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Chapter 5

"Well i think it's time you went home Ron Weasley"

The Doctor called out as he spun around, back to the strange device and began to press the buttons again.

"Sorry about all of that!" He called out loudly.

"River's not usually, well, actually, i don't know what she's usually like...long story" he added, glimpsing Ron's facial expression.

"But, how did i get here?" Ron asked standing up.

"Well when you, apparated did you say? I imagine that's like using a vortex manipulator. Your body breaks down into atoms so that it can travel faster. River would have timed it right so that she could intercept those atoms and send them to anywhere she wanted."

Utterly confused Ron turned to Amy for help,

"River brought you here!" she said simply and Ron nodded.

"Why didn't he just say that!" he cried, gesturing to the Doctor.

Amy chuckled, "yeah, he's a bit of a science geek."

The Doctor pretended not to hear "Right, well, here we are Ron, Diagon Alley, just like you said." He called out as he skipped down to the doors and opened them. Ron and Amy followed.

Sunlight washed over them in the overcrowded street.

"Diagon Alley" Ron whispered as he stepped out of the box.

Behind him he heard Amy marvel at the scene.

"Well, Cya, i guess" Ron shrugged awkwardly, holding his hand out. The doctor shook it rather enthusiastically.

"Yes, nice to meet you Ron, keep away from those Spiders!"

Ron managed a weak smile at that.

"Yeah it was great to meet you, sorry about the whole using you as a distraction thing. I'm sure River's sorry as well." Amy went on apologetically.

The thought of the blonde woman made Ron want to put as much distance between himself and these two as possible.

With a final wave the Doctor and Amy shut the doors and seconds later the awful noise began as the box started to disappear.

Shaking his head Ronald Billius Weasley turned around to spot a familiar face in front of him. It was a boy of around the same age who possessed black hair that refused to lay flat and bright eyes behind a pair of glasses.

"Blimey Harry, you won't believe the day I've had..." Ron began but the boy interrupted

"Who's Harry? I'm James...James Potter!"

This last bit was inspired by the fact that the Doctor always seems to get the times mixed up! :D

Hope you liked it!