Chapter 4, Part 1
Another Mistake

"Well, where's your house, dude?" Pickles asked as they walked out of the airport. He hugged himself and shrank back as a chilling wind blew past them, freezing them to the core. Toki managed to mostly ignore it. He seemed to be quite content with the cold, having grown up with it as a child, and was staring up wistfully at the snow that was falling around them.

"It ams on the outside of town. It's complicated."

"Let's just get out of this stupid cold, okay?"


They found themselves in a small little coffee shop being served an odd crumb cake with a fruit topping. Pickles stared down at it, a pierced brow arched. "Why is it 'dat every time I've been to Norway, all I eat is stupid cake? Nat just any cake either, really girly, fuckin' fruit-and-cream-topped shit..."

Toki laughed and ate his piece quickly. "It ams ligonberry, Pickle."

"Yeah, right. Still tastes weird." he pushed his plate over to the guitarist and asked, "How come we get free food anyways? We don't gatta pay for any of this stuff, do we?" Just as he asked this, a waitress came by with two cups of steaming coffee. Toki smiled at her.

"Takk. Har vi betale?"
[Thank You Very Much. We have to pay?]

She gave him a warm smile and shook her head. "Nei, det er gratis, kjære. Du er en helt her, Toki; alt er gratis."
[No, it's free, dear. You are a hero here, Toki; everything is free.] and just like that, she walked away. Pickles glanced over at the Norwegian.

"What did she say?"

"I asked her if we hads to pay."


He shook his head and said, a look of wonderment on his face, "Nos, she said that we didn't. Cans you believe that she saids I was likes a hero here? Ams that weird or what?" he took a large sip of his coffee and sighed in content. "I guess here peoples likes me, huh?"

"I like you fine."

"But you ams not the one who gives me free food."

In a few minutes they were exiting the warm little shop and Toki was thanking the owners, telling them how grateful he was. They just laughed at his humble attitude and sent him on his way. Once exposed to the freezing air again, Pickles asked, "Okay, so we gat food and all that good crap, but where's your house?"

"It' of town."

"You said 'dat already."

Toki's pale eyes flickered over to the forest that surrounded Lillehammer, looked past the towering trees into the darkness that the leafy sanctuary preserved. He said quiet confidently, "We just haves to walks a few miles in there ands-"

"In a Gad damn forest?"

"Ja, and then we'll be homes, I think."

Pickles gave him a skeptical look. "You think? This ain't a time for thinkin', dude, it's a time for getting our asses out of the cold."

"I knows, I—just comes on and trust me." the drummer hesitated to follow him into the woods, but eventually gave in. Toki was going to do what he thought was best no matter what, so Pickles figured that he might as well be right alongside him to pull him out of the trouble that was inevitably coming.

The sun was just beginning to set as they reached the center of the thick forest. Once there, Pickles looked around and stopped in his tracks. He peered down at the snow-covered ground, observed a bunch of slightly faded footprints—their footprints, ones that they'd made not that long ago. "Hey, Toki?" he called to the trembling Norwegian.

Now the guitarist was beginning to feel the biting cold. He turned to face Pickles and asked warily, "Ja?"

"We've been here already, dude."

He nodded. "Ja, I knows."

"So we're lost?" Pickles asked, his teeth chattering together. He pressed his numb hands into his jacket pockets and watched as the guitarist came over to him and looked down, a shamed look on his pale face. He looked miserable—he still was exhausted and now snow was in his hair and eyelashes. Pickles sighed and patted his shoulder supportivley. "S'okay, dude. We'll get out."

"No it ams not okay, Pickle." he said, biting back a sob. "Norway ams my place, I'm supposed to knows it!" he sniffled and added, "I can't even finds my way home anymores."

"Well maybe that's because this ain't your real home, dude." the drummer ventured to say before lightly dusting some snow off the Norwegian's shoulder. "You look cold."

"I ams, but so are you. You're not used to the cold, I ams."

"S'nat so bad, I guess." he commented. Out of the corner of his eye something shifted and there was a flash of gray. He gasped and whirled around as his heart skipped a beat. "T-Toki," his voice was an urgent whisper. "Did you see 'dat?"

From off in the distance there came a loud, chilling howl. Toki's face paled and he grabbed the drummer's hand tightly. "Don'ts moves, please."

