Sometime in New Moon or Eclipse, don't question it. Cullens never come back, yay!

"Hey, Bells?" Jacob called from behind the hood of my truck. It had been making a questionable clanking sound lately and Jake had oh-so-kindly offered to check it out today while our dads were watching the game, most likely because of the constant fear emitting from my pores whenever I drove it. "Yeah?" I answered, looking up from my magazine.

"Pass me the monkey wrench out of my toolbox over there on the floor," he said waving his hand in the general direction of his tools. I stayed where I was sat on the old car seat and stared at the back of his head with my eyebrow raised until he turned around and saw that I still hadn't moved. "Hello, earth to Bella. I need the monkey wrench."

"Jacob, I'm not Quil or Embry, okay? I happen to actually care about the way I'm talked to. A please would be nice."

He rolled his eyes. "Puh-leeze, Bella? With chocolate sprinkles and cherries and me on top, because I know you want a piece of this eye-candy." He lifted up his shirt (which was bound to be uncomfortable with his temperature) and gestured to his sculpted, naked torso with a laugh and I couldn't help but look. I made sure to avert my eyes quickly and make a gag noise as I got up to get his wrench.

"Don't make a mockery of me trying to teach you manners, Black." I bent down to find the tool he needed, smiling to myself when I found it with ease. I was proud to have retained some of the information Jacob had told me about tools. "You really need to learn how to talk to a lady."

"Yeah, Bells, because ladies wear X-men underwear." I straightened up quickly, pulling my shirt down to cover the small part of my underwear that had become visible when my jeans rode down. "Shut up, Jacob! X-men is a classic cartoon, okay? If I want to wear the underwear, I can do so!" I huffed and walked over to him, shoving the wrench into his chest. He gripped it and chuckled as I walked back over to my seat and picked my magazine back up. I began turning the pages angrily.

"Aw, come on Bells. Don't be mad." Angry page turn.

"I love X-men too," he said with a smile. Angry page turn.

"And if you stop being upset with me for laughing at your panties, I'll make you the famous Jacob Black ice cream sundae, fudge and all." Angry page turn.

"Bella, quit with the cold shoulder already. It's not like I said you look bad in them. I actually think they're kinda sexy." Faltered angry page turn.

I glanced up at him at the mention of the word 'sexy' to see that he was playfully wiggling his eyebrows at me and I looked back down at my page feeling foolish. Of course he was joking.

Recently, Jacob had stopped trying to pursue me after months of me ignoring his advances and spewing crap about just being friends. I had even tried to lie to myself and say I loved him like a brother. When he stopped though, I came to my senses because a guy like Jacob really has a way of growing on you. It sucks that I hadn't realized it sooner. I was just his pal now; good ol' Bella. Guess I'd lost my chance. I sighed.

Jacob came and sat beside me, shrugging a shoulder around me casually. "Bella?" he asked sounding apologetic. I decided I was being too hard on him. "Yes, Jacob?"

"Don't they only make X-men underwear in boy sizes?" I made the frustrated screech that only girls know how to make and pulled myself from up under his arm, blushing like crazy. "God Jake, you are so frustrating!" He pulled me back to him before I could get off the seat, laughing. "Sorry, sorry. Don't go." I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder with crossed arms to show that just because I was staying didn't mean I wasn't fantasizing about wringing his neck.

We stayed like that for I don't know how long and I shifted into Jake more, my breathing getting deeper and deeper until…

"You're my favorite person, Bells. I love you." It was a soft whisper but I was coherent enough to hear it. My eyes flew open and I pulled away from Jacob, staring at him curiously. He jumped up off the chair at the same time looking at me and biting his knuckles––his equivalent to my nervous lip biting.

"What'd you say?"

"Shit, Bells, I thought you were sleeping!"

"Well, I wasn't. What'd you say, Jacob?"

"Nothing," he mumbled. He sat back beside me and looked down at his feet. Maybe I hadn't completely blown it with him after all. "Jacob?"

"Yeah, Bells?" He turned to me and I took a chance. With both hands on either sides of Jacob's face, I leaned closer, noting his slightly parted lips and kissed him. As soon as my lips touched his he began to kiss back. His lips were warm and soft, unlike anything I had ever felt. He moved his hands from his sides and onto the small of my back and mine slid from his cheeks to wrap around to the nape of his neck. I twirled the short pieces of hair there and he moaned into my mouth, moving his hand up my shirt a little.

I shifted to sit on my knees so I was now higher up than Jacob and leaned more into the kiss. I parted my lips just as his tongue slipped out and allowed myself to savor the taste of him. He held my tongue down with his own while he pulled me closer than I thought possible and I mewed.

I pulled away breathless, going back for one peck, then another and again for a third time, capturing his bottom lip between my teeth as I pulled away. I looked at him, still trying to get my breathing under control and he smiled at me, breathing heavy as well. "I love you, too," I said. He leaned in to kiss me again and man was I thankful that I was never granted my stupid wish to be related to him.

"Ahem…" My head turned quickly to the garage door and I detached myself from Jacob with the speed of lightning. "Billy sent me to, uh… dinner's ready," Dad said. He shuffled his feet a couple of times in the doorway, looked at Jake and then me. "We'll talk later Bells," and he walked away. Damn.