by Dark Angel of Wind

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Summary: Fai and Kurogane travel to Sunnydale for a bit of shopping at a local Magic Shop when Monster Hunter's take an eye towards Fai, Kurogane turns towards a certain blonde vampire and a slayer for help. KuroxFai

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"Ooooooooo, what a darling little shop! Don't you agree Kuro-puu?"

"it can be as 'darling' as it wants to be as long as it has what we need"

A young man with blonde hair tied back in a pony tail smiled at his companion, his showing blue eye crinkled in playfulness, the other hidden by a black eye patch. The other man, taller standing next to his blonde friend, was dark haired and had a tanned muscular physique. a red headband tied above his forehead.

"and what do we need Kuro-chi? you never did tell me why we came to"

the dark man growled before answering, "You'll find out once we go inside!"

the blonde man squealed and put his hands to his smiling face.

"Eeeeeeeek! you're so scary!"

the dark haired man scowled and grabbed the blonde's arm as he squealed and gently dragged him into the store. Unaware that a pair of green eyes watching the blonde with a smirk..just waiting in anticipation.

the bell above the door let out a ding, letting the everyone inside aware of potential customers coming inside.

Xander quickly shuffled the papers and books around so that they couldn't be read and took a curious look at who was coming in. After seeing the two men that came in he shrugged and went back to reading the papers strewn out on their usual Research table.

Anya looked up from the counter and put the bills back into the register before smiling broadly at the two gentlemen in front f her counter.

"Hello, welcome. How may I help you purchase something today?"

her smile broke a little when she looked into narrowed red eyes looking down at her with a deep frown to go with it.

"Or you could just tell me what you want so you may give me your money and get out quicker"

"Anya, we discussed this. You don't talk to customers like that if you want to sell anything," Giles came walking in from the back room cleaning his glasses before putting them on, "forgive her gentlemen, she is from out of town and is still learning of our customs. Is there anything I can help you with?"

The blonde smiled broadly and waved his hand in forgiveness.

"no no no forgive my friend here. he has such a shy personality you see, so he ends up acting the big tough man in front of others. you see he-"

The blonde was interrupted by his companion with a bored tone.

"Fai, why don't you go and look around while I get what we came here for?"

Fai pouted for a moment before he did his fake whistle as he looked and saw the scented candles near the front, "sure thing Kuro-chi! be nice now!"

after Fai was far away enough the dark haired man turned back to Giles and let out a sigh.

"sorry about that. Honestly I hope you CAN help us, otherwise this'll be the 11th wasted store visit. Apparently what I'm looking for is you happen to have in stock The Incessant Phial?"

Giles eyes snapped up to stare at the newcomer and noticed his red eyes.

"The Incessant Phial you say?..may I know why exactly you need it? and whom I may or may not be showing it to?"

the dark haired man turned his head when he heard the door open and saw Fai outside the shop now, chatting with a man in a feathered fedora. Seeing nothing else going on he turned back to Giles.

"Names Kurogane, and I don't need it for me. I need it for my friend out there..he has a special condition and we are on the road all the time, so I need something to hold all of his 'medicine' in in the case we get separated for a long time and I can't give it to him."

"I see..and why can't his medicine be held in it's own packaging? surely through your travels you must come across hospitals o-or at the very least a clinic of some sort?"

Kurogane sighed, "fine if it will get the the damned phial then I will cut with the cryptics and just say it out right. I need to fill it with blood, my blood"

a book or two fell from Xander's table and Giles face grew more stern.

"not all of my blood obviously, and it would need to be done sparingly and done slowly so that there can be enough for in the case I am not arou-"

"how could you say something like that so calmly? it's blood! your blood, your life's blood!" Anya yelled

"Yea I mean, come on guy! why the heck would you need to fill up a..whatever it is with your blood? I mean what kind of medicine is that?" Xander exclaimed as he picked up his books from the floor.

"now wait a goddamn minute! you didn't let me finish explaining!"

"yes, let him finish" Giles said in a low voice, his glasses off his face and in his right hand. Looking at Kurogane intently.

"Fai was dying...and he was saved by a vampire-"

"A VAMPIRE? bu-but he's out there chattin it up out in broad daylight!" Xander yelled

Kurogane growled, "Look I don't know what you are talking about, he's outside. Big deal. Anyway he can only drink from me...and I've always worried what would happen if we ever got separated..and he needed to drink from me and I wasn't around..he would die."

"...I see, well if could explain this a bit further, with your friend as well, then we may be able to discuss your purchase further"

"Alright, well I'll just get Fai in here then...," Kurogane growled loudly and placed a hand to his forehead, "where the hell did that idiot get to now?"

he quickly strode over and opened the door.

"FAI! Fai D. Flourite if you don't show yourself this second!...Fai?"

he stepped backwards and felt something smoosh underneath his foot, he bent down and took whatever it was out and folded it out.

it was a black eye patch

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