"Why? What is it?" the Norwegian said nothing, just exhaled a breath of white vapor. Pickles felt his own breath catch in his throat; suddenly he wanted to cry, to run, but couldn't. He was frozen there, staring into the darkening woods, expecting some great monstrous beast to jump out at him. Nothing happened. Overhead a flock of birds flew, warming themselves in the last rays of a fading sun. Finally Toki released his hand and let out a calmed breath.

"What was 'dat?" Pickles asked.

"Nothings." he answered, stepping away from him and continuing to walk. "It was nothings for you to worry about."

"But why'd you freak—Toki, there's a thing!" he screamed suddenly, pointing to a little gray animal that was slowly stalking towards them. It snuck up from the left of them, perfectly poised and ready to leap up and strike, its teeth as white and exposed. The guitarist froze in his tracks and swallowed, focused his pale gaze on the gray wolf pup. He pushed Pickles away and began to take careful, hesitant steps back.

"Don'ts move."

"But you're pushin' me!"

"Don'ts yell!" he hissed, urging the drummer away from the tiny wolf. "Just moves back and lets me handle it."

"Handle it?" he whispered. "How the fuck do you 'handle' a Gad damned wolf?"

"It ams not a wolf, only a littles baby ones." Toki said calmly, watching the little pup slowly make its way towards them, growling. Spit fell in big drops from his mouth, and as he got closer they could both clearly see the intense yellow-brown glowing of its rabid eyes. To Pickles' surprise, the guitarist didn't show any fear. He just knelt down and held out his hand, as if encouraging the little wolf to come up to him. The drummer gasped and tried to pull Toki back up to his feet, but the Norwegian resisted. "I knows what I ams doing, dildo! If we scares it, then it'll gos and gets its whole damn pack!"

Pickles felt his heart fill with fear. How could the guitarist be so calm about this, when they were about to be torn apart by a pack of starving beasts? "He has a pack?"

"Thinks abouts it—when haves you ever seen just one wolf?"

"This ain't good, is it?"

He shrugged and said matter-of-factly, "Coulds be better, but it coulds be worse."

"But—watch it, it's jumping!" he stumbled backwards and fell as the wolf pup launched itself forward and into Toki, snapping its jaws madly. Its claws dug into the guitarist's shoulder, but thankfully his insistent bites all missed and Toki was left to lay in the snow with a mad wolf pup gnawing at his arm.

"Pickle, could you dos me a favor and gets it off of me?" he asked, still as mellow as ever. "This ams really, really painfu—ows, you stupids little..." he managed to throw the small wolf off of him and get to his feet quickly. He glared over at the terrified drummer and said, "Thanks for that helps."

"I tried but—crap!" he hissed in pain as the wolf pup locked its jaws around his leg. He fell to his knees as he tried to rip the pup away, but Toki stopped him.

"Nos, don't scares him!"

"But he's killin' me!"

"No he ams not, idiot! Look!" he gently removed the wolf from Pickles' leg and held it in front of his face. The pup now had a large piece of the drummer's pants in his mouth and actually seemed quite cute as he stared into Toki's pale eyes; the wolf cocked its head to the side and let an ear droop, looking oddly innocent and playful. Pickles wasn't swayed, though.

He held his bleeding leg and cried, "Throw it away or somethin'!"

From off somewhere else in the woods there was another howl. Toki actually seemed to become alarmed as he held the wolf pup close and ran a hand thru its fur. The pup tried to snap at the deddy bear that the guitarist still had—he had carefully been storing it in his pocket—but Toki pulled him away and said scoldingly, "That ams not very nice thing for you to dos, wolf. You shouldn't have bitten Pickle likes that, either."

"Don't talk to it, kill it!"

He stared in surprise at the other man. "Nos! Wolves ams beautiful animals, idiots! We can't just kills him!"

"But you said if we scare it, 'den-" before he could finish his sentence, the wolf pup let out a loud, echoing howl. Toki gasped and hurried to put the pup back on the ground, but by then there was already another much bigger, full-grown wolf making its way towards them. His eyes grew wide. "Oh fucks."

"Oh Gad—we're gonna die, we're gonna...Toki, I can't let you die..." Pickles said, getting to his feet and trying to protect the guitarist from the slowly approaching wolf mother.

