Flesh and Blood

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, but belong to Impossible Pictures™.

"...and here I thought that you would be smart," Nick's voice is same as it was before, in their shared time at Leek's compound. A string inside Helen's heart and mind seems to be ready to snap, and she is seeing red. Her finger begins to tighten on the trigger – one shot and Nick's arrogance is finished.

"...And there are important differences between us and our ancestors," a new voice resonates in Helen's brain, a voice that she's intently familiar with. "Our ancestors – just like their ancestors, the earlier mammals – can turn on each other, on their own flesh and blood, as soon as their instincts tell them too. For us, the modern people, it is different – we are not ruled solely by our instincts, but also by our thoughts and emotions. Thus, if we give-in to our instincts, then we give-in to our inner beast."

As these words as resonating in her head, Helen stiffens. She knows these words, she knows this voice. It is her, speaking the words of her thesis, never published, written during the last three (and a bit) million years of Earth's history.

"I not be smart, Nick, but I am not a hypocrite or in self-denial," Helen lets her hand drops. "You want to be with Stephen? Do it yourself, do not consider me your pawn. Good luck in your future, and hopefully you will resolve your problems the next time we meet."

Nick's face is distorted from the various emotions of his own, and he opens his mouth to speak, but Helen is through with him – for now. Instead of sticking around for others to arrive, she turns around and leaves through a manifested time anomaly, leaving the ruined building of the ARC behind her.