Leather and Love



Part Eight

The basketball game was over and all the women would around the guys especially Duncan. He signaled for Puck to lure them over to him as he walked to his Rachel. He kissed her. "Ill…You are sweaty." Rachel said and Duncan responded, "Well that's what you get when your with me girl." They shared another kiss and so they talked about the assignment. "I want to do something with flare and fun, I mean I know I could destroy them all with a killer Ballard but I want to make it interesting." Rachel said and Duncan held his girlfriend. "What about a Jim Steinman Mash-up?" Duncan asked and Rachel responded, "I'm not familiar with him."

So they walked home as he was talking about Jim Steinman He's been telling Rachel about his mother and to be prepared but not all the details. As they walked inside the house, there was Duncan's mother who was standing there like the statue of Liberty painted in green. "Mom…Just because I miss New York doesn't mean you have to do that." said Duncan and her mother got down then whispered to him, "But they said that if I didn't do that, you will leave again. You would put me in a home and so I have to…" Her mother said and Rachel wanted to leave but didn't want to be rude…..

The Next Day…

Rachel was at her locker and Finn walked over to her. He asked her if he wanted to do the assignment. Rachel thought maybe she handled Duncan's mother badly. Duncan appeared Rachel thought this whirlwind romance was about to stopped but he had a smile on his face then she checked for eggs or slushee but then he gave her a big hug. She laid her head on his chest. "You did really good my love, I mean it was your first time." Duncan said and Rachel asked him to talk in private. Santana was with Brittany and said hi to Duncan. Duncan wave to her and motion them to come over. "She met my mother last night." Duncan said and Brittany squeal again. "Your staying with him." Brittany said and Rachel said she was. Brittany gave her a hug. "You deserved him…" Brittany said and Santana translated, "What Brit's saying is that you're the first girl who still wanted to be with Duncan after meeting his mother?" "She loves him San, she loves him." Brittany said and Santana looked over then excuse herself with a gleeful Brittany.

"Is that true? Would the woman you with that shallow." Rachel said and Duncan shook his head. "I've been with four guys and two of them long term. I want us to go the distance, I mean I was freak out but I wouldn't break-up with you because of that." Rachel said and Duncan took his hand on her cheek. "She has schizophrenia. She hears voice in her head and it tells to do things good or bad. My father wanted me back here, to deal with it not him." Duncan said and Rachel was sad to hear that. "No parent should ever do that to there child." Rachel said and Duncan gave her a look then lean into to kiss her where her heart is. "How about we secure a position in regional?" Duncan asked and Rachel gave him her answer with a kiss.