chest embracing the heat as she cradled it tightly, and Tosh simply sat inhaling the aroma, savouring the smell before she tasted.

"Oh thank you love," smiled Gwen, "this is exactly what we needed. I don't know how we've managed without you."

Ianto nodded, accepting the gratitude, "what've you been doing for coffee then? I can't imagine you all just going without."

She laughed, "No of course not, we had to go to a local cafe. Nothing compared to yours though Ianto."

Tosh sent a pointed look towards the remaining mug on the tray, looking back up at Ianto to gauge his reaction. He sent her a discreet smile and rolled her eyes as if to say "It has to be done". She smiled at him, putting a comforting hand on his arm.

"Right," said Ianto, trying to gather himself," I have to go give this to Jack. Don't want it going cold."

Gwen just nodded and went on with her work. Tosh gave him a reassuring look, "I'll see you later then Ianto," which meant "You will see me later, and we will talk."

Ianto just nodded, and headed towards the Captain's office. All too soon he was stood in front of his door, urging himself not to hesitate and just get on with it. He knocked lightly, and heard a booming "Come in!" from the Captain within.

Steeling himself and taking another deep breath (it must have been the tenth of the day so far), he pushed open the door and quickly looked up. Jack was sat behind his desk, surrounded by mounds of papers not paying him the slightest bit of attention.

He waited, unsure of what to do with himself.

He thought it best to declare his presence with a calm and clear "Coffee, Sir."

Jack only spared him a short glance before returning to his paperwork.

"Thanks Ianto."

Ianto placed the cup on his desk and stepped back towards the door. Then his mind started whirring at a hundred miles an hour. The hurt and frustration started to rear its ugly head again. Was that it? He'd been gone for days, crying his heart out over this very man, and all he had to say was "Thanks"? He nearly snorted, fuming at the unfairness of his situation. He didn't know what he wanted. Would he rather Jack had shouted and screamed? Or did he want him to cry and beg for him to come back to him? Sure he'd like that, but in truth he wasn't sure what he'd expected. But it definitely wasn't this. This blank, cold reception, this... this... complete lack of reaction! Where was the emotion? Whether positive or not, all he wanted was a Goddamn reaction! Why couldn't Jack Bloody Harkness just act like any other bloody human in the world?

A small part of his mind whispered because he's not like any other person in the world. He's one of a kind, whether you like it or not.

As the injustice of it all rose up and threatened to swallow him whole, Ianto swept from the office, holding back the tears. Why on earth was he crying now? Oh right, angry tears, he actually did snort this time, just what I bloody need.

He practically ran past Gwen, and Tosh, and didn't stop until he was out of sight. Then he kept up a swift pace as he hid himself away in the safe encloses of the archives. This was the one place he could hide, and no one would be able to find him. He knew this place like the back of his hand, and he also knew that not all of the rooms had cameras in. That meant he was able to vent in peace. No one would be able to find him. No one...But, who would even bother to look for him? Who really cared that much?





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