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So the two boys made up, again and again – almost every day, and each time it was a reaffirmation of their unspoken love. As the semester came to a close, school became a rather inconvenient obligation that forced them to focus on something other than each other, but they struggled through it.

At last it was Friday – their last day, and after a grueling chemistry final they returned to Naruto's house to unwind. The blond went straight for the kitchen, he offered to make Sasuke some ramen but the pale boy refused, choosing instead to head for the bedroom. He could hear the beeping of the microwave and smirked as he kicked off his shoes.

"Are you sure you don't want anything..." Naruto spoke as he pushed past his door, but his voice faltered once he entered the room.

Sasuke was lying on Naruto's bed, his lean, naked body stretched out on the mattress. With slender fingers he lightly, teasingly stroked his hard shaft. He turned to face the blond who appeared frozen in the doorway.

Languidly, Sasuke blinked, "I could think of a few things..." his tone was low and filled with intention.

The sound of the pale boy's voice snapped Naruto back and he grinned as he moved forward. He shut the door as he kicked off his shoes, then – while continuing to strip, he approached the bed. Sasuke lifted himself off the mattress and turned to sit as he watched Naruto remove each article of clothing until there was nothing left.

Sasuke leaned forward, grabbing hold of Naruto's hips, and hoisted himself up. He drug his tongue along tanned skin – across abs, over ribs and against a pink nipple. The blond shuddered as Sasuke's tongue flicked against the sensitive nub. The raven-haired boy pulled away and Naruto peered down into obsidian eyes. The dark orbs were speaking to the blond, saying things that Sasuke would never verbalize.

"You want me to fuck you," Naruto stated more than asked as he smirked down at the pale boy.

Though there was no need to answer, Sasuke's eyes clearly responded. Yes.

"You want me to bury myself balls deep inside you."

Oh fuck yes.

"Kiss me."

Sasuke's tongue darted out and he moistened his lips as he got up on his knees. With Naruto still standing the raven-haired boy came up a few inches short, but the blond made up the distance. Sasuke pressed his lips to Naruto's with urgency, as if the kiss would grant him access to the hard cock he hungered for. But Naruto took his time, prolonging the inevitable.

The blond quickly dominated the embrace, slowing Sasuke's pace and moving his lips and tongue with the sole purpose of drawing out mewls and moans. Lazily, he slid his tongue into Sasuke's mouth, swirling it about the slick muscle inside. Naruto flicked and rolled his tongue, slowly drawing back – enticing Sasuke to follow. The pale boy was lost in the kiss, temporarily forgetting how badly he wanted Naruto inside him. This moment was bliss, it was simple and sensual. Naruto was so close; Sasuke could taste him, smell him, hear him pant each time the kiss broke before it was taken up again. He could feel the warmth of Naruto's breath and body, it was a heat that filled him in a very different way.

The blond finally pulled away from the embrace, Sasuke followed for a moment before realizing that Naruto was not going to return. He opened his eyes to see sapphire orbs staring back at him, a desirous gleam present.

"Turn," Naruto commanded in a low voice.

Sasuke's eyebrow tweaked slightly at the word and he smirked as he moved on the bed, falling to all fours. The mattress shifted with Naruto's weight as he climbed behind the dark-haired boy. The blond grabbed Sasuke's hips and gently pushed him forward, making more room for himself. He ran his hand down the pale body, gliding his fingertips along Sasuke's spine before his hands came to rest on the pale boy's delicious heart-shaped ass. The raven-haired boy turned his head and watched as Naruto licked his lips. The blond knelt, poised, on the bed behind Sasuke as his hands kneaded the firm flesh.

Tentatively, Naruto leaned in, gently placing kisses along the curve of Sasuke's ass. The raven-haired boy turned away, feeling slightly embarrassed at the treatment. There was a slight tug on either side of his ass as the flesh was parted, Sasuke turned back again to see Naruto's face all but buried between the cheeks. The pale boy flushed uncontrollably and turned away once more. The sight alone was enough to turn Sasuke on, but nothing could compare to the sensation.

Naruto was leisurely lapping at the skin all around Sasuke's entrance. He rolled his tongue down, across the pale boy's taint and plastered it against the flesh as he drug it back up. Hungrily he flicked his tongue at Sasuke's puckered entrance. The dark-haired boy gasped at the wet muscle sliding against him, he released a shaky breath and gripped the sheets tightly in anticipation of Naruto's next move.

Gaining in confidence, the blond pushed further; he stroked the tight ring of muscle with his tongue, wriggling it against the hole before burying his face completely. His pressed his lips against the sensitive skin, and sucked gently. Sasuke bucked rather violently, pushing his ass back further into Naruto's face. The blond only smiled and gripped the pale boy's ass tighter.

