Crossover Fanfic 7

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Chapter 7:

Recap: The small girl ran silently through the halls, following the directions given to her. 'I have to get there fast!' she thought wildly. Her pink hair was up in the odango style she had picked up from her mother. A small blue mini skirt flapped in the wing. The fuku she had on, resembled one that schoolgirls wore. Her red eyes flickered from hall to hall, mentally kicking herself for not paying that much attention to the mirror. 'Ah HA!" She thought as she skittered down the hall, just in time to see the g-boys reach the door, not thinking she called out to them. "YOOOOOOO HOOOOO" Remembering herself, she turned and making as much noise as possible ran down the hall heading the way she came. She could tell that they were following her. She smiled softly to herself, 'GOOD!!' *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Running quickly, the young girl turned the corner and ran down a vast hallway. Hiiro snarled, and looked at the others. Quatre glanced at Hiiro, 'He's not in a good mood...' "I'll cut her off down this hallway" Without waiting for the others to reply Quatre made a sharp turn and continued running down the hall, his gun out and ready to be fired.

Duo also separated himself from the group as he turned down a different hall, branching into an area that took him into the bedroom areas. His braid swung wildly around him as he took another corner, nearly colliding with a couple of Quatre's servants. Turning around, still running backwards, Duo shouted out to them, "HEY HAVE YOU SEEN ANYONE....A GIRL RUNNING DOWN HERE?" He knew it was a stupid question to ask since they'd probably have mentioned it to him as he ran, but he asked anyways. The two looked at each other and shook their heads, "No...We haven't seen anyone..." Duo frowned turned around and sped his pace up. ' this new person here with Dr. J? If she is what the hell is she doing still here?' Duo shook his head and paused, breathing hard and listening to the silence of the room he was in.

Wufei slowly walked down the halls, 'Injustice...first Flame walks in, then J...then this new person is lurking the house....' Wufei frowned as he turned into the living room, sending a searching glance down the room he found nothing out of the ordinary, but then again there could be something out of place that one might look over. In a more cautious and patient manner he searched the room from front to back and left to right.

From somewhere in the shadows red eyes peeked through at him. The little girl suppressed a giggle, she remembered this game vividly, in her times the scouts were the ones she had to look for. A brilliant grin lit up her face, but in mere seconds it disappeared. 'This is not the time to be remembering the times that were so much fun, if I don't change what happens in this time than there is no way any of those good times will happen.' The little girl pushed thoughts of her home away, and concentrated on making those memories a guaranteed future. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

(With the girls)

Hotaru dropped down to her knees and peered into the orb of light that showed the sandy-blonde girl. Flame dropped down besides her, and gazed at the woman, a frown listed lightly on her face. She glanced at Hotaru and was surprised to see something close to happiness on her face.

Hotaru blinked back her tears, and refused to smile, "Haruka!!!! How." Haruka smiled at Hotaru, a not so vivid beautiful smile. "Ru, what's the matter? Why have you contacted us? What's J done??!?!" Hotaru shook her head, her chin length raven black hair shaking. "Nothing.he left us here with the other pilots and unfortunately for us, they aren't happy to hear from us at all!!" Haruka frowned, noting Hotaru's not to characteristic trembling voice. Haruka looked from Hotaru to Flame, she recognized the girl somewhat, but couldn't place a name. Frowning Haruka turned back to Hotaru, "Where's Usagi?"

Hotaru said nothing, but Flame whispered, "She keeled over! Just fainted right on the spot, she was going to show us what her watch did, but." Trailing off Flame gazed at the angry Haruka. "I knew J was up to no good! I'll send something down there that should wake her up. They're just some waves, radio, and brain, that'll basically shock her just enough to send her up in a flash." Haruka moved out of the view of the orb, 5 minutes later Usagi was up, and Haruka was standing in the orb. "Thank you Haruka" Usagi looked somewhat glad to be up, but looked around uneasily. Looking back down at her watch Usagi frowned, "I'm gonna switch off, for some strange reason I have a feeling that it'd be the wiser to have the telecommunicator off..don't you think?" Haruka nodded, not voicing any of her own fears. Usagi nodded, and clicked another button on her watch. Looking at the two girls, she noted that both looked worst for wear.

Flame was smiling, and although she was trembling, assured them that she felt fine. "I should be fine! After all, I was a pilot, just like the two of you!! There is absolutely no reason that I should be in any bit of a frazzle." She started to speak as though she were back in her courts. Unconsciously, she turned, pulling her messy hair back, and regarded the room with a look that matched curiosity.

