Erik: Noooo! Not Christmas Music!

Me: It's coming! Now, when we get to the school. I need you to all lay low, and follow my lead.

Christine: Are you sure sneaking onto the bus is logical?

Raoul: Shhh!

Me: My mother said to. Ok, everybody, move out!

*We run across the parking lot and get onto the bus. I'm sitting with my mom, Erik and Enjolras, are across from us, Erik and Enjolras are behind us*

Enjolras: Wow, this is a comfortable bus!

Me: It's a charter bus. So we just gotta wait 3 hours and then we'll be in the city

Christine: 3 hours? That's so BORING!

Me: Well shut up and deal with it. Here, we're all gonna watch this movie

Raoul: What's it called?

Me: Dodgeball!

*1 viewing of Dodgeball later*

Erik: That was a waste of time!

Me: No way! I love that movie!

Christine: *Singing* Ma Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!


Me: Not long, like an hour or so. Here, hand me that title card

Erik: This one?

Me: Yea *Holds up the title card that says 1 hour later*

Raoul: WOW look! We're here!

Enjolras: It's certainly bigger than Paris

Christine: Are you kidding! It's HUGE!

Me: Ok ok everybody, now, we all need to meet back here at about 1:30 so we can get to our seats. So, LET'S GO EXPLORING!

Raoul: But I'm hungry!

Me: Ok, well let's eat then. What you guys want?

Everybody: CHINESE FOOD!

Me: But there is no chinese food on times square!

Enjolras: Yea there is! Look!

*We walk up to a very empty looking building*

Erik: WHAT? Do you see the price of this food? $20 for the main plate!

Christine: Raoul can cover us. Right Raoul?

Raoul: Yea I guess...

*We eat super expensive chinese food*

Erik: You're lacking modivation to write out details aren't you?

Me: Pretty much. But where detail is there really in us eating Chinese food?

Raoul: So where to now?

Enjolras: What is that?

Me: The M&M store

Enjolras: Well what's in there?

Me: Chocolate candy

Erik: WE GO NOW!

*We go into the M&M store, and this place is literally 2 floors of nothing but M&M Candies, toys, you name it!*

Christine: It's, beautiful...


Raoul: What the? WILL YOU GET OUT OF HERE!

Gustave: You can't tell me what to do *Stuffs his face full of chocolate*

Christine: Uhhhhhhhhhh

Erik: I got this *Grabs Gustave by the collar and drags him out onto the street. Suddenly there's a a screech of a taxi, some yelling, and a huge crowd of people assembles outside the store*

Me: Ah Man, I don't wanna get arrested in the city

Erik: *Come back in* Well then we better high tail it outta here!

Raoul: Quick! To the Majestic Theatre!

*We all run to the Phantom theatre*

Enjolras: I think we lost them

Erik: *Looking at the theatre* I'm hooooooooome!

Me: Not quite Erik, it's home away from home I guess

Erik: Can we go in? Please plese please?


Me: I'm afraid not, I'd love to. But, we have to go see Wicked

Everybody: Awwwwwww

Me: But, since we're here, how about a photo op?

Everybody: YAY! *We all stand in front of the big picture outside the theatre and take a picture*

Enjolras: Now that's a keeper

Raoul: So now what?

Me: Now we go up a few blocks to Lion King, there's a store across the street I gotta go to

*We head up the street*

Erik: What does this place sell? It looks like nothing but stupid Broadway knick knacks

Me: That's cause it is. But I want one for my new car keys *Grabs a Les Mis and Phantom key chain*

Christine: Aw look at this! Can I have it Raoul?

Raoul: Sure

Christine: Oh! And this one! Can I have this one too?

Raoul: I suppose

Christine: AND THESE! Oh how precious! Can I have them?

Raoul: If you must...

Christine: Isn't this darling? Oh I'll have to take this as well

Raoul: Christine? Christine I'm not buying out this store for you!

Christine: Can I just have this one last thing?

Raoul: What is it?

Christine: A coffee mug

Raoul: Fine...

*They check out*

Me: OH SHOOT! We gotta get going! Come on everybody!

*We run up about a bazillion blocks to Wicked, and get inside*

Christine: OH Raoul look! Can I have those!

Raoul: Let's wait until after the show!

