Me: Ok guys, I finally got this up

Erik: About time

Erik Jr.: I'm so cuddly I love you!

Me: Yes, well sorry if I've been busy!

Erik: I have too!

Me: Sleeping on my couch and eating all my junk food doesn't really count as being busy...

Erik: I think it does!

Erik Jr.: Masquerade! Paper faces on Parade! Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you!

Me: Shut Up Erik Jr.!

Erik: HEY! You can't talk to Erik Jr. that way!

Me: He's a TOY!

Erik: *Gasps!* Now look! You made him upset!

Erik Jr.: The Phantom of the Opera is there, Inside your mind!

Me: Well whatever. I'm tired

Erik: I thought we were gonna go somewhere?

Me: Well where do you wanna go? Walmart?

*20 minutes later*

Me: I can't believe you drove us to Walmart

Erik: Well, I just wanted to know what was so special about this place

Me: Nothing is special about it!

*We go in*

Erik: Woah

Me: What?

Erik: Why are there so many, Fat People?

Me: Haha! That's the same thing my parents said last time they came to America for a visit

Erik: Really? Where are your grandparents?

Me: They live in Argentina, along with all my cousins

Erik: Have you ever met them?

Me: Nope. Ok, well since we're here, we might as well get some things

Erik: Like what?

Me: I got a list

Erik: Oh wonderful!

Me: Shopping isn't so bad!

Erik: Except when it's with you...

Me: Shut up! Here, let's see what's on the list *Looks and then hides the list quickly and blushes*

Erik: What?

Me: Uh, nothing

Erik: What's on the list

Me: What list? I don't know what your talking about!

Erik: Let me see that *Grabs the list and looks at it, he hands the list back and clears his throat* Bad time of the month?

Me: Not quite yet, soon though

Erik: So why are you getting these, items, now?

Me: Always good to be prepared

Erik: I see...

Me: Well, how about we get those things, last?

Erik: I'm frightened now

Me: Why?

Erik: Well you see, women tend to get...


Erik: *Shrinks down* Nothing

Me: Good. Ok, let's go!

*We get everything on the list, and finally come to the... last item*

Erik: I really don't wannt stick around

Me: If you're going to be an immatire sissy about it, stand outside the isle, and I'll go get it

Erik: Sounds good

Me: Wow, way to be *Goes into the isle, grabs what I need, and comes back* let's check out and go

Erik: All your feminine needs satisfied?

Me: Mhmmmm. Actually, ya know? They aren't

Erik: Oh? What more could you possibly need?

Me: Oh nothing

*We check out*

Me: Well that was fun

Erik: That was horrible

Me: You're just mad cause I had to get pads

Erik: I don't wanna hear about it!

Me: Geez, a little squimish are we?

Erik: No! I just don't want to hear about your girl problems

Me: But I have to sit around and listen to YOUR problems all the time

Erik: No!

Me: Calm down I'm only kidding...

Erik: I'm suddenly frightened. You said that time of the month would be soon?

Me: Mhmmm

Erik: Do you get like, grumpy?

Me: Aren't I usually grumpy anyway?

Erik: Good point

Me: I don't think the Phans wanna hear about this anymore

Erik: For once I agree with them. So, what ELSE did we get?

Me: Waffles, Pancakes, Maple Syrup...

Erik: Breakfast foods?

Me: Yea! And I restocked all my junk food, which I will make sure to hide from you!

Erik: Nobody hides anything from the Opera Ghost. He knows everything

Me: Not in my house!

Erik: What do you think I do when you're at school?

Me: Sleep on the couch and eat all my junk food...

Erik: Well yes... actually yea, that is pretty much all I do

Me: Whatever, I'm tired

Erik: Aw man, I'm I gonna have to carry you again?

Me: No, but I want you to sleep in my bed tonight

Erik: WHAT?

Me: Well sorry, my mom is being utterly rediculous and never has the heat on in this house and it's always freezing in our room, so I need something warm in my bed *Smiles big*

Erik: Fine...

Me: HEY! I just got an idea!

Erik: What?

Me: To celebrate for the new year, and he continuation of our little thing. We should have a SLEEPOVER PARTY!

Erik: With all my Phans?

Me: YEA! And we can share body heat while we have a good time!

Erik: I don't know...

Me: Do you want frostbite while you sleep?

Erik: I love the idea let's do it!

Me: That's what I thought...

I'm back guys! Did you miss us? Anyway, yea, Imma gonna throw a slumber party this weekend! So, anyone who wants to come message me or review and tell me if you wanna, and what you'll bring, and/or what you wanna do. And yea, it seriously IS freezing in our house, it really sucks! My mom says it's because she's hot at night, but she's the only one! Especially since I live in New York, and if you haven't heard, we've got quite a bit of snow in this state right now! So, yay for conserving body heat!