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Summary: They all wanted something from her. The Swans wanted to befriend her, The Cullens wanted her dead, The Bennetts wanted her safe in Mystic Falls and He just wanted her back in his arms.

The Saga of Her Twilight Diary
Prologue - Love me Do

Twilight (n) A period or condition of decline following growth, glory, or success; a state of ambiguity or obscurity

Death. It was….it should be a growth point. But what was the point? She had lost everyone that she had ever cared about. And worse of all, the one person whom she should have been able to go to was nonexistent. Luka had betrayed her in the worse way possible. The moment, she realized who he really was and how he lied to her, she died on the inside. She wanted everything that she had ever learned to consume her in one big flame and something stopped her.

Something changed or maybe they both noticed something that had always been there. It was the night that Rose died. Something erupted in Damon that if he had released it, it would have shook the heavens. His pain, his turmoil, it erupted inside of her forcing her back into the world of the living. His pain was her pain and it hurt like hell. The pain was so deep that she had to find him. She searched for an hour before she found herself in his room. Broken glass was everywhere.

The room was a disaster and he sat in the middle of the chaos. His blue eyes were burning holes into the wall as if it was its fault. His body was surrounded by empty bottles and blood. She burned; her rage was coming to the surface. He'd better not have hurt someone in his drunken state. She would make him pay if he had. She would kill him like Luka killed her hope. Her heels crushed broken glass beneath it and she winced. She had expected him to move. She thought that he would give her that look; that special judgey witch look that he gave only to her. His eyes didn't even move.

In her head, she was screaming at herself. He had tried to kill her once, how could she be so stupid to put herself in this position. But his pain called to her and she had to make it stop. So she walked cautiously toward him until she was kneeling beside him. Her heart was in her throat, beating faster than she thought possible. It had to be her pulse that caught his attention.

"Hello Witch," His words were barely slurred but she could smell the alcohol on his breath.

Standing near him only made it worse. His feelings were taking hold of her. Tears were welling up in her eyes, sob escaping from her every pore and she was shaking. It was horrible until he touched her; the perfect antidote soared through her. He created such warmth in her by the mere caressing of his fingers. She hadn't meant it but it came out before she could take it back. She moaned. Their eyes met and it was the beginning of the end.

It wasn't just the end for them but for a slender girl in Forks by the name of Bella Swan. The moment the lips of the witch and vampire touched, Alice saw Bella lose her life. But what could Alice do to stop it? Trying to seek out two people she's never seen before or two people she wasn't completely sure if they existed that would only make it worse. As the visions increased, Alice could only come to one solution. She had made a promise to Edward and she would keep it until her last breath.

If the witch was real and Alice prayed that she wasn't. If they were ever to cross paths, Alice would end the witch. It was just as simple as that.