Hotaru and Usagi exchanged looks of amusement, and Hotaru, in mock poshness, replied, "Tis only a strip of a room, is it not milady? It is in my opinion that in the presence of royalty as that we have, that it be said that we should have had the better room, do yo-" Flame cut Hotaru off with a smack to her leg, "Oh do- I mean be quiet!! That's not funny. I can't help the way I speak, you need- I mean you don't have to. tease me so- like that." Flame was obviously trying to not speak like the princess that she'd been pretty much raised to be. Hotaru gave her one of her more rare and genuine smiles.

For in an instant Usagi felt her eyes well up in tears, memories of the days that had been when they all were in high school together flooded through her. Every smile, every laugh, every person they teased, all the work they missed, and all the times they stayed in class trying to finish the homework before the teacher collected it. Usagi faced and remembered all the times they spent after school, in detention, and all the times they had gotten to school late. She remembered the mall trips with Molly that cheered all of them up, and even remembered all the arguing that they did.

It was like seeing her old self again, the ditzy, out in space self. All the falling downs, and following her friends when they were on dates, she even remembered how long it had been since she had started to cry like a baby over a little bruise or a cut. Usagi wondered, if given the chance, would she ever go back to that old self, to being a selfish ditz and a pig. With a pang in heart, she realized that she would. She'd give it all back, all the growing up she'd done, all the weight she'd lost, and all the self- control, and self-defense she'd learned. She realized that the price that she had paid for all of that was too much. All the innocents she had killed, all the soldiers with friends and families, every person that had as much right as she did to live. All in the name of peace, and yet she wondered why did peace have such a horrible price.

Flame and Hotaru had been watching Usagi's face, amazed at the emotions that were being played in her eyes. First it was what looked like a content smile, and then the glaze of remembrance, followed by a wave of wondering, and then anguish. Hotaru placed a gentle and caring hand on Usagi's shoulder, bringing her out of her recollection. Startled Usagi blinked the tears back, and ignored the longing to start balling her eyes out on to Hotaru's shoulder. Getting up with a huff, Usagi slipped on one of her million masks. "Sorry bout that, I must've slipped off again.Hmm well looks like we hafta find a way out of here, doesn't it." Usagi rushed on, without waiting for their responses, fearful that they might break down her barriers.


(With the lil girl)

The little pink head, slipped from the shadows when Wufei turned away from her. She held her small floating cathead like ball in her hands. Tiptoeing out of the room and quietly making her way down a hall she peered around at every corner. Backing against a wall hiding behind a suit of armor, she peeked out and down another long hallway, and covered her hands with her mouth. Containing the shriek of surprise that would have come squealing out of her mouth. There no more than half way down the hall was Quatre. He was turned away from her, with on hand on a doorknob and the other on his gun. She watched in shock as he threw open the door, his gun pointed at whoever was in the room. He seemed to relax, and then straighten up, the little girl strained to hear what he was saying in his soft voice. 'Have..seen..child.'was all she could make out, but that was all she needed to know that he was still searching for her.

Her attention caught by footsteps walking down the hall that she had just came from, she turned an tried to peek through the suit of armor at whom it was. Her heart seemed to stop beating for five full beats. It was Wufei, and he seemed to be coming down at a good steady pace. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat, her heart started to hammer even harder, as Quatre's footsteps started towards her, getting louder by the second. The child could feel her lower lip tremble, she could easily run down the hall, but what if the others were down there? What if she wasn't fast enough, she knew that before she was lucky, she had caught them off guard. But now, it wouldn't be so easy, they were on guard and would be far quicker than when she had the element of surprise on her side.

She took a deep breath, and was just about to start running down the hall with a 'catch me if you can' when the small sphere that was floating close to her head started to glow. Grabbing it, she watched as it opened, and a beam of light held the same green-haired lady from before. "Pluto!" She gave a soft but excited whisper. Pluto smiled, "shh small lady. Now don't move, the other pilots are on their way down and you mustn't catch their attention just yet. Now I assure you, Rini that nothing bad will happen to you. You're just going to jump out at them and say something, you can choose, and you can open up a portal with Luna P. They won't have time for a reaction, and whatever you say must be quick. Can you remember that Rini?" Rini swallowed but nodded.