"Gets away from me! I don't wants you getting hurt!" he hissed, glancing back over at the adult wolf. The pup now stood huddled behind her, whining fearfully. Toki seemed to be at a loss with himself. He looked tired, weak, confused, and terrified. Pickles had never seen him or anyone look so scared before in his life. He had the urge to run again—could he even make it? Probably not—but that would mean leaving Toki, and he couldn't do that, so he just stood there.

"We're gonna die, huh?"

"Don't be sos stupid." he said, rolling his eyes. "We can'ts die."

But the truth was that they could. It seemed that at that moment the guitarist was clouded by some insane illusion that they were immortal, unable to be touched by this horrible world. They were two of the most famous people in the world, from the best-selling band in history, Dethklok. They couldn't die, could they? The mother wolf seemed to disagree with this idea very strongly. She pulled her gums back, exposing a mouthful of inch-long fangs that stood out in the darkening day. They glinted almost beautifully in the light that the full moon gave off, seeming to be a morbid sign of what was to come.

"What's she gonna do?"

"I don'ts know," he admitted. "I can'ts tell..."

The wolf seemed to hesitate; she took one look back at her pup then let out a deep bark. The pup responded with another howl and danced playfully around his mother's feet, nipping and whimpering. Toki swallowed. "What the hells ams it going to d-"

Within the time span of a second, the adult wolf had brought the guitarist to the ground and had her jaws locked around his arm. She shook vehemently, growling and drooling, drawing blood. "What the fuck do I do?" Pickles cried, backing away. Toki tried to pry off the wolf's jaws with one hand, but just ended up having it bitten.

"Shits! I don't kn—gets a branch or somethings."

"A what?"

"A motherfuckings branch!" he howled before letting out a gasp of pain. The wolf pup had sunk its small fangs into his leg and was imitating his mothers behavior. There was a loud, disgusting crack, but Toki managed ignore it; he kicked the pup off of him, making the animal let out a loud whimper of pain. This seemed to infuriate the female wolf more. She released his arm and clawed at his jacket, ripping fabric and skin.

Pickles' mind had frozen, so the most the could bring himself to do was throw himself on the wolf, try to get it off of the Norwegian. He succeeded, but the animal just turned her fury to him, snapping at his neck and snarling. Toki reacted immediately. He pushed the wolf pup to the side, went over to a tree, and managed to break a large branch off of it. In a second the mother wolf was howling insanely as he hit her, and her grip on Pickles weakened.

"What do I do?" the drummer panted.

"This-" Toki hit the mother wolf hard. "-ams-" another hit. "-a branch!" the animal staggered and fell in the snow, breathing hard, blood matting its fur to its skull. The guitarist dropped the branch and fell to his knees, biting back tears. Pickles went over to him, put a hand on his bleeding shoulder.

"Are you-"

"F-Fines." he said, grimacing. "Just...just next times please just gets a branch."

He nodded. " 'Kay, I will."

"They ams those things on trees, you see?"

"Yeah, I-"

They both grew silent and watched as the mother wolf had her wounds licked by her concerned pup; she rose to her feet, emitting a heavy breath thru her nostrils, and gave both men one last glance with her wild, brown eyes. Blood stained the outside of her mouth and she licked at it, as if taunting them. Pickles grabbed for the branch again, but Toki stopped him.

"Don't, just lets it be."


"Just lets it be." he repeated firmly.

They both watched as the wolf and her pup went slinking back into the black forest silently, off to find the rest of their pack. Once the animals were gone, Toki closed his eyes and let out a sob, a hand racing to his abdomen. Pickles turned to him, a look of grave concern on his face. In a moment it seemed as though all of the Norwegian's former bravery and calmness had left him; he was alone now, suffering and trying to remain silent about it.

"You're not okay, are you? You're hurt." the guitarist shook his head, making the drummer scoff. "I ain't stupid, dude."

" don't even know whats a branch is." he whispered, swallowing. He tasted blood, warm and metallic. It slipped down his throat, filling his whole mouth with a vile taste that he couldn't ignore.

Pickles glanced down at Toki's bleeding stomach. "Move your hand, dude. Lemme see."

"Whys? What good wills it do?"

