Shrieking, Aine cackled out insults at Ellie saving her energy for short accurate pecks and swipes instead of flailing wildly. Ellie unsheathed a claw and cut a strand of bead and put them in a pouch, using the leather string to bind Aine's feet. Things were going nowhere quick and at this rate, Ellie knew, Aine would hurt someone and herself over the fact she was afraid.

Stopping through the hall, John yanked open the door and saw the Aine was not there. He licked her muzzle and smirked at the coppery taste of blood from his kill.

"Must be out hunting something." John muttered to himself. He shrugged and went over to his floor to ceiling cabinet and opened it. Within it he put back one of his many swords into the liquid solution that was sitting in the center. With a rag he grabbed from one of the pile next to it he, he cleaned the blood off the blade and checked it for and dings or nicks in the blade. Seeing none, he set the blade onto its rack and shut his weapons cabinet.

Suddenly his head hurt like no other and he dropped to the floor. He growled into the open air viciously and snapped at nothing. Soon the wave of pain passed and he was thankful for the relief. He stood up shakily and lay on his bed and let his eyes close. The sudden wave of tiredness swept over him as he fell into a deep sleep.


John walked forward and looked around; the place he was in seemed really familiar. The room was dark, like the spooky kind of dark in one of those old abandoned places people always say are haunted, and the floor was black with veins of brown running through it. John's eyes focused on the end of the hall and saw the bright copper colored door handle that hung from a large opposing door. As he got closer, he saw that the handle had little carvings into it. They gave him the creeps. He reached out and opened the door; the smell of cigar smoke and old fabric assaulted his sensitive nose. His ears were at attention and his hackles rose slightly as the orange eyes of an Ashen Shaa locked onto his form. The dark skin of the Shaa flowed over the well built muscles of the desert dog. Its horn gleamed wickedly and John smirked recognizing the dark creature. John looked around the room for a moment. It was hard to tell what there was with the smoky haze and the fact the room was pretty dark. John took in the underlining smells and came to a conclusion the place was pretty real.

"So master you've called me to your home. I am honored to be in your presence." John said. The Shaa was sitting next to a large black wooden desk; seated at the desk was a large chair with deep blue fabric. The chair was facing way from the door as the tendrils of smoke lazily made their journey to the ceiling to mix with the slight haze that filled the dark room. John hated that smell but blocked it out as much as he could with the already growing headache nipping at the back of his brain.

"Have you gained what is yours?" The deep voice followed a puff of smoke. John's ear's drooped and the Shaa's orange eyes looked over John and silently dismissed him as nothing, which was very angering for John.

"She's...Within my reach." John said.

"Then Take her you fool! You are growing soft among those wolves of yours. If you want something take it because it is yours. This world owes it to you." the voice rose in volume and John did his best not to step back in chair turned and a sharp warning growl at the Shaa stopped it from laugh barking at John's failure. The ice cold glare of the creature before him would have had most wolves groveling in submission. The creature looked near nothing like any natural being, his fangs were long and his fur was a deep blood red color. His eyes were an unnatural gray. He extended his curved long claws that looked fatally smooth and at the same time elegant. He was a blood red saber; one of the few of his kind and powerful dark Magi to boot. His form rippled with muscle and the very air of power floated around him thick and demanding.

"Yes master." John bit out quietly; he had crossed the being in front of him and knew he stood no chance. The Ashen Shaa stood and smoothly stretched its lethal form. John looked at the creature and was near ready to snarl at him, but stopped only for the fact he doubted that his Master would let him face off against his favorite pet.

"That is not the reason I summoned you to the dream realm. The reason is, I sensed that there is a problem with your Alagos I gifted you. The blood stone is not longer connected to me and the harness is untraceable. This is a Very big problem. Can you give me a reason why?" The saber purred out with a edge of smooth deadly deception.

"Wait! What? I have no idea what you are talking about. Last time I saw her was when I did a little hunting a night ago. After finishing off a Nandi bear I let her do a little hunting of her own because she did well in finding me a worthy ki-

"Enough Babbling!" The saber growled out fiercely.

"Y-y-yes Sir..." John mumbled out. John's ears flattened as he lowered his eyes. The Ashen shaa smirked and walked past John brushing against him before wandering to another point in the room John couldn't get himself to look because he didn't want to turn his back on the one saber who he held in higher regard then his father.