The affair unraveled quickly as Naruto rimmed Sasuke without restraint. Sasuke's eyes were squeezed shut with the pleasure of it all, but not being able to see Naruto only made the sounds filling the room more prevalent. It sounded wet and sloppy and really fucking hot. The blond pointed his tongue and sank it into the tight heat, Sasuke's moan bordered on a scream, and for a moment he thought he might cum right then. Naruto flicked his tongue from within the tight muscle before he retreated to lick the hole again.

Sasuke was trembling, barely able to support his torso on his arms – his body was so racked with pleasure. He wanted to reach back and grab his aching erection, but feared he might collapse if he tried. He needed release and Naruto's cock and nothing else.

"Naru...to," he groaned, "...fuck."

The blond halted his oral activities, unsure if that was a request or simply a declaration of pleasure – either way it seemed appropriate to move on. He pulled his face back, nipping along Sasuke's ass as he he did so. He wiped the saliva from his face and reached out to the small black lacquered box he kept on his nightstand. Naruto flipped up the lid and withdrew a small bottle of lube, he squeezed a generous amount on his fingers and smeared it around to coat them thoroughly.

Sasuke felt the single digit press into him and he immediately began to rock his hips back. The blond behind him smirked and quickly sank a second finger in. He curved them down and pulled out, raking the tips of his fingers against Sasuke's prostate with precision.

A guttural moan tore through the pale boy, "fuck...Naruto," he panted, "fuck... fuck me."

Sasuke rammed himself down on Naruto's fingers and repeated his demand with a growl. The blond introduced a third finger and quickly pumped in and out, stretching the tight space. Confident that Sasuke was adequately prepared, he removed his fingers and wiped the remaining lube off on his cock. The simple action was inexplicably amplified by his own unwitting neglect, he bit his lip and stroked the aching erection a few more times. He had to force himself to stop, to focus on the matter at hand – which was plunging the thick flesh he was currently fisting, into the sweet depths of Sasuke.

Stabilizing his shaft in one hand and holding onto Sasuke's hip with his other, Naruto gently rubbed himself against the puckered entrance. He made a few small, teasing thrusts and Sasuke growled back at him. The blond smirked and coaxed his hard cock into the tight space, slowly filling the pale boy. Sasuke shuddered and groaned, this moment felt as if it had taken ages to arrive.

Naruto's initial thrusts were shallow as he carved out the space for his throbbing cock. He released a soft grunt as his hips collided with Sasuke's ass, signaling that he was fully seated inside the raven-haired boy. He pulled back and plunged in, a little further each time, until all but the head was drawn out before sinking back into the hot space. The long thrusts were slow and satisfying, but Sasuke growled for more and Naruto obliged with a sudden increase in speed.

The blond slid into the pale boy faster and harder with each passing minute. Naruto slammed his hips against Sasuke, sending the pale body lurching forward with the force. Again and again the raven-haired boy was pounded and once more he feared his arms might give out on him.

Sasuke suddenly perked up, distracted by a sound that was not one of sex – it wasn't the sound of panting moans or wet thrusts, nor was it the slapping of skin against skin. He turned back to look at the blond, who apparently did not notice it. The tanned boy had a firm grip on Sasuke's hips as he continued to ram him, his had his head tossed back and bottom lip clenched tightly between his teeth. No, Naruto was far to lost in his actions to have heard anything.

"Naru...nghh..." Sasuke tried to speak between pants as his body was continuously jostled, "ahh...fuck...door? Did you...hear?"

The blond shook his head violently and settled his thrusts, sinking deep into the tight heat, "dun worry 'bout it."

Still completely enveloped by the tightly muscled walls, Naruto rolled his hips and Sasuke rocked back. The blond was so deep inside Sasuke; penetrating his body and his mind and his soul with each gyration. Naruto leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's alabaster torso, pulling him along as the blond sat back on the mattress. Naruto planted a few soft kisses along the pale expanse of back and breathed in deeply, savoring the gentle moment.

Sasuke began to grind down against the tanned boy, expressing his desires – he wanted more friction. Naruto raised himself back up onto his knees and pushed the pale boy forward until he was once again on all fours. The blond did not waste his time with slow or tender thrusts, he pushed himself deep and hard into the tight channel. Sasuke groaned and bucked, slamming back onto Naruto as the tanned boy plunged in. The pace was frantic and uncontrolled as the two boys fucked to fulfill their own needs. Screams and moans filled the room, who said what was lost in the midst of passion.



"Yes...God, fucking yes!"

