Chapter 14: Zeno Day Or Wedding Day?

Sailor Moon and the 4 other girls were in the studio. Rei whispered, "Why are we in the

parking lot? It's 3 a.m. in the morning!" Sailor Moon explained, "I heard someone out

here." Suddenly, a blast of white lightning hit the girls! They were unconscious. Then, a

boy who looked like Zatch appeared. He thought to himself, "These girls have powers!

I'll turn them into my servants! I'll take over the world!" Next, he tied them up with

metal ropes. Afterwards, he dragged them to Metal Harbor. When he got there, he used

white lightning to make a portal to the Kanto Region. Zeno threw the girls into it. Then,

he jumped into it! Meanwhile, it was 4 a.m. at the studio. Noah was asleep. Then, sounds

of someone eating could be heard. He woke up and said, "Owen! Why are you eating

food in my room?" Owen explained, "I'm hungry. Plus, I saw this strange white

lightning. It scared the bread out of my mouth!" Noah told him, "Look, I have to go

somewhere." Owen left the room, followed by Noah. They went in two different

directions. While Noah was walking, he crashed into Tyler. The jock said, "Sorry! I've

been hiding from Duncan. He scares me." Noah ignored him, and headed to Blaineley's

room. The door was open. Blaineley told him, "Hi, Noah. I can't sleep. Our wedding is

tomorrow. I'm really tense and nervous." Noah exclaimed, "Don't be nervous! I'll be

there with you. Anyway, I'm not fully awake yet. We should take a shower." Blaineley

replied, "You're right. Plus, I should wash my hair. Let's do it at my house." They went

to the parking lot. Then, they went into Blaineley's car. When they reached her house,

Noah ran inside. Blaineley followed him. She asked, "Can we go to my new hot spring?

It's really relaxing. I could give you a massage, too." Noah blushed while he thought

about it. After they took off their clothes, they relaxed in Blaineley's indoor hot spring.

Noah told her, "Blaineley, this feels great!" Blaineley replied, "Noah, I have a question.

Will you press that button behind you?" He responded, "Sure." After he pressed it, the

water was really hot at 129 degrees. The water was bubbling. Blaineley announced, "This

is the best bath I've ever taken!" Noah kissed her on the lips. Blaineley blushed and told

him, "You're a good kisser, Noah." After the hot spring, they went to the studio. Noah

checked his watch. He yelled, "It's 7 a.m.! Look at the sunrise, Blaineley!" She shouted,

"It's beautiful. The heat from the sun is amazing." When they got to the studio, there was

a note on Noah's door. He was shocked as he read it. "Your Sailor Moon friends are now

my servants! I will take over Kanto! You don't know me, though. I'll give you a hint. I

am Zatch's twin brother!" Blaineley explained, "Someone's a note-writing creep."

Meanwhile, in Saffron City, the girls were in jail cells. Rei woke up and asked, "Where

am I?" Zeno told her, "You're in jail. You are now my slave." Rei screamed, "I'll never

be your servant, you little brat!" Zeno slapped her and yelled, "You'll do what I say! Or

else, you'll get hurt!" Rei laughed, "How will you hurt me? I'd like to see you try."

Suddenly, Zeno pulled out a flute. When he played it, Rei was under his control. She

smiled and said, "Sorry for being rude, Master Zeno. I will be your loyal servant." Zeno

yelled, "Since you're my servant, go buy me a sandwich!" Then, the other girls

awakened. Minako asked, "Girls, where are we?" Zeno played his flute. Now, all five of

them were under his control. Minako asked, "How are you, Master Zeno?" He shouted,

"I'm hungry! Go get me some cake!" Minako ran outside. Zeno announced, "You three!

Order some pizzas and cheeseburgers for me! Also, get me some brownies." They all

responded, "Yes, Master Zeno." He thought to himself, "That flute gave me their bodies.