"Now, I brought you to this realm. I brought you out of the dazed puppy like state you were struggling in when I found you. I trained you and gave you a now RARE creature and you lose it. Please, before I rip out your throat, follow me." The saber spoke sharply. Standing, he walked around and to the door, which John had not noticed was there earlier, and opened it with the sounds of old joints squeaking in protest. When the Shaa butted John with his head he finally got the clue and hurried after the red fur that brought him both fear and respect from his own cold heart.

The place was dimly lit and there were more doors, much like the hallway he had to walk down to get to the room. Some rooms he could pick up on the sounds of moaning, and screams of pain; others the clear sound of electricity humming brought chills across John's fur. Walking faster he soon found himself exiting the creepy dim hallway and was looking at a gloomy gray sky. The air tasted less like smoke as the wind picked up, also carrying the smell of a different type of smoke. John's ears flew foreword as his master walked towards him with a Bone Dragon. The skeletal frame moved with ease as it clacked along the stone paved ground.

John's muzzle was wide open in near shock before he shut it quickly. The fact the thing could move shocked him. Its eyes looked at John and his hackle rose. It looked nearly empty but so much hatred. The fire swam in its chest the purple magic swirled and bubbled. Its wing bones were massive and the purple flesh that clang to it look like they were near ancient leather. It dipped its head low in regard to the saber, who patted the skull softly.

"This shall be your new partner. He will serve and obey you, but be warned he is not like your Alagos. He holds no loyalty nor a bond to you he will do as he pleases when he sees fit. He is not a toy nor a pet. Please try and do as you are told and get that Alagos back and that twit little magi as your mate so you can focus." The saber snapped out with venom. "Norak, is my pet suitable to your liking?" The saber purred and gently ran a claw over Norak's forearm bone.

"Yessss Massster Krim, He I can work with." Norak spoke huskily. John tilted his head and shrugged.

"How will I tell my father or the bo-Norak?" John kept her voice as strong as he could but almost yelped from the glare Krim shot him.

"You got him from a friend. Is that not the truth? Just don't screw up… Again." Krim spoke clapped his paws and John's vision went black.

***End of Dream***

John jumped as he heard the *cluthunk* of something a little too loud for his liking. Trying to sit up, he held his head and let himself lay back down so his mind could figure out what was up and what was down. He looked up at the ceiling and watched as the little nodule bumps that what the textured ceiling swim with his vision, making shapes and moving before he could focus in on them.

"What the fuck…Did I drink?" John groaned out.

"You got blood drunk you mutt." The grating sound of the one voice he really didn't want to hear echoed in his sensitive ears.

"Good God Snook, why the fuck are you here?" John snapped out before gripping his head with his paw again.

"I'm here to make sure you didn't die. You've been sleeping since the moron guard saw you head in with a blood soked muzzle." The jackal stepped into John's line of vision as she looked down on him. Well for her it wasn't hard to look down on anyone. Her slender form was taller than most humans and Wolves. Her hair was a bright blond color which contrasted against her dark brown fur. The make-up on her eyes accented the markings that curved up and past her bangs. She had a series of curved lines that started at her eyebrow and worked their way along her body subtly. The thing about them was that since she was a Magi, they didn't stay one color, which added to the reason John thought she was hot even with the horrible attitude she toted around.

"Blood drunk eh? Well that'll teach me… Hey have you seen a new… Bone dragon down at the lava room?" John said, doing his best to hold his words together.

"Ya. Registered nobody but it claims to be under your name, just under trade for now. What kind of scam did you run to get a Dark Bone Dragon?" Snook asked snidely.

"No scam, I got it from a friend." John responded and readied for a classic Snook rant.

"What Friend? I bet you went down to the district and found some little tramp looking for a few gold coins and had her dragon from her brother there to protect her, and you come along all hot shit and offer her half the cost of the dam thing." Snook's voice steadily got louder as she spoke on four or five other cases, ending with a blunt "I hate the stench of bone dragons. I hate them in general they disgust me."

"That's not what happened at all," John put in abruptly, "And I like Norak-

"Who the fuck came up with that name?" Snook shot at John who shook his head and laid down on his bed groaning. "What's wrong now?" Snook demanded. John was starting to wonder what he saw in her.

"I'm in pain and hungry. That's what." John kept thing short so that Snook wouldn't start ranting again.

"Oh, well when you woke up I was just making toast in that stupid toaster of yours. It is sooo picky." Snook whined out. John sighed, she didn't know how to handle a kitchen appliance. John was really considering banning the broad from his place once he mated his Ky. She wouldn't get along at all with his dream girl…

Aine shivered as she felt the magic of the healer course over her broken wing. The Lioness had so far done no harm but she was to weary of the two Wolves and the human to really let down her guard.