Sasuke could feel the heat growing in him and he pushed himself back with increasing force, trying to extract every last bit of pleasure from the thick flesh inside him. In a beautiful moment of greed both boys pulled away and came together with power and precision. Naruto struck Sasuke's prostate hard and an intense ecstasy surged through the pale boy like lightning – electrifying every nerve ending. The next thrust, as powerful as the last, sent Sasuke cascading over the edge of climax. He howled as he came; hot, white streams pulsing out of him.

The intensity of Sasuke's orgasm had him clenching tightly around Naruto, the blond was afraid to move but couldn't stand to be still. Naruto lightly rolled his hips until, gradually, Sasuke loosened around him. With a few more deep thrusts Naruto shuddered and came, a breathy and punctuated moan escaping his lips.

The blond wrapped Sasuke in another tight embrace and, still deep inside the pale boy, rolled him over to clean part of the bed. They laid together for several minutes, bathing in the afterglow of spectacular orgasms. Sasuke's warmth radiated into Naruto's chest, blanketing him in a familiar comfort, until he nearly fell asleep.

Naruto's journey out of consciousness was abruptly interrupted when Sasuke reached back and grabbed his ass. The pale boy turned to look back and smiled contentedly, his dark eyes flicked behind the blond for a brief moment before returning to stare into the half-lidded azure orbs before him. Naruto nodded and rolled over to reach down next to the bed, he grabbed a towel off the floor and carefully wiped off the cum that was slowly leaking down Sasuke's leg.

Both boys cleaned up to their satisfaction and kicked off the soiled comforter from the mattress, they laid on the sheets for a few more minutes before finally gathering up the will to redress and return to the outside world.

"Hey, how did you know about the door?" Sasuke queried as he zipped up his pants.

"Huh?" Naruto tugged his shirt down over his head.

The pale boy rolled his eyes as he finished buttoning up his shirt, "the door, you said not to worry about it. But you give your key out to every damn stray you come across, how did you know nobody had come in?"

"Oh, yeah," Naruto opened his bedroom door and stepped into the hall, "I flipped the deadbolt when we got home and I'm the only one with a key for that," he continued down the hall and Sasuke followed, "Well me and..."

The blond stopped dead in his tracks, Sasuke crashed into him and cursed under his breath.

"...Jiraiya," Naruto finished his thought as his guardian smiled up at him from a chair in the living room.

The man stood up and casually walked around the couch to close the distance between himself and the befuddled blond. Sasuke had seen plenty of pictures of Jiraiya, but he was still surprised by the man in person – he had a commanding presence that was accentuated by his broad shoulders and tousled white hair, pulled back into a loose ponytail.

"You are looking well Naruto," Jiraiya smiled teasingly and clapped a strong hand on the blond's shoulder.

Naruto grinned nervously and opened his mouth to speak, but before he could make a sound Jiraiya tossed him aside. The older man moved in front the the raven-haired boy and looked him up and down in consideration.

"You must be Sasuke...I have," he smirked slightly and cleared his throat, "...heard so much about you."

Naruto felt his cheeks heat up, his expression was that of absolute mortification. But Sasuke did not falter, he blinked languidly and smirked.

"It is nice to finally meet you Jiraiya," the dark-haired boy spoke with confidence, asserting himself before the white-haired man.

Jiraiya's eyes slitted into a more scrutinizing glare, "are you enjoying my son?"

Naruto once again sputtered in embarrassment, but Sasuke only lifted his chin as he replied, "as much as he is enjoying me."

"Do you love him?" the man's tone was serious, almost to the point of menacing.

Oh God. Naruto's throat had gone dry and he was now completely incapable of speaking – not that he could think of anything to say. Through all their time together, Naruto and Sasuke had never spoken such words to each other; though it was certainly implied with every touch they shared, the way they spoke to each other and peered into each other's eyes.

"I do."

Naruto's eyes widened at this simple statement. He thought he knew it, thought it didn't need to be said; but hearing it now, he felt his heart might burst.

"Does he love you?" Jiraiya queried further.

"He does," Sasuke spoke so matter of factly.

Onyx eyes flitted over to Naruto for only a moment, they were warm and knowing. They reassured Naruto that every word Sasuke spoke were infallible truths. The blond finally found the will to move, he stepped over to the pale boy and took Sasuke's hand in his own. Their fingers interlaced out of habit and they stood shoulder to shoulder, facing the white-haired man.

There was a long, drawn out silence that was threatening to become oppressive when finally, Jiraiya spoke, "excellent," he grinned widely, "now Naruto...this is important so I want you to really think about your answer," he paused dramatically, "where is there a good titty bar?"

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