The drummer ignored this and carefully moved the Norwegian's hand, which was sticky with blood, away from his abdomen. He was cut deeply, slashed and butchered by the wolf's claws. Blood was steadily flowing out of the exposed skin and tissues, turning the snow beneath him a horrible red. Toki saw it and grimaced, let a look of actual agony come across his once so happy face.

"That ams not good, is it?"

Pickles repeated the guitarist's words from before. "Could be better, could be worse."

Toki looked away, tried to hide his agony. " I—fuck, it really hurts bad."

Pickles let out a deep, worried sigh and took off his jacket. He laid it over Toki and whispered, "We gatta get out of this forest, dude."

"Keeps your stupid jacket." he said, weakly trying take it off of him. The drummer shook his head.

"No, you keep it for now."

"Wowee," he let out a groan of pain and muttered, "we really fucks up, huh?"

"Yeah, we really did."

"And alls we had to do was finds my stupids house, but we couldn't even do that right."

"Yeah." he chuckled and pressed a hand to Toki's forehead. "We have to get outta here." he said again. The guitarist swallowed and nodded.

"I knows, but I can't—my arm and my leg really hurts."

"Lemme see."

"Don'ts moves it!" he cried.

"I won't." he only had to take one look at Toki's leg to determine that the wolf pup's hard, shaking bite had broken it; the sleeve of the guitarist's jacket was torn and stained with blood, exposing a white shard of bone. "Crap."


"Didn't you feel it brake?" gently, he laid the jacket back on top of Toki and smiled down at him. "You idiot, why didn't you call me?"

"You was busy beings scared."


There was a slight pause before, "I felts a crack, but I didn't—my guitar. Ams I still goings to be able to play it?"

Pickles shook his head. "No, nat for a while."

"Oh." he let out a hiss of pain and sobbed, tears suddenly leaking from his eyes in slow, steady streams. "It hurts so bad, Pickle."

"I...I know. I'm gonna fix it, though." but what could he do? His own leg was still pulsing with the pain from the wolf bite and the snow was making him so cold...he wanted to sleep. Yes, that's what he needed. Just a nice, long sleep...

"I wants to die."

That snapped him back into reality. Pickles looked down at Toki, saw the agony in his face. "No, don't die."

"Then helps me, please. Please makes everything better again, like you always used to dos when we was backs home."

"Do you wanna go home, back to the Mordhaus?"

He said nothing, just continued to cry. "I'ms really cold."

"Me too, but look." Pickles dared to press a freezing had to Toki's cheek, tried to bring him comfort. "Don't close your eyes."

"Whys not?"

"Because I'm gonna make you better now." he summoned up all the courage and energy he had left and scooped Toki up into his trembling arms. "We've gotta get out of here."

Toki said nothing, just bit his lip as pain coursed thru his entire quaking frame. "That wolf almost killed you," he whispered, his voice faltering and weak. "I saws it. She almost bit your throat and..."


"Why ams you still alive, then? You shoulds be dead."

"I'm alive-" he stumbled in the snow, but managed to catch himself and continue on. "-for you, 'cause I knew I'd have to save you."

"Oh. That ams nice. Thanks for thats, Pickle."

He said nothing. Each step he took was agonizing and his leg screamed in pain, begged him to stop, but he couldn't. Everything in him rejected each movement he made, but he couldn't quit, he couldn't. Each time the thought of surrender would enter his mind, he'd feel Toki's trembling, weeping body in his arms and force himself to continue. He barley noticed it as the guitarist wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him into a loose embrace.

"You ams so warm, Pickle..." and he closed his eyes. Very, very gradually he faded off to sleep with nothing more to think about than the warm, tender comfort of the drummer and the blood that was slowly and freely leaking from him and staining the snow.

: :: : :::: :: : :::: :: : :::: :: : :::

Chapter 4, Part 2
Stitches & Plans

A sharp, pricking pain. It hurt, but didn't nearly compare to the pure, impossible anguish he'd felt before he'd passed out. Slowly Toki opened his eyes just as a doctor finished stitching up the last laceration on his stomach. He let out a hiss of pain as the thread was cut, and the man looked up and smiled, wiped his blood-covered hands off on his white shirt.

"Ah, utmerket. Du er våken. God morgen til deg, Toki. Du sove godt?"
[Ah, excellent. You're awake. Good morning to you, Toki. You sleep well?]