"Yes, Pluto. I'll try my best not to be afraid." Pluto gave her a wonderful smile, "You are a very brave little girl, Rini, and your parents would be very proud of you. I know I am." Rini once again swallowed the lump in her throat, and nodded her thanks. Without much more the glowing stopped and the footsteps resumed. Rini held her breath and waited for the others to show up.



Hirro had long ago separated himself from the group. He glanced at a clock on the wall it read 2 in the morning. Shaking his head, he continued to walk down some hallways. It was beyond him how so many things could happen in one night. First it was that princess that he had to save, and then J walks in with a couple other girls, who are obviously pilots, and then the princess who is not only Wufei's cousin, but is also a pilot decides that she doesn't want to have to be saved by them. All of a sudden the g-boys were finding themselves in situations that they didn't have answers to. Hirro found that despite all the training that he had gone through, that he had no way to use them in this case. He felt helpless, and hated feeling that way. He made a sharp turn down another hallway, and found himself in Trowa's territory. Hirro walked up next to Trowa, the only other pilot he could relate to and nodded.


(Trowa POV)

Trowa had gone his own way when the Duo and Qautre had left, he found himself taking the path that the child had gone. He tried to listen for footsteps but had found nothing, surprised but careful not to reveal it, he found that the child had well gotten away. It'd take forever for him alone to find her, and he doubted that the others would be able to find her very well either.

As he walked down one hall, he glimpsed what he thought looked like a blue skirt turning a corner. Immediately he half-jogged down the hallway, and turned. He blanched; there was nothing there. He had his gun out, and was hardly amused. He heard a door closing quietly, his eyes automatically narrowed. With a speed that would have humiliated a cheetah, he pounced on the first door he found, tearing it open he blanched, and his cheeks became a well-rounded crimson. There stood Rashid and another maid, in a rather disheveled appearance. On the verge of going redder, Trowa closed the door, feeling akin to how Qautre must constantly feel.

Remembering his reason for barging into the room in the first place, he opened another door, this time somewhat slower and ready to shut it again should he happen upon another event like that. Frowning he realized that he had long lost his chance at finding the child, quick as she was, she must've gotten away. His frown deepening Trowa continued to walk down the hall, his speed quick and decisive, waiting to pounce on any sound he heard. Several minutes' later, and 2 hallways down Trowa found Hiiro walking next to him. He returned the nod, and continued to walk. Trowa never minded Hiiro, who was as quiet as he, but with far more troubling thoughts on his mind. Both found themselves turning a corner where they found Wufei coming down the end. Hirro caught Quatre coming down the other end of the Hall, and Duo coming down the hall across from Quatre.


(All of the G-boys are in one place)

Wufei frowned, as he entered a closed circle consisting of the 4 other pilots. Duo was speaking, but stopped as Wufei entered the circle. "I haven't even seen a clue of her, not since the first time." Wufei nodded his agreement, "For once I have to agree with the braided baka, there is no sign of her! She disappeared, but where to?" Qautre glanced at the others, wondering where she could have gone. "I have seen her about twice, but only glimpses. The first time was with all of you, and then I saw her skirt, and I heard a door closing. However I wasn't able to distinguish which door from which in one of your corridors Qautre." It was the most any had heard come out of Trowa's mouth in a long time, but not even Duo made a single remark regarding that.

Hirro frowned, raising a brow at the silence that filled the air. "We have to find out where she went." He looked from one person to the next, noting the looks. Qautre frowned, "I'll tell Rashid to lock down the house, and ask him to see if anyone had left the building without us knowing." Trowa blinked, and fought hard within himself, to keep from remembering what he had seen going on between Rashid and the pretty maid. "'d be too late for that any ways Qautre, why don't you just get the guards to guard all entrances." Quatre blinked, wondering why it would be too late to tell Rashid. Choosing to ignore any of his own questions, the all turned to Duo who had started to speak.

"Look guys, there is no reason for us to go searching for the visitor! I have a feeling that she would have tried to free those other pilots, and the only way she would have gotten in without being detected by all that state-of-the-art high tech stuff you have, is if she entered with J. So if she did enter with J, then the person we should be interrogating is J."

It didn't really surprise the guys that Duo could sound so much more mature; it was a known fact that he became very serious in dire circumstances. Hirro frowned, and Trowa nodded. Wufei seemed to sigh in resignation, and Qautre nodded his wholehearted agreement. "Lets go find J." Qautre's usually soft voice took on a tone of authority. The all nodded, and started to turn around in the same direction when a loud sound from behind them came about.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* (With Pluto)

Pluto sighed wearily, lines of worry and fatigue seemed to invade her otherwise youthful face. The dark scene around her seemed to float, there but not really there. A mystic fog swirled around her tall, slim figure, and her green hair and purple outfit, and garnet eyes seemed to match the dreary room. She held a large staff in one hand, and before her stood a huge mirror. She sighed again, but this time her sigh reached the ears of yet another.