*Crack*…*Pop Pop* Everyone in the room winced hearing that sound as the bone was set back in place on Aine's wing. Kynali nuzzled into Shirai as he held onto her tighter, Celeste smiled as she watched the two. They were so perfect together, she didn't understand what John thought he had over Shirai, but he was obviously blind as a new born pup.

Kynali was currently holding Aine's wing straight and Shirai wanted to be close enough to fry the bird if she tried anything funny. The soft green glow of Ellie's magic faded as the last symbol fused into the formally wounded wing. Ellie inspected the wing closely not minding the glowing purple eyes of the Coria to bother her. Nodding in approval she stepped back.

"There darling, all better." Ellie purred out calmly.

Aine had put up quite a fight when she broke the bloodstone, and it took a while for them to all be able to get close enough to heal her; once Aine heard out what Ellie had to say, after a strong roar from the Lioness, she became more cooperative. Ellie knew she was only going off of how her former owner had treated her and took to offence from the reaction. She knew that going through someone who used bloodstones was nothing short of hell considering the kind of art it took to make them.

"Well I don't think you need me anymore and it is getting late. Take care loves, and go easy on the wing darling, or you'll be in a pot of trouble with me when I come back to check on you." Ellie said quite motherly. Aine nodded and took her wing back from Kynali carefully and tested it. After seeing that it indeed was in perfect shape she folded it back gingerly.

"Hey Ky. We should be heading back as well." Celeste came up behind Shirai and Kynali and saw as Shirai's ears droop a little.

"Oh huns, don't look so sad," Ellie said as she walked over to them, "It is not like you will be apart forever." She spoke low a thrumming purr built up in her throat as she reached a paw and brushed it over Kynali's cheek and set it on Shirai's shoulder. "All things work together for good. You just have to look at the timing later to see what good came." Ellie said as she looked both of them in the eyes. She them turned arouns and walked out tail curling and swaying with each step brushing Aine as she passed by and teasing the Arkenian Kitsune's nose making the formally asleep kit sneeze and jump to its feet.

Kynali giggles before turning in Shirai's hold and kissed his nose affectionately.

"I best be going, I do have lessons tomorrow. I'll see if we can do that training maybe later?" Kynali nuzzles into Shirai's warm strong chest one last time.

"Alright h-Ky, have a safe trip back." Shirai smiled and kisses her forehead before petting her hair lovingly. Kynali stepped back and walked over to Celeste who had a small smile on her muzzle. He knew she would be well cared for but it still didn't stop him from feeling sad that she had to be far away from him. Everything in his instincts said to go after her and keep here where she belonged. But that wasn't an option, and she was in better control of himself then to give in and carry her to her room and have his way with her like they wanted; which put a small smirk on his muzzles for a moment. He knew better than that, and he knew he was much better trained than to do that to her… right now.

"Ready?" Celeste asked.

"Ready…" Kynali said looking back one more time as she walked with Celeste to leave.

As they left the forest, Kynali decided to take another path to stop by the Stream. At first Celeste was a little resistant, seeing as it was near sundown, but agreed as long as she made it quick. The path was kinda long and a little boring considering all Kynali could think about was running back and very child like refuse to leave Shirai, Pack laws be damned. Celeste watch the many emotions flash across her charges face. She wanted to ask what was wrong but knew that that kind of question was saved for a close friend not a teacher and body guard.

The wind was calm as the sun was traveling its own path down to set for the night and Celeste smiled. She loved the night, it was so freeing to be out late into the night running through the forest wild as the lesser wolves.

When they got to the stream Kynali knelt down on the soft bend of grass and looked into the cool water. Several eggs passed her by as she named them off one at a time from memory. Leviathan, frog, xand bear, Koi, black Wyrm, Puvia, and a brown one...Nandi bear! She reached down to grab the egg when it vanished. Huffing over losing it the egg that replaced it in the series of eggs was an odd one. It was a dark green and had a small tail sticking out of it and a red black like wing. Not really remembering what it was she felt she needed to grab for it. So she did. The reader said it was a Manticore egg.

"You got what you needed to get yet Ky?" Celeste barked a little impatient.

"Ya…I think I can stick with this. We can head back now." Kynali answered back. She tucked the new, slightly heavy egg under her arm and opened her bag to put it in when the tail curled around her wrist. Kynali smiled and ran her hand over the smooth surface of the shell lovingly and set the egg in her bag.

The sound of footsteps behind her made her freeze still.