He wiped his sleepy eyes and mumbled groggily, "Ja, ja, fine. Hvor er jeg? Hvor er Pickles?"
[Yes, Yes, fine. Where am I? Where is Pickles?]

The doctor motioned over to the door and said, "Utsiden."

"As long as he ams around." Toki muttered, lowering his head back onto the pillow and closing his eyes. "Er han skadet?"
[Is he hurt?]


That put his heart at ease enough to let the doctor finish dressing his wounds. Once that was done, the man stepped back and admired his work. "Han har ikke vondt som dårlig, minst. Du var mye verre. Hvordan føler du deg?"
[He's not hurt that badly, at least. You were much worse off. How do you feel?]

He grinned and said in plain English, "Likes shit."

The man arched a brow and repeated, "Shit?"

"Ja, dritt."
[Yes, shit.]

The doctor nodded and bid him farewell; he exited the room quietly, wiping off more blood on his stained shirt. Once he had left, Toki allowed himself to close his eyes and fall back into a doze, but before he could truly reach the point of sleep the door opened again. A soft, kind voice spoke to him, woke him from his doze and delirium. "Dude, you look like crap."

Toki smiled. "But you likes it, don't yous? 'Cause if this wouldn't have happened, you wouldn't be able to trys and talks me out of staying."

"Shut up." Pickles said, closing the door and taking a seat next to the bed. "And open your Gad damned eyes. I didn't haul you all the way back here to watch you sleep."

"Sorrys." he slowly opened his eyes and yawned, tried to stretch, but regretted it and gasped in pain. The drummer reached for his hand and held it loosely. Pickles was bandaged up as well, but not that badly. He held Toki's hand carefully, though, because it was wrapped in layers and layers of gaze, wounded from when the wolf had bitten it up.

"I hurt." the Norwegian stated bluntly.

"Yeah, I know."

"Dos you hurt?"

"Yep, but nat as much as you."

"I'm sorrys." he said again. "That you hads to carry me like that. I shoulds have been stronger, I should haves-"

"Nah, you did good. Great, actually." Pickles commented, letting his head rest against the palm of his hand. "I got you a good doctor? Did it hurt when he was-" he glanced down at Toki's exposed and stitched abdomen and grimaced.

"Nos, not really. It wasn't likes the pain before."

"Did you hurt bad?"

"Like nothing else I ever—nos, not bad."

Pickles grinned. "You suck at lying, dude. I mean, you're just really, really bad at it. It fuckin' amazes me, actually."

Toki arched a brow. "Whys does it amaze you?"

"That you're so perfect at doin' everything else, but nat lying."

He blushed and looked away. "You ams just beings like this 'cause I'ms alive, huh?"

"Sure," he agreed. "that's the reason." And because I love you... "And because I-" he cleared his throat, prepared himself to say it, but before he could Toki had begun speaking again.

"When can we gets to my moms and dad's house again? I can finds the way if it isn't dark, I swears!"

Pickles frowned. "Okay, okay, just chill. You're still really fragile, okay?"

He stifled a laugh and repeated, "Fragile?"

"Yeah, and I don't want to see you getting hurt again." the drummer insisted. "Never again."

"Fines, I can wait, but I really can't wait to shows you my house—it's really nice."

: :: : :::: :: : :::: :: : :::: :: : :::

Chapter 4, Part 3
Welcome Home

By nice, of course, Toki obviously meant horrible and run-down. About a week later, they both stood outside of the guitarist's childhood home, staring at the front door. Pickles sighed and elbowed the Norwegian. "Well, go ahead and knock already."

"O-Okays." he said almost nervously. "My moms may not really want to sees me, though...maybe we shoulds-"

"What's the worst she could do?"

"She thinks I killed my dad, Pickle." he said, looking down at his snow-covered boots. " 'Cause of, you knows, when I tooks him to his home before he died of cancer ands-"

"Yeah, yeah, I remember, you dropped him in that frozen lake, but that was an accident. I'm sure she understands, just go ahead and knock on the damn door already. I'm freezing!"

Toki reached forward, knocked on the door, and waited. In a moment his mother was standing in the doorway glaring down at her son. "H-Hey, moms." he said, smiling in a sweet sort of humble respect.

"Toki? Hva gjør du her, gutt?"
[Toki? What are you doing here, boy?]

