Enjoy my first chapter! After London...

It was a challenge at night in London. Noah and the rest of Team Chris Is Really Hot were searching for clues.

Owen said, "Man, I wish Al was here."

Noah, on the other hand, told him "I don't trust Al at all."

Owen asked, "Why don't you like Al?"

Noah responded by saying, "Don't you think it's weird how Bridgette got stuck to a pole?"

Owen said, "Maybe it was an accident."

Noah glared and said sarcastically, "Really, Owen? How about when DJ got eliminated? Al broke the board on purpose!"

Owen gasped and said, "Great Chocolate Muffins! Really, Noah?"

Noah shook his head "yes."

Then, Noah said "Al's like an eel dipped in grease that's swimming in motor oil."

Anyway, Noah and Owen heard Tyler scream. When they went to check, he had vanished.

In a chapel, Noah found the next clue. It led them to the double-decker bus.

While Owen looked around, Noah felt someone grab him from above.

Then, Owen saw Jack the Ripper lock Noah in a corner.

He yelled, "Nobody locks my little buddy in the corner!"

Then, Owen threw sausages at the ripper. London guard dogs smelled the meat and attacked out of nowhere.

Noah was freed after Owen put the ripper in a sack.

In the end, the "ripper" was revealed to be a zombified Ezekiel. He was thrown from the plane again.

Team Amazon found Duncan, so they won the challenge.

Alejandro came to his team and said angrily, "Noah! I heard what you said about me the entire time! I'm like an eel dipped in grease to you, aren't I?"

Noah said "Uh oh."

At elimination, Duncan, Al, and Tyler voted off Noah.

Before jumping, Noah looked at Al and warned, "Watch out for slippery eels."

After jumping, an intern led Noah to a taxi that took him to an airport. The intern also led Noah to a plane for the TDWT Aftermath.

Meanwhile, Duncan and Gwen kiss in the confessional. Tyler was the sole witness.

Chris said "Whoa! Drama! Who will get me my latte? Find out next week on Total Drama World Tour!"

From the Aftermath studio, Blaineley was watching the episode. She said, "Wow. I'm going to miss Noah's sarcastic remarks. It's still some drama and gossip for me!"

This is my 1st fanfic! Hope I didn't embarass myself! Comment if you want! Personally, I like DXG. The romance between Noah and Blaineley will start slowly. Just wait till I finish Chapter 2. I'm busy with school and I'm in PRE-AP History, Physics, Calculus, and English Level 4. I'll notify people when Chapter 2 is finished. For now, patience please!