"Setsuna?" A weak but regal voice echoed off the emptiness of the void, a seemingly young woman leaning on a staff appeared in the mystifying room. She had silver hair done up in Odango's, and a pretty ruby and diamond encrusted crown graced her head. She wore a dress, which was tight across her chest, but came flowing down about her ankles. She had cherry pink lips, and a fair complexion, and although there were lines of pain and worry etched on her brow she seemed an otherwise ethereal creature.

Setsuna turned around, and bowed low. "My queen." her own soft voice also echoed off the emptiness of the void. The queen smiled, "Everything is good?" Setsuna sighed and wondered if it were a good idea to tell the queen the truth. "Neo-queen Serenity, all is not good. In the time line that is to lead into this realm, it seems as though there are disturbances." Serenity sighed, a knowing expression adorning her face. "Ahhh, so that is what is disturbing our world. Aye, Setsuna what must be done to prevent any further damage from happening in our world?" Setsuna looked up at Queen Serenity, and shook her head, "Unfortunately all is being done, but nothing good is going to come of this." Serenity's gaze shifted to the mirror where she saw Rini standing in the shadows.

Serenity felt her eyes widen, and she immediately swung her intense cerulean blue eyes on Setsuna. In a voice that sounded calmer than the queen felt, she questioned the worried Setsuna, "Setsuna, is that not Rini, I see standing in that room? She looks rather frightened, could you perhaps explain why she looks like that, and why she's there.?" Setsuna sighed, "My Queen, it is merely a little mission, and it will help our time lines from entering a period of instability. And Small Lady chose to enter upon this Mission of her own free will, I said and did nothing that would have caused her to think that she had to do anything. And my queen, it is natural for her to be rather fearful in this time, for she is smart enough to realize that she could get hurt. I did explain that to her before hand as well. It was all her own idea."

Serenity listened to the speech made by Setsuna, and despite the urge to tear the woman's head off for allowing her daughter to enter such dangerous conditions, she saw the wisdom in letting her daughter enter the mission. "I understand Guardian of Time. She is a very brave child, more so than I was when I was her age." Serenity winced, as a wave of pain washed over her, nearly sending her sprawling to the floor. Setsuna put her hands on the woman's shoulder to steady her, "Perhaps it would be wiser if My Queen were to go home and rest within the care of the scouts?" Serenity smiled and nodded, I can see that my help is not needed, what with my daughter helping you.

Serenity started to leave, then stopped, pivoted and waved her hand in the air. A heart shaped locket type thing fell into her hand, she tossed it weakly over to Setsuna. "This could help Rini, when she needs it and when she's ready, make sure to give it to her. You know how it works." Setsuna looked down at the heart-shaped jewelry and nodded, "Yes, and thank you." Serenity laughed and smiled, "good luck Setsuna." With those haltingly strong words, she disappeared into the security of her home amongst friends.

Setsuna left alone with her thoughts, turned her gaze upon the mirror. With her garnet colored eyes filled with worry and tears, she truly hoped that the princess was as brave and smart as she had boasted. Knowing that she had basically betrayed both Princess and Queen, Setsuna felt her heart close in on her. She could..but it was too late. 'Rini is in too far, for me to get her out now. She's on her own for now." Fighting back tears Setsuna watched as she sent her own friend and almost daughter into one of the most dangerous places to be.


(Rini's POV)

Rini took a deep breath, 'this is it, now or never. Save my world, or chicken out.' Rini thought about the scouts, of her mother and father, and knew that she wouldn't back out now. With amazing boldness she jumped out of the shadows, and in a perplexingly adult voice screamed, "What's the matter, soldier-boys can't catch me?!?" In a show of pure courage, Rini did a complete turn around, and then started to bounce that cat. "LUNA BALL, MAKE ME A PORTAL BACK TO THE TIME RHELM!!!!!" The cat bounced high in the air, as it was supposed to, but then came sailing back towards her. Nothing appeared, and everything became silent. Rini's eyes widened, she turned to face the G-boys, and realized that she was dead. Her face went pale, and for a dizzying second she felt as though she would faint. It was only then that she heard the loud gun shot.


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