He shrugged and said quietly, "Mamma, jeg trenger et sted å bo. Jeg har sluttet i bandet og alle mine ting og pengene er her. Min manager har det fløyet her av seg selv. Kan jeg komme inni?"
[Mommy, I need a place to stay. I've left the band and all my stuff and money is not here. My manager has flown here by itself. Can I get inside?]

She shook her head and cast her severe, cold gaze onto Pickles. "Hvem er dette? En av de fryktelig mennene du ringe din venn?"
[Who's this? One of the horrible the men you call your friend?]

Toki smiled over at Pickles and said warmly, "Han er min beste venn, min bror. Han fløy med meg hele veien her fra-"
[He is my best friend, my brother. He flew with me all the way here from-]

"Toki, husker du hva jeg fortalt deg sist gang du kom hit, forventer å bli ønsket velkommen tilbake inn i huset mitt? Husker du at din far fortalte deg?"
[Toki, remember what I told you last time you got here, expecting to be welcomed back into my house? Remember that your father told you?] His mother interrupted. Pickles glanced over at the guitarist.

"What's she saying?"

He ignored him and said in English, "That he never wanted to sees me steps in hims house agains."

"Who never wanted to see you?"

His mother continued with, "Så hvorfor er du her? Tror du at jeg skal ta deg tilbake etter alle smerte som du har satt dette husholdning gjennom? Nei. Komme vekk fra dette stedet, dette er ikke din hjem."
[Then why are you here? Do you think I'm going to take you back after all the pain that you have placed this household thru? No. Get away from this place, this is not your home.]

"Buts I-"

"Gos!" she screeched in English. "Leave!"

"But I'm your son! You can'ts just not lets me into my house!"

"Du var den som valgte å forlate!"
[You were the one who chose to leave!]

"Because dads beat me all the times and you never dids anything abouts it! You never-"

But his mother wouldn't listen to him anymore; she went back inside and came back with their suitcases. "Yours?" she asked her son. Toki nodded and she dropped them at his feet and said cruelly, "Adjø, Toki. Gå gjøre din egen måte i verden."
[Goodbye, Toki. Go make your own way in the world.]

And the door was slammed in both men's faces. Pickles picked up his suitcase, trying to hold in his happiness—he wouldn't have to say goodbye, thank God!-but at the pitiful, depressed look on his love's face, he couldn't help but to tell him, "It's okay, dude. Like you said, it's all gonna be alright. We can go back to Dethklok and I'm sure they'll-"

"But I don't wants to go back! Don't you gets it?" he cried, throwing his suitcase across the snowy yard. As he did, his deddy bear fell out of his pocket and he peered down at it, seemingly calmed by the familiar sight of it. "I don't wants to go home...this ams my home, this-"

"Why can't your home be with me?" Pickles asked. He dropped his suitcase and went up to Toki, his green eyes shining with affection. "Just with me?"

"Whats the fucks ams you talking about?"

"Toki, you idiot, I love you."

He was slightly taken aback by this strange display of emotion, but he still managed to recover from his shock and say, "Okays, and I loves you tos, but-"

"No, I mean—fuck, why do you make this so hard?" the drummer took the Norwegian's hands in his own and gingerly messed with the bandage that was wrapped around the other man's right palm. "Does it hurt?"

"N-Nots so much anymore," he mumbled, his voice trembling as he met Pickles' gaze. "not as long as you ams holding it."

He smiled and said, his voice a sweet whisper, "I was so scared, y'know. I thought I'd never get to see those eyes again, your eyes staring at me. They're bright, like the stars, only better. They shine more, have more of a glow in them."

Toki blushed and turned away. "You ams stupid; my eyes ams not like the stars."

"No, they're a lot brighter." he touched the guitarist's cheek and said softly, "Rarer."

He shook his head, tried to pull away. "You don't know what you ams saying. You're drunk."

"I'll never drink again if you don't want me to."

"You don'ts know..." he let Pickles kiss his bandaged hand, let the drummer's breath warm his palm. "...peoples don't love me."

"I do." he said, looking up at him and caressing his aching hand. "More than anything else." and wrapped his arms around Toki's waist and pulled him close, hugged him tightly. He held him as if he were the most precious thing in the world, something that was so easily broken. Toki had never known that kind of affection before, never been treated like this. He felt his face burning, felt his stomach feeling with a warm sensation that crept all the way up to his chest, made him want to vomit out of nervousness and kiss Pickles all at the same time. Was he sick or just damaged from that attack of the wolf? No, he was just changed by... what?