It gave me their powers, too!" Zeno fired flames at the ground. Then, he fired darkness at

the sky. He laughed, "Darkness makes me powerful!" Meanwhile, Noah and Blaineley

were watching the news. "Today, Kanto is in darkness!" Katie said. "It's horrible! People

won't come outside! The cities are now all known as Zeno City!" Sadie told her.

Afterwards, Blaineley turned off the tv. Meanwhile, Duncan was in Kanto. The punk

thought to himself, "It's dark here. I wonder why." Suddenly, Zeno appeared behind him.

Duncan told him, "Hey, kid. Your face is on backwards." Zeno played the flute of evil.

However, Duncan wasn't affected. Zeno yelled, "Darn it! It doesn't work on idiots at

all!" Duncan punched him in the face! Zeno shouted, "Servants! I need your help!" Rei

appeared behind Duncan. She was wearing a red bikini that showed cleavage. Duncan

commented, "Zeno, you are an evil little pervert. Just like me when I was seven years

old." Then, Rei was bending over. She farted in Duncan's face. The punk yelled, "That

smells worse than Blaineley's!" Duncan had an idea. He grabbed Zeno's flute, and he

broke it in half! Rei was back to normal. Also, it wasn't dark anymore. Zeno shouted,

"No! My dark world is ruined!" Then, a book fell out of his pocket. Duncan asked, "Do

you know what I like to do with a nerd's book?" Zeno replied, "You're not going to burn

it, are you?" Duncan pulled out his lighter. Next, he burnt the book. Zeno disappeared.

Rei asked, "What happened?" Duncan told her, "Nothing." Meanwhile, Blaineley and

Noah thought about their wedding day. Blaineley asked, "Can we rent a limo, Noah?" He

told her, "Yeah. We should do that. Anyway, we're getting married in Ecruteak City. It's

an amazing place. The top of the Bell Tower is where our wedding is." Courtney came in

and told them, "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. A future lawyer can't act that way. Also,

Noah, Chris wants to see you now." Noah left the room. Courtney cheered, "Now, we can

have some girl talk, Blaineley!" She asked, "What should we talk about?" Noah went to

see Chris in the aftermath studio's office. Chris told him, "Noah, you made it on to

season four!" He sarcastically replied, "That's great." Chris asked, "So, dude? How's

your romance with Blaineley? Is she full of drama?" Noah told him, "Last week, we went

to a place called None Of Your Business!" Chris said, "Dude, I'll be at your wedding. I

have to be at the podium, and read the book to you guys. The other contestants are setting

up your wedding right now." Noah asked, "Did you hear about what happened in Kanto

today?" Chris explained, "I sent Duncan to check it out. Plus, I needed to keep him from

punching me in the face. So, I hired Zeno to cause terror." Duncan and Rei walked into

the room. The punk yelled, "That little freak was one of your interns?" Chris told him,

"Zeno will be in season 4, dude. Prepare for revenge and drama!" Noah walked out of the

office. When he went to his room, Justin was there with Trent, Cody, Ezekiel, Tyler,

Harold, DJ, and Geoff. Noah said, "Hey, guys." Justin announced, "Noah, you're getting

married before any of us. Congratulations!" Trent told him, "I'll be playing music at your

wedding, Noah." DJ told him, "Cody and I will make the food. Harold and Tyler will be

security guards." In Blaineley's room, all the girls were talking. Gwen shouted, "This

wedding will be good, I guess." Blaineley replied, "I'm still nervous, though." Izzy told

her, "Don't be nervous! Just imagine that you're kissing a cookie jar." Heather inserted,

"Let's stop talking about kissing already. It makes me sick." Courtney commented,

"Someone's jealous." Blaineley announced, "Heather, I have a surprise for you!"

Suddenly, Shane was standing in the doorway with a rose. He asked, "Heather, will you

take me back? You're the most amazing girl that I ever dated." Everyone in the room

stared at Heather. She told Shane, "Fine. I'll take you back, Shane. Don't even think

about coming on Total Drama!" Shane explained, "Someone needs to help you take on

my brother, Chris." Heather shouted, "That's true!" Blaineley asked, "Shane, how did

you know where Noah and I were on our dates?" He explained, "I like seeing happy

couples." After that, everyone headed back to their rooms. Noah was sitting on his bed.

