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Giant Space Spiders

For Ronald Billius Weasley a blue box materializing several meters in front of him to hover in mid-air above the ground was just a strange occurrence he had no time for.

He was being chased by a Pack of 8ft tall Tarantulas after all, and by the look of them, they were hungry.

To keep them busy he had been emptying his pockets of the many Chocolate éclairs, pastries and any other food he had been carrying, hoping to distract them. Now he had exhausted that supply.


He stammered to know one in particular. He wiped the sweat off his brow, a combination of the running and the extreme humidity, this was a jungle.

"I-I hate spiders!"

" Oh Spiders aren't that bad, usually, although I did meet a rather nasty one on Alpha Centuri last week. Actually that wasn't a spider it was a Grasshopper, an army of Grasshoppers and they tried to take over. But they weren't spiders…..neither are they!"

A male voice began to babble at high speed. Ron looked up and almost choked for there in front of him was the blue box again. Its doors were thrown open to reveal a strange man crouching down to point at the spiders behind Ron.

He possessed brown unruly hair and eyes that appeared so young and yet so ancient. Ron also noticed a tweed jacket and Red bowtie.

"whattya mean, not spiders? HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?"

Ron gestured behind himself wildly, still running. The box seemed also to be moving because no matter how fast he was running it always stayed ahead of him.

The man in the box smiled smugly as he answered the question.

"Yes I have seen them, several times in fact, but they're not spiders. They're called the Gargantuan, scavengers of space. Normally they work together to bring down spaceships and then they feed on the energy from both the wreckage and the passengers…..so did your ship crash?" He asked pleasantly as if he were inquiring about the weather.

"NO!" Ron howled, wondering what on Earth a spaceship was.

"Oh, they probably just like you then!"

Ron almost stopped in his tracks, had he not been facing the threat of energy draining space spiders.

"your Mental"

"I'm the Doctor" the doctor replied, offering his hand out.

Ron hesitated, giant spiders or this loon? Finally the threat of a messy and possibly painful death overwhelmed him.

Reluctantly he reached for the Doctor's hand and let himself be hauled through the doors of the box to be dumped unceremoniously on the floor. But at least he was safe…he was safe….right?

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