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11:47 PM

Shawn was sitting in the Psych office watching Midnight Run. His nights had been pretty uneventful since he and Abigail had broken up. He looked out the window to see that it was pouring outside and he decided that he didn't have that much of a desire to ride his bike back to his apartment, plopping himself onto the couch to continue his movie.

He woke with a start when his phone rang.

"Huh ̶ Huhllo?" Hmm… That didn't sound very coherent.


A sleepy smile spread across his face.

"Hi Jules. Sorry, I was asleep when you called."

"We need you down at the station. Now. Lassiter called Gus, he's already on his way." He looked out the window. He so did not feel like going out in the rain, but her tone of voice told him that it wasn't up for negotiation. "She's so hot when she gets all bossy." He thought.

"Alright, but you may want to have some towels ready when I get there." His poor hair.

"Oh, right. You have your motorcycle. Hold on, I'll come pick you up."

"Thank you Juliet." He said with a little bit of a sing songy tone to his voice. The line went dead.


He was sitting on his cocoa swan, Clen, flying over the lake. He waved to Juliet who was standing on the shore of the little sandy beach wearing a pineapple bikini.

"Shawn!" She called up to him, waving.

He flew Clen down to where she was.

"Hop on Jules!"

"Shawn!" She yelled again. He was a little confused as to why she continued yelling.

~~End Dream~~End Dream~~End Dream~~End Dream~~End Dream~~End Dream~~End Dream~~

"Shawn." Juliet put a hand on his shoulder and shook him gently.

"He looks so cute when he sleeps." She thought.

"Shut up, we have a job to do." Her head yelled back to her.

"Wha? What happened?" He looked blinked and around the room, "Oh hey Jules." He smiled at her, but it quickly faded when he saw the look on her face.

"Come on Shawn we have to go quickly." Seeing the questioning expression on his face as he got up she added, "Chief said she'd prefer to brief us all at the same time."

He grabbed his jacket as they walked out of the Psych office, not bothering to lock the door. But then again, when does he ever?

Juliet was annoyed with the rain. It made it hard to see when she drove. "I wonder why he hasn't asked any questions, normally he never stops talking. Did I look that shaken? Maybe he just isn't fully awake yet."

Having Juliet this close to him made him happy. The obstacle of Abigail (as much as he missed her) was gone now, which in turn, made things less awkward. They were able to joke and flirt and everything was back to normal. Including the desire they both felt to be together every time they were around each other.

They pulled up to the station and the wheels in Shawn's head were turning. Juliet hadn't said a word the entire way there. Neither had he for that matter.

"What's with all of this secrecy?" Shawn wondered.

She parked the car and they both got out, covering their heads with their jackets and running towards the door. Once inside they shook the rain off their coats and went to the chief's office.

"Now that everyone's here… We have a case. 23 Year old Rebecca Baker was found dead in the basement of an abandoned house down town. Her body was barely able to be identified with the use of dentals. This was found with it." She held up a DVD case with a red snake painted on it. She turned her computer monitor around and the six of them all huddled around it watching.

Rebecca's body, if it could even be called a body, was lying on the floor in the middle of a room with no windows and nothing but a rusty metal chair in it.

Their stomachs churned at the sight.

Gus turned away from the screen.

Juliet's hand went to her mouth.

Shawn's went to his jaw.

Lassiter's expression hardened.

Henry let out a low sigh.

A hooded figure walked into view and crouched next to the body. A hand reached up and pulled off its hood revealing a sickly psychotic white and red painted face.

"Hello to all of my friends at the wonderful Santa Barbara Police Department. This is going to be fun. Poor Rebecca, right? Wrong. I won't tell you why though, go get to find out why I killed her by yourselves. It was quite enjoyable too. Good luck with trying to catch me, even though we all know you're outmatched. Oh, and you'd better watch your backs. I might get bored just going after civilians. I guess you could compare it to building up a drug tolerance…"

The screen went black. The room was silent. None of them could think of anything to say, that face burned in their minds.

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