"I...maybes we should—if you wanted to kiss me, I'd probably let you." he said, trying not to smile at his own foolishness.

Pickles grinned and pressed his lips against Toki's cut and bruised cheek. "You would, huh? Maybe I should just stand here for a while, let you make the first move."

"You ams already all overs me, you might as well just gos ahead and kiss me already." the drummer nodded and leaned in, his lips parted, but before he could do it Toki stopped him and added, "And I wants a real kiss, nots a stupid kid one."

"A what?" he snickered.

"I wants yous to really kiss me."

Now Pickles was turning red, awkwardly smiling. "I...uh, okay, I guess."

"And I wants to feels you touching me."

"Okay." his hands didn't move, just continued to hold the guitarist to him. Toki shook his head and guided the drummer's hands to where he wanted them to be.

"Likes this. Gods, it ams like you've never kissed anything before, Pickle."

"Nothing that I've loved. I don't really know how to treat someone that I actually love." he said, giving the Norwegian a shy little smile. "I'm new at it."

"You really loves me?"


"You wants to marrys me?"


"Fucks me?"


"Right here?"

"Don't care, as long as it gets done."

Toki laughed and repeated, "Fuck me in the snows?"

Pickles nodded and snickered. "Whatever makes you happy; if you want me to make love to you here in the freezing cold, right in front of your stupid parent's house, then that's fine with me."

"Just shuts up and kiss me—we can starts with that, okay?"

"Fine with me." he said, leaning forward and molding his lips to Toki's. There was a certain wonderment in the way he moved his lips against the Norwegian's, a kind of odd glowing, warm and tender feeling that couldn't be contained. Neither of them knew what it was, but as the kiss intensified, they both learned one thing—this was how it should be, how it was always meant to have been. This is how it always would be.

: :: : :::: :: : :::: :: : :::: :: : :::

Chapter 4, Part 4
Going Home Again

"I hates flying, you know." Toki commented as they took their seats aboard the plane that would take them back to the Mordhaus. Next to him Pickles sat, seeming to be as cool and collected as ever. He just shrugged and passed the guitarist his deddy bear.

"Hold him, he's cold."

And the Norwegian did; he took his beloved stuffed animal and hugged him tight. "And you can holds me." the plane was a small one—tight, annoyingly cramped with other passengers—but somehow Toki still managed to situate himself in the drummer's lap. Pickles shifted under his weight and sighed.

"This is stupid. Get back in your seat, idiot."

"Not untils you says it."

"Say what?"

"You knows!" he kissed Pickles' cheek and whispered warmly, "I wants to fucks you right here, in the snow if you wants..."

"Fine, fine, just get in your own seat, dildo." once the guitarist had, Pickles grinned, took his hand, and announced shamefully loud, "Toki Wartooth, would you mind marryin' me?"


"Right here?"


"Or makin' love?"

Around them other passengers stared at the two men with wide, curious eyes. Neither of them cared much, though. It was fun for them, a game. That's why Toki didn't hesitate to yell out, "Nos, right here, right?"

"Fuckin' right, hot and amazing sex." They both laughed and the drummer turned a little red at his words; he didn't let the prying gazes from others stop him from leaning over and kissing his love's cheek. "You're perfect, dude."

"I still don't want to gos home though. Maybes one day can we go back to Ireland?"


"Gets married there?"

He paused and said after a moment of crucial thought, "What about the Mordhaus? There won't be as many fans watchin' us and crap. We can do whatever the fuck we want there."

"I knows," he said gloomily, "but I don't wants to be around everyone else."

"You're embarrassed?" Pickles inquired, frowning. Toki hurriedly shook his head.

"Nos, of course not!"

"Then what is it?" when no answer came, the drummer leaned over and kissed him again, this time on the lips. "Like you said, let's just start with kissing, okay?"

He nodded in agreement. "Okays."

"Good, and by the way, I do love you."

"Love you toos."

"Cool." he said it casually, with a carefree smile on his face. Distractedly, he glanced down at Toki's deddy bear and told the guitarist, "Now go to sleep or somethin'. You always freak out when we're flying."

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