The teenage girl was home alone babysitting two young children in a strange home she has only been to once before. Both of the children were sleeping peacefully while the brown haired brown eyed babysitter waited for the children's parents to return home. The house was dark, quite, and very spooky at night the only sounds heard was the children snoring and the Wii downstairs that was long forgotten by the two six year olds, Jake and Ally, and the fifteen year old babysitter, Rachael. The only one up other than the babysitter was the children's dog, Buster, who has horrible breath. The parents, Mr. Mathew and Mrs. Sarah Ladybughuggers, weren't due back until around midnight and the children's bedtime is at eight so what is Rachael to do in those four hours waiting for the Ladybughuggers to arrive back. Especially considering that Rachael has a very active imagination which if she let it take over she would probably be very paranoid and scared waiting on Mathew and Sarah to Arrive home. She washed the dishes, swept, put the dishes away, and cleaned up the mess the children had made earlier.