Enjolras: You know, I actually would rather see Billy Elliot

Me: Just because it's in the same theatre Les Mis premiered in, doesn't mean you'll like it

Enjolras: I know, but I'm not really a, Wicked, kinda guy

Me: Deal with it

Enjolras: ... *Bows head* Mkay

*We get to our seats and the show starts*

Christine: HOLY **** That dragon is SCARY!

Erik: *Staring up at it* It's... beautiful

Gustave: *Comes in covered in bandages and on crutches, Singing* So... Very... BEAUTIFUL!

Erik: GUSTAVE! Why you little... *Throws him down the stairs, he doesn't get up again, and nobody notices him because they're too focused on the awesomeness of the show*

*We get to the part about the Dancing through life*

Christine: Wow, this guy is CUTE

Raoul: *Sniffling* Why does she love me?

Me: *Smacks him in the back of the head*

*The park about the Emerald City. The green lights flash on*

Erik: Ah! Blind!

Enjolras: *Singing under his breath* Bliiinded by the liiight

*End of act 1*

Me: Well what do you guys think so far?

Christine: I think people are trampling Gustave... *Looks guilty*

Raoul: What's the matter my dear?

Christine: Well, according to ALW, he IS our son...

Erik: There is no part of him even remotely related to us

Christine: Maybe we can fix him though! With the help of one of those fancy books with all the words in it. He can stop saying Beautiful, and being obnoxious!

Erik: Well... I don't know

Christine: Just look at you Erik! You've not a cold blooded murderer anymore!

Raoul: And life is so much better!

Enjolras: The kid's probably dead...

Erik: Fine then Christine, if the kid is still alive by the end of the 2nd act, we'll take him home to be rehabilitated

Christine: I'm so happy!

*Act 2 flies by. Get it? Flies? Wicked Witch? Yea? Oh whatever...*

Raoul: Here Christine, go buy whatever you like at the gift shop, me and Erik are going to go see if Gustave's alive

Christine: Thank you love *She leaves, I go with her*

Enjolras: So, do you think he's ok?

Raoul: Poke him...

Erik: *Nudges him with his foot* Gustave? Hellooooooo

Gustave: *Moans*

Raoul: Dang it...

Enjolras: I think you guys are being a little silly. He's just a kid! Whatever Andrew Lloyd Webber said means nothing! Right? We faught a war to kill him!

Erik: I suppose you're right *Picks up Gustaves and hands him to Raoul* But Foppy can carry him

Raoul: What? Why do I have to carry him?

Erik: Because he's your son

Raoul: No! He's YOUR son!

Erik: Now wait a minute here you raised him for 10 years!

Raoul: No I didn't!

Enjolras: HEY! Can we go? I don't wanna get stuck in traffic going home

*They get on the bus*

Me: What took you... Ah man, where did you get that, that THING!

Christine: Be nice! We're gonna fix him up so he doesn't say beautiful anymore. Once he's ok, we'll release him back into the real world so he can live out his life like a normal human

Me: You're talking about him as though he's some kind of animal

Christine: *Stroking Gustave's hair as Raoul falls asleep next to her* I'm not!

Me: Well whatever. I think this is it for now. Did you all like the trip?

Erik: Shoving Gustave in front of that taxi was rewarding...

Me: I mean besides Gustave

Raoul: I don't like it, too many people

Enjolras: I like all the people, so many different cultures

Christine: I liked it too! Look at all the nice things I got!

Raoul: CHRISTINE! Did you buy out that entire gift shop?

Christine: And this poster signed by the entire cast!

Erik: Oh my...

So we obtained a pet Gustave today. No, I didn't actually get a signed poster, but they were really selling them for a about $60 a piece at the bar in there. I DID however buy the Broadway Cares Christmas album. Sorry this was late, I am lacking modivation right now and it's pretty tough. I'm gonna have only 2 more chapters here! My Area All State chapter, and Thanksgiving! Expect a new Countdown to Christmas on the first of December!

Thanks everyone for the support, it has been a really fun year hasn't it? You guys have been so supportive over the months, through the good times and bad, and I cannot thank you enough for that! I hope you'll all cross over to countdown to christmas 2 and continue supporting me! Thanks for Reading, don't forget to review! And tune in next time for 'The adventures of Erik and Erik Jr.!'