Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Character: Addison&Derek
Rating: T
Status: Complete (Chapter 5/5 – The End)
Disclaimer : Characters and show belongs to Shonda Rhimes. Title of the fic belongs to The Research. Title of the chapter belongs to Lost. I picked this title as a tribute to my all time favorite TV show.
Author's Note: So guys, here we are! The very last chapter of this story. I hope you'll like it! Oh and at first, I didn't plan to write Meredith's reaction into the story but considering that so many of you asked me about Meredith, I've decided to write something about her too. Flashback thing.

Lonely hearts still beat the same.

Chapter 5

The End.

Meredith Grey saw the whole scene. When Addison asked her to talk to Derek in private, Meredith took the stairs to go to the lower floor but then Addison and Derek started yelling at each other and Meredith knew that she couldn't just walk away. Her eyes met Cristina's ones and they, along with tons of other doctors and nurses, started to listen to what Derek and Addison were saying. When Derek told Addison to leave Meredith out of the story, Meredith couldn't help but smile. Derek was hers, Addison had her chance but she lost the best guy in the world years ago. It was her fault, after all. Then, Addison started walking away with her damn expensive shoes and Meredith thought that she would have never seen the Montgomery chick ever again. Derek wanting to talk to his ex-wife surprised Meredith but she was pretty sure that Derek was about to send Addison to hell. Then the most unexpected thing happened: Derek wanted Addison back. Tears started streaming down Meredith's cheeks. Then those three famous words came from Derek's mouth. They felt like a punch in the stomach for her. She started sobbing and crying louder; looking at the happy couple was too much to handle for her. Derek was smiling at Addison and so was she, they were kissing and hugging. With her eyes full of tears, Meredith ran away and Cristina went after her. That day was the last time Meredith ever spoke to Derek.


It's a hot spring day in Los Angeles but there's that breeze that you love so much. It's evening and you and Derek are having dinner in your favorite restaurant. Things have changed a lot in these six years. After his unexpected proposal, Derek bought you the biggest Trilogy ring he could find and moved in with you in Los Angeles. At first, you wanted to go back to New York but considering your good job and your friends in the city where the sun almost always shines, you decided to stay there. Derek agreed, he actually didn't want to go back to New York because he wanted to start fresh with you, he thought the you both needed a clean slate.

"Happy Anniversary, Mr. Shepherd" you tell Derek, giving him your biggest smile.

"Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Shepherd" he smiles back at you, handling you a gift "I know you said that you didn't want any presents but when I saw it, I just couldn't resist…"

"Oh Derek!" you say, amused "You shouldn't have…" your fingers quickly unwrap the little red box and your eyes start to shine like stars when you realize that your husband got you that Bvlgari watch you saw last month "Oh my God, Derek! It's beautiful! Thank you!" you tell him.

"You're welcome, honey" he replies, smiling happily "Let me help you" he says, seeing that you're having troubles in wearing your new watch "It looks beautiful on you."

"Thank you so much, Derek!" you lean over the table and kiss your husband on the lips "But… I have something for you too!" you say, all excited.

"Addie…" he starts but you interrupt him before he can say anything stupid.

"Here you are" you give him a blue packet "I hope you'll like it."

Derek smiles at you and starts opening the box. His fingers takes out a precious pen made of gold and black wood with "Dr. Derek Christopher Shepherd, MD" written on it.

"It's wonderful, Addie. Seriously."

"Yeah, you don't have one here in Los Angeles. I already have one at the clinic and I thought that you should have one too."

"This must have cost you a fortune, Addie…"

"You're worth it, Derek."

This time, he leans over the table and kisses you. He whispers thank you to your left ear and you can't help but have chills. Even if you and Derek have been together for six years, sometimes you can barely believe that he has actually taken you back. Sometimes you're even afraid that you're just living the best dream of your life. It's just that your life is perfect again because Derek makes it perfect.

After your wedding, you and Derek went on Honeymoon to the Caribbean. It was the best holiday of your life: all you did was sunbathing, relaxing, eating and drinking delicious tropical cocktails, taking long baths in the ocean and having a lot of extraordinary hot sex. When you came back to Los Angeles, Derek started working at Oceanside Wellness Center with you and your colleagues even if Charlotte often called him to practice surgeries in the hospital.

Derek and you re-married on May 12th so, after his proposal, it took you almost one year to become a Shepherd again. He didn't want to wait but you did. May 12th had always been a special day for you both and you wanted it be special forever. Derek agreed, eventually. Your second wedding was even funnier and better than the first one, if that's even possible. All the people you care were there: people from New York, your family, all your friends and co-workers in Los Angeles and even a lot of people from Seattle, such as Mark, Richard, Miranda and many more. It was nice to see that many people loved you, no matter what you did to Derek. You two got married on the beach and even if you should have been used to it, you couldn't help but cry a little when you said "I do".

You and Derek are eating dessert and drinking champagne when, suddenly, you hear your phone ringing. You take out your phone from your purse and realize that somebody sent you a text message. You already have an idea and, reading the text message, your idea gets confirmed.


You burst out laughing and let Derek read the text message.

"She really used the word monster related to our little boy?" he says, raising his left eyebrow.

"Amelia is not good when it comes to children" you're still laughing .

"Yeah, I told you to ask Nae to take care of Ethan" Derek's now laughing too.

"Actually, Amelia insisted. She wanted to look after him so badly. She's such an auntie!"

"Ethan is like the cutest child in the world!" he says, proud.

"Not when she cries" you remind him.

"Agreed" Derek nods "Well, I think that our night out has just come to an end. We should go…"

"Yup" you reply and stand up "Let's go then."

Ethan isn't your biological son. You and Derek adopted him five months ago when his mother gave him out for adoption. Mary Jane, that's Ethan's mother's name, was your patient. She was sixteen years old and she even considered keeping the baby but after talking a lot with her family, the teenager understood that she wasn't mature enough to take care of a child. Mary Jane didn't even have a boyfriend because he stepped out when she told him about the pregnancy. Giving Ethan out for adoption was the hardest thing Mary Jane had ever done in her whole life but she knew that it was the best thing to do for the newborn. After delivering the baby, you went home and told Derek the whole story. He surprised you when he suggested that you two could have adopted the baby and start a family. You needed to hear it one more time. Then he said once again and the day after you two went to the Social Services and adopted him. Ethan Jacob Montgomery Shepherd is now your son. You're finally a mother and you couldn't be happier than this.

You let Derek drive your car and in less than twenty minutes you're home. Derek opens the door and Amelia runs to you and gives you your child. Hugging him and smelling his sweet milky smell you realize that Ethan is the icing on the cake of your life. He's the missing piece of your life's puzzle. Now, everything's just in order. Everything's perfect. You're living the life you've always wanted. A perfect husband, an adorable son, a strong career and even a red cat, Milo. There's nothing more you might ask. You close your eyes, hug your son tighter and think that good things happen to everyone. You just have to wait the right moment and then you have to make your move, because your life could change forever. Even in your darkest moments you have to smile and go on because things will change, eventually. It might take time but life won't be bad forever. Expect the best, prepare for the worst like you always say.