Never seen a crossover fic for these two universes. Decided to give it a shot on a whim.

Let me know if I've done well or critically failed.

The Doctor looked on listlessly. Nothing meant anything to him any more, not after what he'd had to do to Donna Noble, robbing her of the memories and times they had shared together had left him dead inside. That of course only brought on more memories. Nine hundred years of failures, nine hundred years of mistakes, missed opportunities… the things he could have done and the things he should have done… and the things he should never have even tried… the fiasco with the waters of Mars had only confirmed to him what an utter failure he could be at times… and the monster he could become. The TARDIS thrummed in response. A surge of warmth that both were and weren't words. Images flashed through his mind of Rose, saving the world time after time after time, his countless triumphs, the innumerable souls who owed their lives to him however little they were aware of it.

He stroked the TARDIS gently and appreciatively. He admired the effort but right now… right now he needed to feel this way. The pain he felt was natural and right… to feel nothing after what he'd done would have made him a monster.

The TARDIS however had no wish to feel the Doctor wallow in his own misery over the next few centuries. On its own accord it lurched one way and then shambled another, sending the Doctor sprawling to and fro.

"What?" shouted the Doctor in surprise.

He ran to the controls only to have another lurch throw him.

"What!" he exclaimed.

The Doctor lunged for the controls just in time for the TARDIS to stop shimmying, which sent him flying unceremoniously into the console. On its own accord the TARDIS became quiescent, even on the mental bond it shared with the Doctor. It was akin to being in the middle of a heated argument only to have the louder and more obstinate part of the argument suddenly shut up and walk away.

"What?" he muttered before picking himself up.

First thing was first. He checked the monitor to see exactly where the TARDIS had dropped him off. The monitor flickered static at him until he tapped it gently a few times. The image cleared and he saw a park at night in the rain. He thumped the image again, harder this time, to get more details.

He was on Earth. That was a relief. In Tokyo... Japan! He hadn't been there since he'd helped Susanoo fight a Hydra back in his younger days long before his granddaughter had been born…

He swatted the memories before they could overwhelm him. His head was so thick with memories he swore he needed a bigger head to hold them all in there.

As with all his decisions the Doctor decided in a snap that he'd go for a gentle stroll in the rain. There was nothing wrong with the TARDIS but some fresh air was definitely in order. Fresh air followed by tea. He'd checked the date and he was certain he'd be safe enough. Godzilla wasn't going to attack the city for at least another eighty years anyway.

Akitsu sat alone on a park bench as the rain cascaded down softly around her. People went about their business, walking by hurriedly to keep out of the rain, no one noticed her. Although she was draped immodestly in a white lab coat she may as well have been invisible. She looked down forlornly.

Useless, she thought, I am useless and broken. No one will want to be my Ashikabi.

The drizzling rain made her cold. Cold. It was one of the things she could still feel, all else was numb. As long as she was a discarded number, as long as she bore the Sekirei mark on her forehead, as long as she was… broken and useless, she would feel nothing else. She had once longed for an Ashikabi, once hoped that she would react to his presence and learn of a thing that humans had called love.

Such hopes had left her long ago. MBI had seen to it in their… adjustments… that she could never be winged. Ever since then, bit by bit, parts of her had just shut down and withered away. She'd forgotten how to smile, how to laugh. Pleasure and pain were distant memories to her, long since replaced by sadness and melancholy. Even now she could sense even those feelings slipping away into nothingness. Every day that had passed since she had escaped from MBI had only allowed a gnawing numbness in her heart grow unabated. She sometimes wondered what would happen were that numbness to consume her… when even sadness and despondency abandoned her. She was well past caring at this point.

"Hello! My name's the Doctor, what's yours?" asked a cheerful voice.

Someone was talking to her? There was no mistaking to whom the voice had been directed… it was surprising…

"Akitsu," she said sadly, not even bothering to look up.

"Akitsu! Lovely name! That means autumn moisture doesn't it?"

She looked at the source of the voice as best she could without moving her head.

Why bother moving? He'll just get tired of you and leave once he's had his fun, she thought.

