AN: I needed a break from Conversations, and this is what appeared on the page. Takes place during Passion, and explores the beginning of Drusilla's premonitions about Spike's feelings for Buffy. Anything in italics was not written by me, and belongs to Mutant Enemy. I hope you enjoy!


Kill her spike kill her for me?

It's done baby.

But it wasn't. He can't kill her, can't hurt her, can't even fight her anymore, not in that chair.

Now when she looks at him all she sees is the slayer dancing about his head. Dancing like so many pixies.

They whisper words in her ears. Spikes words, words she's heard and words she hasn't. Past and future jumbled together into a whirling, sickening mess.

Baby likes to play

Rather be fighting you anyhow

I'm all you've got

I knew the only thing better than killing a slayer would be f-

Someday, sweet slayer, I would love to take you on

Take me out of a world that has you in it

You're all I bloody think about. Dream about. You're in my gut... my throat... I'm drowning in you

You can't deny it, there's something between us

I couldn't live her being in that much pain

And the worst words, the ones they whisper most often, over and over and over.

I love you. I. Love. You. I love .

Spikes voice and the slayers face, all twisted and the pixies are angry and screeching and they're turning into something feral and evil and she has to make it STOP.

Miss Edith wants to go walking. But Miss Edith can be as cruel as the pixies. She whispers of how much Spike wants to play with the sunshine. So Drusilla gags Miss Edith and kills the first blonde girl she sees. A moment later she spots the doggie. Spike would love a doggie. She loves the doggie. Miss Edith loves the doggie. Maybe Angel will love the doggie too, and they can be a proper family again. They could call her Darla. But then doggie bites and it hurts. So she names her Sunshine.

Spike does not like Sunshine. Won't play with them at all, just sulks around. And Angel wants it dead.

"If you won't play at least eat. You're getting dreadfully thin. Come on, drink up the pretty sunshine."

He flinches away and she pretends not to see.