Kiyo and Zatch walked in. They were followed by the five Sailor Moon girls. Kiyo

explained, "We're planning the party after the wedding. It was Zatch's idea." Makoto

told Noah, "We booked a hotel for you, too!" Minako shouted, "Also, I won a lot at the

Goldenrod City Game Corner! I used your name. Now, you've set a world record for

winning 987,654,321,123,456,789 times in a row!" Then, everybody left Noah's room.

The next morning was a bright day. Noah got out of bed. Cody and Duncan knocked on

his door. Duncan announced, "Hey, Noah. We're giving you this blue tuxedo. It's for

your wedding." Cody exclaimed, "These black shoes go with that tuxedo, too." Then,

Harold came in with a black hat. He yelled, "Here, Noah! This hat looks cool on you!"

Justin came in with a mirror. The male model said, "He looks perfect!" Courtney was

helping Blaineley with her wedding dress. Heather told her, "Lower the front a little bit,

Courtney. Noah might want to see some cleavage from Blaineley." Izzy brushed one side

of Blaineley's hair, while Lindsay used a straightening iron for the other side. Gwen

sprayed perfume on Blaineley. Bridgette painted her toenails red. After an hour of getting

them ready, Duncan teleported them to Ecruteak City. Courtney asked, "How did you do

that?" The punk explained, "It's a gadget that I stole from Cody." Then, Duncan

teleported himself and everyone else there, too. Noah and Blaineley were in Ecruteak

City. Blaineley cheered, "You look great, Noah!" He told her, "You look sexy and

gorgeous, Blaineley." A man named Morty escorted them to the Bell Tower. He told

them, "Hi. I'm Morty. Duncan told me to escort you to the Bell Tower right away."

The trio went in an entrance building. When they got outside, Blaineley was happy. She

cheered, "These trees compliment this trail, Noah!" Then, they entered the Bell Tower.

There was an elevator. Morty and the happy couple went in it. Noah pressed a button. He

shouted, "We're headed to the top!" When they reached the top, they saw Chris McLean

and the contestants. Chris yelled, "They made it! Here are two questions for you. Noah!

Do you take Blaineley to be your wife?" He replied, "I do." Chris shouted, "Blaineley!

Do you take Noah to be your husband?" She said, "I do." Chris announced, "You can

kiss each other now." Noah and Blaineley shared a very wonderful kiss. Minako,

Bridgette, and Lindsay showered the happy couple with rose petals. After the kiss ended,

Noah and Blaineley went in a limo. Duncan was driving it. The punk told them, "I'm

taking you to the Cerulean City Hotel, guys!" He still had Gary Oak's wallet. When they

reached the hotel, everyone cheered. Gary Oak was in the lobby. He saw Duncan holding

his wallet. Gary yelled, "There's my wallet! How did you get it?" Duncan explained,

"You dropped it. Here you go." Gary opened his wallet. He shouted, "No! All my cash is

gone!" Courtney told him, "Here's some cash for you, Gary." He looked at Courtney. He

said, "You're cute. Do you want to go out with me sometime?" The bossy girl replied,

"Sure." Noah and Blaineley tried some of DJ's cooking. Noah told him, "DJ, this cake is

really good! The pizza's amazing, too!" The gentle giant commented, "Thanks. It's all

because of Mama's Spice. It makes anything taste good." Zatch took the cinnamon rolls

off the food cart. He exclaimed, "Kiyo, you have to try these! They taste delicious!" Ash

and May were there, too. Ash saw Blaineley and yelled, "Hooray! You got married, sis!"

Blaineley told him, "Noah makes me feel so special. I'll do the same for him." Noah

came near her and said, "You always make me feel great, Blaineley. I love you."