My first story . Hopefully there will be more to come. Did you like it so far?Loved it? Or hated it? Let me know. If i do write another chapter it will be longer than this.

I sat there in Summerland. My thoughts were jumbled and full of questions. I was lying against my manifested Damen sobbing in his shirt. "How did Haven get to your shakra," I cried. "I thought the necklace would protect you."

When Damen went to the Shadowland it left a hole in my heart knowing that I would never get to see his warm smile or listen to his hearty laugh. This Damen felt nothing like mine. I sighed

The manifested Damen began to fade away slowly. Instead of manifesting another I simply laid there remembering everything that had played before my eyes of what haven did to me.

I was at the gate. The guard had let me in to see Damen. I had pulled up in the driveway and laid my eyes on the door that was gaping wide open. Something was wrong. I immediately rushed out of my car and ran all around the house until I saw my ex-best friend Haven in his bedroom.

"What did you do" I yelled at her.

Haven was looking down at a spot in the middle of the floor smiling. I looked in that direction too. I saw particles of dust on the floor. "What's that?" My voice cracked.

"My guess would be that it's Damen. Wouldn't you? Whoops," she shrugged. Haven smirked coming closer till she was able to whisper in my ear. "I told you I would come for you Ever. I told you that you would regret killing Roman."

"I didn't kill roman" I could barely get out.

"You can play that story all you want but I know you killed him!" Anger was beginning to flair inside her, and then she took a deep breath and calmed down. "Just watch out Ever." Haven walked out of the room leaving me alone. How did I know if she was telling the truth?

I shook out of my memories. Another thought came into my mind. I need to do what I should have done a long time ago. I should have killed Haven. If I did, none of this would have happened.

I knew my plan of action, so I created the portal to get back home and stepped through the golden veil of light.

Do you think Haven is telling the truth?