Chapter 8.

The Tolling of the Bells.

*Aranya P.O.V*

A knocking at the door to flat apartment number 13 brought me out of my silent reverie of maths studies which i was currently, and sadly absorbed in. Kai looked up but I pointed to her own maths book.

"Fish. Read. Now." she continued sulking so i turned my back on her and continued to the door. Upon opening it I was a little surprised to find Kakashi standing at the door.

"Hello." He said, with a genuine smile. At least, I think it was a smile. Man that freaking mask covers his face well. I stood there in astonishment.

"What did she do?" Was the first thing I said. Naturally. Kakashi looked a little confused at that.

"Nothing, its both of you actually." Kakashi explained a little. Not helpful.

"Who is it?" Kai called through. I hesitated but before I could say anything, the baka took it as his cue to talk.

"Kakashi." He called back to her.

"WHAT!" Came the furious reply, suddenly there was a flash of black and I slammed the door in Kakashi's face, so that when Kai leapt at him she went face first into the door.

"Shut up and listen!" I yelled at her, before re-opening the door to reveal Kakashi once more who was somewhat bewildered. "Carry on." I gestured apologetically as Kai sat cross legged on the floor, rubbing her forehead in annoyance.

"Lady Tsunade has asked- Well, ordered me to test you." Kakashi explained at long last.

"Another test?" I groaned. This sucked already. Looking at Kai's expression, it seemed like I was going to have to drag her. Fun.

"Ok. The aim of this, is to get these two bells from me." Kakashi said, waving two cute little bells in front of us before tying them to his belt.

"Ok. HAND THEM OVER." Kai said suddenly, holding out her hand.

"Anyway…To get them, you have to go for the kill-" Kakashi continued warily.

"Fine. HAND THEM OVER OR DIE!" Kaitaru yelled darkly.

"KAITARU SHUT UP." Kakashi yelled, losing it slightly as he tried to stop the interruptions.

"…Yeah Kai." I sniggered.

"If you do not get the bells before midnight, you will both have failed, and you will be tied to those posts until lunch and you will go without breakfast." Kakashi Sensei finished.

"Good thing I made those sandwiches earlier." I muttered.

"Yeah…Extra cheese…" Kai agreed with a smirk. I glared at her in annoyance.

"Are you ready?" Kakashi cut her off from any further odd talk.

"Mmmhm." I wasn't that excited. Lets face it, Kai and myself are incredible, so I wasn't all that worried.

"Lets get this party started!" Kai said enthusiastically.

"…Well then…Start!" Kakashi said slightly dramatically.

Kai and I looked at each other and back at Kakashi. We stood there, facing him expectantly.

"Aren't you going to move?" He asked us.

"We have." I replied with a shrug.

He frowned in confusion and then let out a yell as my special Katana and Kaitaru's Rapier pierced him from behind as our clones lunged in unison.

I saw Kai smirk beside me and I was about to join in when there was a 'poof'.

"Huh?" Kai asked stupidly.

There was an upright log where Kakashi had been standing, with our weapons impaled in it.

**Kaitaru P.O.V.**

"Damn it. Substitution Jutsu." Aranya cursed beside me.

Then I saw Nya turn suddenly, her hair flying out as she spun on her heel, and a fist smashed into her cheek.

She staggered, overbalanced and fell. Kakashi went in to kick her, but she jammed her foot against his shin, swinging her right foot into his groin, and throwing her other leg under, knocking both of his legs out from under him. Then she twisted and he yelped as he fell forward, his leg caught in a lock. She rolled over him and I heard his leg crack painfully as he screamed.

I smiled at hearing him scream, but Nya and I both started in shock as he disappeared.

"Damn." I muttered with a frown.

"A clone." Nya said, mainly to herself.

I swiftly turned as the real Kakashi launched himself at me. I activated the Fleseraí and ignited his clothes, making him panic slightly and fall. I laughed manically as he put it out and started making some hand signs.

"KAI, SHUT UP AND LETS GET ON WITH THIS." I heard Nya scream at me as she let loose a wave of hot red fire towards the oncoming Kakashi.

"WILL DO." I hollered back gleefully as I turned and punched a clone in the face, ignoring the pain coming from my stomach as he made a futile attempt to try and stab me with his kunai.

"Son of a bitch." I growled, stumbling over to form back to back with Aranya as I grasped the hilt of the Kunai and wrenched it from my stomach, roaring in pain as I did so.

"Kai, you really ought to try and BLOCK the damn things instead of getting stabbed and THEN attacking." She said in amusement as she parried the flurry of kicks before letting loose a stream of punches to the clone's face.

"Yeah, probably. But it's so much more fun this way. We need to find the real Kakashi" I ground out through gritted teeth as I pressed my hand to the wound with green healing chakra. I saw her semi-worried expression, and I grinned for her benefit as she finished off the last clone, my stomach nearly completely healed.

