Disclaimer: I don't own "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," or "Bones."

AN: This takes place after season seven of "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" with references to the episode "What's My Line: Part I" (season 2, episode 9) and after season five of "Angel." For "Bones," this one-shot occurs during the episode "Fire in the Ice" (season 4, episode 12).

Summary: Angel is Agent Booth (thanks to the Shanshu) and he has the memories of both men. Skating brings back old memories.

* The Memory in the Rink *

Booth loved playing hockey. Sometimes he felt the most like Angel, the man he had once been, while playing hockey. As Angel, he had always used any means available to him to protect his team. He had trusted enemies, betrayed friends, and beat anyone to a bloody pulp that he needed to—all for Angel Investigations and the people who worked there. As his team's enforcer, he was able to protect this new team and be as violent as he wanted. He could let the inner animal, the Angelus part of him, out to play.

As he played, he remembered his team in Los Angeles and it made him happy.

Now, he was remembering something entirely different. In all his time on the ice since becoming Agent Booth, nothing had evoked this specific memory until this moment.

As he stepped onto the ice with a laughing Bones, he flashed back to another deserted ice-skating rink with another laughing girl. He could remember standing just off the ice watching her whirl around. She looked like an angel. He was her Angel and she was his.

Buffy. Just thinking that name sent tingles down his skin and made his hair stand up. He hoped Bones didn't notice his goose bumps—she would probably start giving him some medical mumbo-jumbo jibber-jabber. He did not want that.

All he wanted was to be able to enjoy a few moments remembering Buffy, his lost love. After that, he would devote the rest of the night to having fun with Bones. He just needed those few moments for Her.

He didn't think of Buffy as often these days as he used to, but he still relished the small things that reminded him of her. The ice rink. The laugh. A girl he loved.

He just hoped that his night with Bones didn't end like that night with Buffy.