A CrossOver Fic

Author's Note: OMG! I actually started this fic! It just came to me one night. So I wrote it down. Tell me how you like it! It's a GW and SM crossover. With some of my original characters in it too. *Sigh* Well....HERE GOES! R/R please!!

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Chapter 1:

In a secluded alley a young princess ran from a thousand men, hot on her heals. Oz soldiers raced to catch the young girl. Gasping for breath she turned a corner, and reached a dead end. She turned around, flaming red curls tumbled over her shoulders as she faced the soldiers. Silent tears found there way down her cheeks, as she silently begged the goddesses to help her. Fear written all over her face, as she clawed despretely at the cement wall, edging ever so slowly to a hidden door way, even though she didn't see it. She could hear the clicking of heals on the stone, her heart started to jump even harder, her breathing was shallow with fear. Beautiful red-blue eyes wide. She reached the door way slowly, time seemed to freeze.


(Through Hiiro's eyes)

A young boy, no older than the princess followed along the streets observing silently, waiting for the perfect chance to save her. He held his breath as she paused along a street searching frantically for a place to hide. He glanced over to where the soldiers were coming and realized that if she didn't move fast they would catch her. He turned his gaze back on her, stony cold eyes holding no emotions. He almost smiled when he saw her take a deep breath and start down the alley. 'Good' he thought to himself, 'Now I have more of a chance of actually saving her.' Stealthly he followed her, sneaking into a locked room, he edged along following instincts. He stopped when he heard rapid breathing, and scared nails clawing at a wall. Slowly the messy haired, prussian eyed soldier leaned into the door and peered through it. 'There she is!' He frowned at the panicked expression on her face, as she realized she was at a dead end. He could hear the soldiers coming closer. He glared at her, willing her to get near the door.


(Back to normal View)

The princess gasped as hostile voices reached her ears. Sobbing silently now, she begged the goddess's to grant her her powers back. She wished and wished and nearly begged for her magic to return, as she did this she reached the secret door. When she was just inches away from the hiding soldier she saw them. Angry faces making there way to her eyes. 'Goddess! NO!' She gasped, fear rooting her to the spot. Just as she was sure she was caught, and was just about to scream with fear, a cold hand clamped over her mouth, stifling the scream. She was dragged back, fear immobilizing her.


(Heero's Eyes)

He grabbed her careful to clamp his hand on her mouth. He could feel a scream coming on, as he dragged the princess back through the door. He frowned slightly, wondering whether or not to let her go since she was so quiet. But that soon came to an end, as she started to struggle. He could feel her every muscle tense up as he dragged her away from the light, holding her savagely. He held her still keeping his hand clamped tightly on her mouth, keeping her silent. Leaning against the wall he could hear voices, angry soldiers. "FIND HER! FIND HER! SHE COULDNT' HAVE GOTTEN AWAY! THERE IS NO WHERE TO GO!" He could tell that she was listening, her could feel her heart pounding. He dragged her roughly back to other door, opened it slowly and dragged her out. Quickly heading down the street, to his car. Sitting in the car he could see another young person. Dark hair pulled back into a braid, with a cap and sunglasses on, smirking at him, as he pulled a struggling, kicking girl to the car. He grunted as he hoisted her up holding her, she was still struggling this time with more energy.


(Duo's Eyes)

A braided young man watched as another boy appeared on the street. Pulling...no dragging a gorgeous young woman along with him. He smirked as he watched, and quickly pulled out a chemical soaked white cloth. 'Looks like she's putting up quite the fight. Aww man, Hiiro is having such a hard time holding, the babe' He turned in his chair and watched them approach, the girl giving him more than a hard time. He noted Hiiro's hand over her mouth, and figured she probably started to scream when he rescued her. 'Sweet!' He thought to himself, his grin widening. "Soo Hiiro...whatcha gonna do with the babe?"


(Normal View)

The princess struggled some more, fruitlessly, she could feel her cheeks flame at the name the other boy called her. 'BABE?! How DARE he?!' She continued to struggle in the death grip of the boy. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of some white cloth in the hand of the braided soldier. Hiiro could feel her start to struggle even more. Hiiro lowered her down, he could feel her downy soft hair cascade over his arm as he did this. "Place it over her mouth and hold it there, Duo. Don't forget to hold it there, the last thing we need is a screaming onna on our hands" Duo looked at Hiiro shocked, that was the most Hirro had ever spoken to him before. Duo nodded his head calmly and placed the cloth over her nose, as Hirro slipped his hand off of her mouth. She didn't breath and was struggling so fiercily he was surpised. 'Damn! She's strong for a weak onna!'


(Princess's View)

Her mind told her to start what her mother had taught her, but her body wouldn't respond. Struggle, kick, bite her mind screamed at her, get out of there! She couldn't his grip on her was amazing and she had all she could just fighting. He just told the other person to put that cloth over her mouth! 'GOOD GODDESS! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!!?!?' she thought as she despretely fought to get away. 'Please! Goddess!' She was on the verge of breaking down, she had to get some air! Her holding her breath was going to kill her! 'Goddess' her lungs were on fire, a burning sensation throughout her body. The cloth was pushed down on her with a vengence, hot tears filled her eyes as a final thought went through her brain. 'I'm gonna die...Mother i'll be with you soon' Blackness creeped in, stealing her thoughts, as she took a deep breath, the last thing she remembered was the fact that she was gonna die.


Authors note:

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