We snapped out of it and stopped suddenly…listening.

Then, we nodded to each other once.

Jumping high with our one of our hands joined and the other outstretched, a hot mix of red, and blue flame erupted from our fingertips, horribly burning the top of Kakashi's hair, who'd been trying to sneak an attack from below with his Earth-Style head-hunter type jutsu.

We landed back on the ground and as we did so, I turned around, my hair whipping out in the wind and I gasped.

Aranya quickly pulled me down so that I was bending over backwards as she also ducked to avoid the shurikan which were passing inches over our heads.

Nya quickly drew out two of her own shurikan, and activated her Fleseraí, making the fire creep along the edges of the shurikan and making them sharpen to the deadliest point. Then she threw them quickly, making them leave a fiery trail across the clearing.

Kakashi dodged and disappeared suddenly, and I cursed.

**Aranya P.O.V.**

Kai cursed from where she stood behind me, mirroring my defensive stance.

"Where did he go?" I asked her, scanning the ground beneath us for movement.

"Why you asking me?" She asked incredulously, glancing back at me.

"Because you know these things!" I replied in irritation.

"Why yes. Yes I do." She chuckled darkly.

"SO WHERE IS HE?" I roared at her, still looking around slowly in case I could spot him, ignoring the dark aura which was coming from her.

"UP MY ASS!" She hollered back, laughing hysterically as the darkness faded.



"…Holy shit dude." I muttered.

"Prelana sono eta doré," Kai suddenly said, slipping into the Flame Speech.

"Telé manda reta de na Kakashi Sensei toran set aara?" I replied automatically.

"Letta thoras kandro." She said in a serious tone.

"Kandro?" I asked in confusion.

"Aa. Letta." She confirmed. I listened and sure enough I could hear it too. I smirked and I could her hear laughing quietly as we listened to the leaves directly to my left rustle quietly.

"Uyra purao itte sorano de na Sirene ti Dragona de na Fleseraí?" I asked again.


"Kana. Matsari tonotra oto xana." I said bluntly.

"Tiri?" She whined.

"Because you fish. Now hurry up!" I said in irritation, digging her in the ribs.

Grumbling to herself, she closed her eyes and started to do some hand signs, which I mirrored.

Immediately I felt the air around us shift as I finished on Tora and Kai finished on Uma.

"Lightening and Fire Style! Flash of Fire Jutsu!" We yelled as Kai created a rectangle with her index and thumbs of both her hands, and I created a kite with my pinky and index finger.

Lightening crackled inside Kai's hands and it seared through the air towards the trees in multiple jagged lines, meanwhile red and white fire erupted from the tips of my extended fingers and wound its way down the bolts of lightening, making them even more deadly as they flashed into the trees.

A yell was heard and Kakashi fell from where he had been perched in the tree, but he landed on all fours and rolled to the side, clutching his waist in pain as he rolled.

Immediately Kai drew her rapier and swung it in an arc, whereas I ducked to avoid the swing and went after something else. Kakashi stood up and went at Kai with his Kunai, aiming for the kill. Kai grinned and put up her rapier as I stood beside her, putting something in her hand.

"You can stop now Sensei." I smirked triumphantly.

"Oh really?" Kakashi asked as he stopped slowly, holding his Kunai in front of him protectively.

"He doesn't believe us." Kai sniggered.

"I think we should prove it to him." I said, starting to laugh too.

"I think you ought to." Kakashi said, putting his kunai away and crossing his arms.

"You've lost." I explained to him as we both grinned.

"Lost what?" He asked in confusion.

"The game." I said happily.

"I hate you Nya…" Kai muttered as she hung her head sadly.

"Oops. Sorry. Not that game you fool." I apologised with a very non-apologetic smile.

"What game?" Kakashi asked, starting to get impatient.

"The bell game." Kai laughed.

"But I have the bell- Oh." Kakashi stopped as he looked at his now 'bell-less' belt.

"We win." We held up the bells for him to see.

"Very well then…You pass." He eye-smiled at us.

"YAAAAAAAAAAY!" Kaitaru yelled in glee.

"Can we go home now?" I sighed with a sweat drop.




For those who didn't really get the gist of the Flame Speech, we explained the conversation. ^_^

Prelana sono eta doré - I was only joking.

Telé manda, reta de na Kakashi Sensei toran set aara- Yeah whatever, where is Kakashi Sensei hiding now then?

Letta thoras kandro. - Listen to the trees.

Kandro? - Trees?

Aa. Letta - Yes, listen.

Uyra purao itte sorano de na Sirene ti Dragona de na Fleseraí?- Let me guess, you want the Phoenix and Dragon of the Fire to help?

Aa. - Yes.

Kana. Matsari tonotra oto xana. - No. Use the other symbols.

Tiri? - Why?

Sorry it was a short chapter, but hey…what can we say but…FILLER.