The next Saturday morning I woke up to a silent house – thankfully. Since my and Jacob's first kiss, things had been pretty awkward between my father and I. Well, mostly for me. The day after we'd had our talk, instead of Jacob coming to pick me up from school, it had been my father who was waiting for me outside… in his cruiser. Talk about embarrassing.

He'd told me that Jacob had called to say he couldn't make it to pick me up and asked if Charlie could bring me to the house instead so I could get my truck. During the ride over I got to hear some reminder parental tips. Topics including: Use protection, don't get pregnant, don't move too fast and I love to mortify you, dear daughter. Okay so maybe not that last part, but he might as well have said it.

I'd known that after that talk Charlie and I had had last week that I would feel awkward around my father for many years, maybe even forever. At least waking up alone would postpone that feeling until later tonight. I dragged myself out of bed and downstairs for some breakfast. With a bowl of Cheerios in my hand, I sat down at the table and saw that Charlie had left me a note.


I've gone fishing with Harry. I'll be out all day. That being said, don't do anything stupid.

I blushed at Charlie's underlying message and figured that since he had left this note for me, he was giving me the okay to head over to Jacob's house seeing as that was the only place he'd have to warn me of stupid actions. Making quick work of my breakfast dishes, I hopped in the shower and then brushed my teeth (taking extra time because well… I was going to see Jacob,) got dressed and climbed into my truck.

Over the past week, the friendship that Jacob and I had had before had become much more. It was like everything had intensified tenfold. We'd spent the entire week in Jacob's garage, with something against the door just to be cautious.

Monday had been mostly a repeat of our first kiss, with Jacob's hand once again finding its way under my shirt. Tuesday, my shirt came off (which Jacob thought was more than fair since he never wore one.) Wednesday, my bra was next to go. Thursday and Friday were filled with heavy petting through our clothes. We may have been moving fast in someone else's eyes, namely my father, but to us everything felt right. Unlike most other teens doing what we were, we at least loved each other.

I got to La Push in about fifteen minutes and when I pulled up to Jacob's house I was yanked out of my truck and into a big, warm hug. "Lungs. Breaking," I barely managed to say, given how tight I was being squeezed.

Jacob let me go and I sucked in as much air as possible. "Hi, honey," he said, smiling down at me. I smiled back just as he tilted my chin upwards and began kissing me slowly. Even with all the stuff we had been doing, the kissing was still my favorite part of being an official couple. And to think, all of this started with a pair of X-Men underwear.

He released my lips and brushed some hair out of my face. "You taste like toothpaste."

"Good. You taste like Lucky Charms." I started to walk to the garage when Jacob grabbed my hand and started leading me to the house. "Isn't your dad home?"

"Nah, he went fishing with yours, so we get to be in the house today. I know you get cold in the garage," he said, opening his door. I walked into the living room to see the coffee table was scattered with papers, as was most of the couch. "What's all this?" I asked, gesturing to the mass of loose sheets and looking for one spot on the sofa that wasn't occupied by a textbook. I found none so I stood.

Jacob sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm kinda behind on homework. I've been neglecting it whenever you come over."

"For goodness sakes, I've been over here everyday, Jacob. You could've told me you needed to catch up."

"And sacrifice time with you? No way, honey."

"You mean sacrifice time with my boobs and lips?" I asked, eyebrow raised. He shrugged. "What can I say, you're a damn good kisser and have a nice body." He walked over to me and placed his hands on either side of my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "You're a pervert," I whispered right before his lips touched mine. He pulled away a second after. "You like it," he said. Another kiss.

"Says who?" Our lips touched again.

"I can smell you." This time the kiss was longer as Jacob moved his lips against mine. His tongue darting out occasionally to tease me, running along my bottom lip. I moaned when his tongue finally found the inside of my mouth. Jacob started walking us backwards toward his room. My back hit the wall of his living room before he set us straight and into the hallway. "Mmm, Jake, your homework."

"It can wait," he said, opening his bedroom door and capturing my lips again. He closed the door halfway before his hands moved to my face, one on each side as he kissed me deeper, still moving me back. My legs hit his bed and I sat down and then slid up his mattress, with him crawling on top of me. I reached his pillow and rolled my head back on it as his lips moved from my own to my chin and then my neck. My hand had found itself on his back and I rubbed up and down, marveling at how smooth his skin was.

I pulled him back up to my mouth as his fingers played along the hem of my shirt. He started to inch it upwards and got it all the way up to my bra before I pulled away momentarily to take it off. Jacob reached behind me and unfastened my bra, having finally mastered the art of removing it with one hand yesterday, and lifted it off of me, palming my left breast. "Now we match," he said.

"Not for long," I responded, reaching down to unbutton his cutoffs. I pushed them down as far as I could before Jake kicked them off. He shook his head and tugged on my jeans. "Take these off."

I unbuttoned them quickly and Jacob pulled them off of me. I hitched my leg over his hips as he settled himself between my legs. I could very clearly feel Jacob's excitement and he was close to where I needed him. I bucked my hips, rubbing myself against him through our underwear and he hissed, his kisses on my neck wavering.

This time it was him that brushed against me. He did it repeatedly and I could feel the pressure building up inside me. "Mmm, Jake, you close?" I whispered.

I did not get the response I expected. "Son, don't knock her up. Her father owns many guns," Billy said as he rolled past Jacob's room. My face was most definitely the color of a tomato as Jacob sighed and rolled over next to me with his hand over his face. "Thanks, Dad!" he yelled out, "for ruining the mood…" he trailed off, quieter. Thank God the door was partially closed!


"Hmm?" he asked, peeking at me through his fingertips. I patted his chest comfortingly. "We're going to be virgins forever."

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