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We were sitting in the car outside of Haven's house. Miles was just sitting there, gathering the courage to go in.

"What do I have to do again?" Miles asked. I knew he was just trying to stall, but the less afraid he was to go in the better.

"Just go in there and have a nice conversation with her, but make it interesting or she won't pay attention. Got it?"

Without a word of response Miles slipped out of the car looking as pale as ever. He gently closed the door and rounded the corner to Haven. His aura turned yellow meaning optimistic and happy. If Miles could do that, he must be a good actor.

Haven's POV~

There was a loud knock at the door, I could sense that it was Miles coming back for Elixir. I knew he would come crawling back to me instead of that bastard, Ever. It would be so much fun to see Miles tear her down himself. Oh the wonders of the world.

I swiftly, but quickly, walked to the front door and opened it. Let's play it off.

"Oh, Miles, I wasn't expecting you to come over at all today."

"Haven, honey, do you ever take a look in the mirror? You look like you just had a Linda Blair."

Miles stepped inside and closed the door. He grabbed my arm leading me to the mirror hanging on the wall. There were dark round circles under my eyes. The bright glow of my skin was pale, dimmed even. I haven't been drinking elixir like I should be.

"Is that what you came here to say?" I snapped.

Miles bowed his head looking down at the floor. "Haven, I want to be an immortal. I want to be on your side and fight against Ever or whatever it is that you actually do here." Miles looked down at my clothes. "And the first thing I'm going to do is take you shopping, you need an entirely new wardrobe."

I smiled at him, knowing that he really wanted to become an immortal. He wanted to help... me.

"But first, I need to know everything about becoming an immortal. And I mean everything from the elixir to Summerland."

What the hell, Summerland?

"Miles, what are you talking about?"

Ever's POV~

I stepped out of the manifested car and watched it fade away. What was the plan from here? I spent all of that time planning out Miles' half of the work and none on mine. I feel like an idi-

A strong force hit me in the stomach. I fell onto the cold, hard concrete which scraped my skin, but I knew it was going to heal anyways.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay." A person said. I could feel that he was close to me. The warmth of his breath was on my neck sending shivers down my spine.

I stood up and brushed the dirt off of me. The person quickly pulled me close with his arm around my waist so that I had some support.

"I'm sorry. My bike was going really fast, I was in a rush to deliver these news papers."

"It's okay, seriously I'm fine." I wanted slip out of his hold, but there was something different between his and Damen's. Something that I like, no not like, love. I could touch him and he could touch me. No shield or anything to keep us apart. Except, I didn't want him, I want to take down Haven.

"I should really be going," I said slipping out of the warmth of his hands.

"Hey your Ever, right?I'm Beck, Jude told me all about you. Do you want to get a smoothie or something?"

I turned to face him. As soon as I gazed at him I could only see perfection as the sun glinted off of his black hair. I stared at his sea blue eyes and all my troubles just drifted away. I completely forgot why I came here.

"Of course, I love smoothies."

Miles' POV

Where the heck is Ever with her "Master Mind Plan" I can't keep this up forever, no matter how good I am at acting. Her lips stopped moving. Say something you idiot!

"Haven, can I think this over?"

She stood from her seat towering over me like Gwen did when we had a cat-fight at rehearsals.

Good going. You've recreated a monster.

"Miles, you have had three months to think about this!" she grumbled.

Slowly I stood, not matching her height. She leaned over me, casting a dark shadow over my face.

"You know what, Haven, I'm going to leave now." That barely came out as a whisper and yet she could still hear me. Immortals, you just can't live with them.

Haven ran into the other room coming back with a red bottle. Before I knew it I was pinned against the wall with Haven getting ready to pour the elixir down my throat.


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