Title: Chlollie Holiday Mini Fics Part 1/6

Author: brittany2922Summary: A series of holiday run ins between Chloe and Oliver from season 6 and on.

Characters: Chloe, Oliver, Lois, And Jimmy Rating: TGenre: HolidayWords: 1,560Disclaimer: I own nothing!

A/N 1 first just an apology this entire series was supposed to be posted on January 2nd so I know I'm late but hopefully y'all will still enjoy reading them.

A/N 2 and second originally this was supposed to be several random one shots written as Christmas presents for people on my flist and it ended up turning into a small series, hopefully they all read well together.

A/N 3 basically these are like unseen moments, so SV canon applies throughout all…

Part 1 dedicated to LJ user serafina19

Prompt - December 26th, mistletoe, awkward

Chloe marched back toward the living room unable to stop herself from grumbling several angry remarks about her cousin under her breath.

When Lois had insisted that they begin packing away the holiday decorations the day after Christmas, Chloe had nearly laughed in her face. Lois was many things, one of them being a master at procrastination when it came to anything household work related. So when her dear cousin had called her three days ago to inform her that she thought it would be best to get rid of everything as quickly as possible Chloe honestly thought she'd been messing with her.

Lois then started to ramble on and on about trees becoming fire hazards as they dried out and unnecessary spikes in their electric bill. Despite Lois's arguments to the contrary, Chloe had a pretty strong feeling that her cousin's sudden need to be decoration free by today had less to do with responsible adult living… and more to do with her newest boyfriend, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, insisting on whisking her away for a post Christmas getaway.

As if talking her into coming here to do all this decoration take down on the day Jimmy was finally coming back from his parents wasn't annoying enough, it seemed that Lois had decided that showing up on time wasn't something she needed to worry about. She was already over an hour late and Chloe was fairly certain that if her, desperately in need of a watch, cousin didn't show up soon all the actual work would be done by the time Lois graced her with her presence.

Mumbling several profanities under her breath Chloe began pulling the ornaments from the tree and wrapping them in newspaper before placing them gently in their boxes to be packed away for another year. When the tree was ornament free she glanced down at her watch… two hours late and counting.

Chloe shook her head in disbelief and lifted the box before carrying it across the apartment and sitting it beside the front door. If Lois wasn't going to bother showing up for the tedious part of the work then she was at least going to up be the one to carry all the boxes down to the storage locker.

She moved back toward the tree and climbed up on the small step ladder she had placed there, all that was left was taking off the lights and the star on top… her mother's tree topper. She forced herself up onto her tiptoes but still fell short so she stepped up onto the highest level of the ladder and stretched as far over as she could. She pulled the star off but as she went to right herself the apartment door burst open.

"Hey Chlo!"

Chloe quickly whipped around and her ankle twisted and she fell from the ladder, but before she could hit the ground she felt a pair of strong arms catch her and set her to her feet.

Chloe looked up expecting to see Clark looking down at her but instead she was looking into the warm eyes of Oliver Queen.

Chloe glanced down at her mother's tree topper and sighed in relief when she saw no damage had been done. She clutched it to her chest and smiled up at him, "Thank you so much Mr. Queen, those are some reflexes you have there."

"You're welcome, and please… call me Oliver."

"Well you have no idea how grateful I am Oliver, you not only saved me, but I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to this," she told him holding the topper from her chest for a moment and smiling down at it. She walked over to the couch and picked up a piece of bubble wrap and placed it snuggly around the topper before heading into the bedroom and placing it on the top shelf of her closet, it was the one item she couldn't bare to have packed away in that storage locker in the basement.

She walked back into the room and looked at Lois who was staring wide eyed around the room, "wow you got quite a bit done already." she noted looking at Chloe apologetically.

"Oh no, don't give me that look," she scolded waving her finger at Lois, "you're over two hours late… we could have been finished by now if you bothered to show up on time."

"I'm sorry, we got… held up," she explained looking toward Oliver for back up.

"It's my fault," he spoke up, "but we're here now so why don't you tell us what we can do to help."

Chloe glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall, smiled, and pointed at the pair "the two of you can finish up yourselves… Jimmy's coming back to town today. He's supposed to be here in less then an hour and I'm no where near ready," she ran a hand over her tousled locks. Not waiting for a response from them she turned on her heal and marched toward the bedroom.

Forty five minutes later she walked from the bedroom freshly showered and changed. She glanced around the room and smiled at Lois who looked around at the progress and glanced at Chloe proudly.

"Almost done," she said.

"I see that… I'm sorry about earlier, I just thought Jimmy and I would end up spending his first night back stuck here finishing up."

"Understood," Lois told her, "so what are you crazy kids up to tonight."

"Just dinner, nothing too big." Chloe glanced up and noticed the small bit of mistletoe still hanging from the archway. She pushed herself to her tip toes and reached her hand above her head trying to pull it down but still couldn't reach it. Chloe scowled and jumped up but still her fingers barely grazed it. She let out an exasperated sigh, and went to jump again when she noticed Oliver standing beside her reaching up.

"Hold on," Lois said, she pointed to the two of them, "it's tradition."

"Lois don't be ridiculous," Chloe told her.

"What's the problem, it's tradition," Lois repeated, "You're all about holiday traditions, remember two years when you kissed that poor guy in the Talon because you two got stuck under the mistletoe, I swear that guy was so stunned and love struck after that Clark finally had to track him down and tell him to stop sending flowers and then last year when you landed yourself under it again with someone, you still did it again. Insisting that you don't screw with tradition."

Chloe groaned, "Oh my God, fine," she reached up and grabbed the sides of a shocked Oliver Queen's face before pressing her lips firmly against his. It only lasted a few seconds but when she pulled back she noticed the strangest look on his face and she blushed, "happy now," she mumbled nervously

She walked toward the door avoiding eye contact with either of them and slipped on her heels, right as someone knocked. She swung the door open and found Jimmy standing there a tulip clutched in his hand. She didn't wait for him to say anything just wrapped her arms tightly around him and pulled him flush against her. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled into her hair, "wow bright eyes, if this happens every time I leave town I may have to do it more often."

She chuckled lightly, "don't you dare."

Chloe pulled away and glanced at Lois, "I'll see you later, Lo." she looked toward the still stunned man in the archway, "Oliver." She left the apartment and closed the door behind her. Once they were away from prying eyes she grabbed Jimmy's hand, pulled him to her, and thoroughly kissed him.

When they pulled apart he smiled down at her, "I really do need to go away more often," he said with a grin. He held on to her hand and led her out of the coffee house.

As they sat in Jimmy's car driving toward Metropolis, Chloe's finger tips found their way to her lips. Tradition or not she had kissed Oliver Queen and she couldn't help but wonder why that small innocent kiss with her cousin's boyfriend had sparked more in her then anytime she had ever kissed the man beside her.

Oh yeah, her life just got a whole lot more complicated…

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