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Blood on the Throne


I honestly can't remember having ever been this scared in my entire life.

"M-mistress... I don't understand..." My eyes widened in fear as I took a step back, trying not to whimper or betray my fear. I knew exactly why she was doing this, of course. She knew, it was obvious. Despite all of our careful planning, she had found out. Tears prickled in the corners of my eyes.

"Do you really consider me so stupid?" Her voice was serene on the surface, but I could clearly hear the anger hidden underneath. I didn't look at her face, though. My eyes were trained on the thing that she had in her hand, the silver that gleamed menacingly in the candle's light. Her hands were steady, unlike mine-I was trembling like a leaf.

"N-no, of course not... you aren't making any sense..." I clutched blindly at the lie, knowing that it was useless. I made my eyes lock with hers. I searched in them, trying to find even a shred of mercy, but I found none. I suppose I didn't deserve anything, not in her eyes, anyways.

"How long?"


"I said 'How long.' Answer, girl."

I sighed, abandoning the lie completely. "Longer than you've been here." I found a small comfort in that-although we were both at fault, I was his first as he had been mine.

This statement, of course, did nothing for my Mistress's temper. "Insolent wench!" The woman raised the knife high, flinging herself at me with fury. I stumbled backwards, one hand grabbing at the throne that my love would someday sit in. I fell to my knees next to it, knowing what must happen. I had time for one last, coherent thought before the madness took over.

'Len... I'm sorry...'


"You have not been quite the sufficient host, son."

There he went again. I can honestly say that I've just about heard enough. Should he not be satisfied with the fact that I even agreed to this charade? If I weren't playing with the throne right now, I would be…

It doesn't matter now. Dusk is on the horizon, darkening the sky as seconds pass and my beloved is awaiting my presence.

"Yes, father." He would know soon, though. He will realize my game. He will not keep his hand on me in such a way anymore. Not after all he's done. When he is gone (it is unfortunate that I don't think I'll be so grief-stricken) everything will be in my hands and everything will be better. I will be able to be with the one I love dearly and not have any shame at the fact that she was only one of poor ancestry.

His deep blue eyes somewhat melted into a look of approval, something I was not used to often and did not have much of a liking for it. "Very well, then," he said. I watched as he got to his feet and I took the opportunity to bow down to him, further pleasing him for it was on purpose. "I shall retire. And you shall, too. Tomorrow is another long day."

I watched him leave, brows secretly furrowed with much dislike in my eyes. Sometimes, it is hard to keep in mind that he is my father and even though he is…the King…I must remind myself that I mustn't bare so much resentment. I am no fool to the fact that I was letting myself begin to hate him.

After he left, I let out a low sigh and turned on my heel, taking the other entrance out of his study as I simultaneously pulled the chain that held my wedding band on it from my high collar. My love was waiting for me, in the throne room.

I had not noticed how deadly the sky seemed until I stepped foot into the room and set my eyes upon my throne. And as I got closer, I realized what was truly in front of me instead of some red, battered mess all over the chair I was supposedly destined to sit on.

Everything was red. The sky, over the garden through the floor-to-ceiling windows, only meant one thing and I found myself on my knees before I could even think any farther.



The red dripped and seeped down the steps of the throne and off the arms of it as I couldn't control the very scream that ripped through my throat and through my soul.

My beloved was dead
In the sea of red.

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