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Booth's POV; from 9:15

Aah what a cool Saturday morning, no work, no chasing bad guys who just won't realize that running just makes you look guiltier, no...wait a minute, why am I thinking of this Saturday morning instead of sleeping through it?


And there it was again the unmistakable shout of the eight month pregnant screaming banshee that is my wife, I don't even understand why she's awake by this time, I thought all those icky pregnancy books...you know the ones with traumatizing pictures, Lord save our souls...anyway I thought they all said by the eight month in pregnancy 88% of women were supposed to sleep like bears on hibernation, but nooo my case had to be, just had to be different, my ever surprising wife, Temperance, had to go ahead and be part of the remaining 12% that didn't sleep, why me?

It was like she did it on purpose, waking up when I was in no mood to wake up and therefore forcing me to in her words 'get my fanny up, after all it's not like I have a person growing inside me' she always managed to put me in a touchy mood no matter how I tried to avoid it, but not directed at her, God no, I don't think I could stay mad at her for more than 20 seconds and she knows it...damn her, so as I was saying my touchy moods were not directed at her, no, the people who had to bear the brunt of her work 'my mood' were my subordinates or more specifically Aaron Grand, the guy pissed me off to no end he was just so kiss ass-y and so I was more than happy letting off steam on him and watching him squirm and pale and fall to pieces and...wait this is beginning to sound sadistic, anyway back to the present, I was currently trying to close my eyes and will myself to sleep, this was a lost cause and I knew it because I could still hear her call me from downstairs with even more volume


after a moment of silence, I was finally able to relax my eyes from squinting and was half-way into dream land when I heard the soft thumps of what I had now come to realize were foot falls on the stairs, but at the time, I did not register the noise fully in my head, the thumps had stopped thank God but now there was silence, even though my eyes were shut I knew or rather felt I was being watched and then through closed eyes I saw shadows shifting to block out the light, I knew who it was but maybe if I kept my eyes closed she would go away, but I still wanted to see her so I cautiously opened one eye, close enough to look asleep but open enough to see her, and there she was in all her pregnant, beautiful but still annoying as hell glory already dressed in a loose fitting pastel yellow colored gown with wine red flowers printed sparsely over it, when I finally realized she wasn't budging and I couldn't keep pretending she wasn't there I opened my second eye like the first, that was when I saw her fully, she was putting on patent black ballerina flats, her hair was pulled into a loosely French braided ponytail and she was flushed, probably from all the screaming but that wasn't what my mind was focused on, she was dressed, really dressed, like she was going somewhere, I looked at the time without moving my head, 9:15 am, it was still early so why did she look so...ready?

"Seeley wake up"

she leaned over in a way only legal to pregnant women and tapped me lightly on the shoulder, when I didn't stir, she sat on my side of the bed she was probably tired from standing, poor baby

"Booth, come on I know you're up stop playing dead and get up"

she just called me by my last name, the jig was up, either I surrendered and got up on my terms or I hold stead fast and risk being woken up by forceful means, cold water, don't ask, so I opened my eyes slowly and found myself staring into her bright blue ones

"Mornin' "

"And a good morning to you too, took you long enough" I just yawned

"Temp, why...why're you all dressed like that?"

"Dressed like what?"

"You know like you're going somewhere"

"You don't know?..." I shook my head

"...you forgot, you actually forgot..." she got that high pitched voice like she was going to start crying so I racked my brain trying to remember but...Oh My God! her Lamaze classes, we were supposed to be there by 9:30

"Oh come on, of course I didn't forget Tempe, your Lamaze class right?"

"Yes what else could it be?...and if you didn't forget how come you're still lying down, sleeping? I've been calling you from downstairs, I even had to come up which is very exhausting and you know that, didn't you hear me because if you did and you chose...not to answer then..." she was starting to sound funny, crap, tears? (again?), so I quickly bolted up from bed, sat beside her and cradled her in my arms, that always worked like a charm

"Hey hey hey, don't cry ok Temps ok...ssshh...I didn't choose not to answer..." a little lie never hurt no one"...I guess I didn't hear ok?..." her face was already wet from quiet sobs so I wiped them away with the heel of my hand "...see I'm awake and I'm gonna go get ready right now and we're going to get there on time ok?..." she nodded slowly against my chest, at least she'd stopped crying, so I got up, I was still feeling sleepy but all that would change once I got under the shower.

You know everyone says pregnancy is this, pregnancy is that, oh pregnancy is so beautiful...hmm they're all liars, maybe it is beautiful in the first two months when you're still on a high and riding that euphoria, I mean hell you're gonna have a kid but that euphoria starts wearing off in the third month and is finally gone from the fourth month downward, when you have to do everything and I mean everything yourself cook, do dishes, laundry and such in those months you learn how hard it is to be a woman, we men got it easy I tell ya, and then finally you are robbed of your quiet 'you time', Saturdays when you are forced to go to pre-natal and Lamaze classes with your very hormonal girlfriend or in my case wife who thinks that for every move the teacher displays you are doing it wrong, the last and final straw my friends is the sex, at first begins the deprivation in the first two months, in the third month it's like she's in a frenzy, then it becomes a task from the fourth to seventh month, I mean have you ever tried having sex with a very pregnant, very horny wife/girlfriend, it ain't pretty, finally just when you get used to having sex again in the last few months you are deprived...again, in Tempe's sixth month when we went to the doctor for the normal check-up, you know standard routine stuff, I asked him about sex after delivery after all a guys' gotta know these things, and he told me...he told me that we had to wait about eleven to twelve weeks after delivery before trying anything and even then there might be some problems with libido on her part and some other stuff I can't remember...eleven to twelve weeks?, I almost fell out of my chair meanwhile Tempe was beside me blushing furiously, she wasn't used to asking or telling about our sex life she thought it was private and I couldn't agree more, I was distracted from what the doctor had just said by her, can you imagine your pregnant, beautiful partner sitting beside you, head lowered, blushing for all she was worth, shy-looking I wanted to kiss her right there and then, I wanted to…wait what was that thing, the other main topic, yeah, eleven to twelve weeks?, if I knew then what I know now, that I would be tossed out in the cold 2 months before delivery, I don't think I would have been such a drama queen.

The time was already 9:20 and Tempe was keeping watch at the bathroom door to make sure I didn't waste any more time, so I quickly got in the shower and immediately the cold water hit my face all remnants of sleep was cleared from my eyes so I hurried up and got out in record time, when I picked out my clothes Tempe said she had a problem with the ones I picked (I picked out a red t-shirt that said 'death of an auto-tunez' on the front, a blue pair of jeans and a brown bomber jacket ) she said the slogan on the shirt was inappropriate for where we were going so she hung back the t-shirt and jacket and got out a plain white t-shirt and a black zip-up hoodie, yeah that's right I forgot to say the pregnant female also chooses what you wear gentlemen and what colors you like for instance pregnant Temperance doesn't like canary yellow, cyan blue, lime green, neon bright colors and blood red, so I was forbidden from wearing anything with those colors, so after quickly dressing up, we both went downstairs, I got a hurried breakfast, sandwiches, when she didn't eat anything I asked her if she wanted any of my breakfast but she was quick to remind me that while I was wasting time sleeping, and yes people she did stress the sleeping part, she was getting ready for the day which included breakfast, I should have known better than to ask, I finished and we were out the door in 5 minutes and driving to St Agnes Hospital, we finally got there by 9:40 after much dangerous driving and pressure, screaming and forcing by Temperance we got there without incident, Thank God, now we had to go...

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