She could see he was dressed in a blue suit and a brown trench coat. A shock of wild brown hair sat atop his head. His Japanese was excellent given that he was a westerner. She had the sense that he was well travelled... perhaps too well travelled for his own good. Try as she might, Akitsu could not stir up the effort to meet his gaze.

The Doctor, noting her lack of response instantly realised there was something wrong with Akitsu. Just what was wrong was troubling him. He usually could tell fairly easily. What was it… the hair? No, it was a bit bedraggled but there was nothing unusual about that. Sitting in the park? No, parks were practically built for sitting in. The rain? He sniffed the rain and stuck his tongue out briefly to taste it. Nope. Good old regular city rain. Not quite as good as country rain but he wasn't about to complain too much about it. Was it the odd tattoo on her forehead? That certainly rung a bell. Exactly which bell however was difficult to tell… he had far too many bells inside his head that tended to ring of their own accord every now and then, yet another reason to consider getting a bigger head. Aha! He had it! At last! With a flourish he peeled off his trench coat and draped it over her shoulders.

"I'm not exactly an expert but ah… sitting out in the rain will probably give you a cold," he said with a tenderness that contrasted from his earlier seeming joviality, "do you have a family? Anywhere to go?"

"I have… nowhere to go," she said monotonously.

"What? Nowhere at all? No family? No friends?" he asked.

Akitsu turned slowly to meet his gaze. For the first time sine meeting the Doctor Akitsu made direct eye contact. She saw a man. A man far older than he looked. A man whom had stared down the horrors of the universe. A man witness to its infinite beauty. She saw fire, and ice, and cold. She saw eternity and the ephemeral. For a single moment she saw ten faces with a hundred masks and a thousand names. For a single moment she saw the Doctor.

The Doctor had also met her gaze. He saw in her… hopelessness. Melancholy. Sadness. More than that… he saw the death of happiness, the death of hope, he saw in her a despondency he hadn't seen since… since… Since he'd last looked in a mirror. He had a sneaking suspicion that the Tardis had had a good reason for bringing him here and now.

The Doctor stood up abruptly, breaking the momentary connection between them, and held his hand out towards her.

"Come on," he said tenderly, "I know a place that's warm and dry."

The Doctor had tried to swear off taking companions since Donna Noble. They had all either wound up dead… or worse. His failure on Mars had changed him… both for the worse and for the better. Humans. They made him better… no matter how much he tried, he knew he could never last long without human contact. Every one of his companions had enriched him, and he in turn had enriched them. At times though he'd felt that they'd had a larger effect on him then he did them. Perhaps it was time to repay the debt with Akitsu. The question of the mark on her forehead, though it nagged at him, could wait until later.

Akitsu looked at the Doctor's hand and hesitated, but only for a moment. This man this… Doctor had shown her kindness, the first kindness she'd seen since escaping from MBI. In this Doctor's eyes she had seen something she had never seen before in a human being.

As she took his hand she felt a slight flutter in her heart.

"Ashikabi…" she whispered softly as she felt the first faint glimmers of hope.

Hiroto Minaka smirked as he watched over the closed circuit television feed of the park.

"So, the broken bird I released has found someone to nurture her," he said magnanimously.

Takami stood nearby on a balcony with a half burned cigarette in hand and scoffed.

"Are you disappointed that you can't derive yet more cruelty from your insane plans?" she spat.

"Not at all Takami!" he shouted grandiosely.

Takami rolled her eyes. He was going into full blown speech mode again.

"No! For the Sekirei plan is only just beginning! Akitsu is a wild card in this game! Anything could happen!"

Anything at all, he mused.

He studied the face of the stranger that had offered his hand to Akitsu. There was no doubt about it. The gods themselves had seen fit to send a champion of their own! He'd seen him arrive out of thin air from an unassuming blue box.

Yes, the gods had truly smiled on Minaka's plan. He was sure of it! But he was a man to play out wild cards while hedging his bets at the same time and he knew the gods to be fickle. The blue box was already on its way to MBI tower, to be sequestered until the Sekirei plan was finished.

"Idiot," muttered Takami before stalking out of the directors offices.

Minaka grinned wildly as the light shone brightly off his glasses. Watching the Sekirei plan unfold with this new player was going to be… interesting.