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Chapter 4 The Re-actIon!

It had been a few weeks sInce Kurt had receIved the letter from Karofsky and whIlst he has read It over and over he wasn't quIte able to understand why he felt so weIrd about It, surely It had to be a good thIng that DavId Karofsky had taken the tIme and effort to wrIte the letter apologIsIng for all that he had put Kurt through In the last 2 years but somethIng InsIde Kurt, SomethIng he couldn't put hIs fInger on was dIfferent and he was unsure what It could be. Kurt had been behavIng a lIttle oddly around hIs famIly and of course Blaine whIch he had hoped had gone un-notIced.

Kurt had InItIally wanted to reply back to Karofsky but guIlt made hIm feel as If he had then It would have been lIke cheatIng or beIng unfaIthful to Blaine because he had been the rock Kurt needed through the dIffIcult tImes wIth Karofsky. Deep down Kurt knew he and Karofsky would have to have some sort of meetIng to clear the aIr at least that's what he thought It would be.

MeanwhIle whIlst doIng some readIng for homework Kurt was Interrupted by a knock on hIs door and In burst Blaine who had the bIggest grIn on hIs face, Kurt put the book down and smIled and greeted Blaine wIth a bIg hug and a kIss on the cheek and saId "I want to apologIse for beIng a lIttle strange lately just been lettIng thIngs get on top of me and It was sIlly " whIch Kurt knew was a lIe but how could he tell Blaine that It was all because of the bIg bully who had made hIs lIfe hell. Blaine just smIled and replIed "That's ok I know your stIll adjustIng to your new lIfe here at Dalton but I'm here for you anytIme and no matter how InsIgnIfIcant It may be. " wIth a smooth carIng voIce that made Kurt relax. "so how's about me and you go to a hotel for the weekend and just have a relaxIng weekend go out for a meal would that Interest you ? " Blaine asked lookIng rather pleased wIth hImself to whIch Kurt a lIttle surprIsed saId "yeah Id lIke that a lot " he smIled as he grabbed Blaine and hugged hIm tIght and all the last few weeks problems just slIpped away except for how he would deal wIth thIs naggIng Issue 'Karofsky'.

As Kurt was settlIng down after packIng hIs case to go away for the weekend wIth Blaine he was browsIng on Facebook catchIng up wIth all of the goIngs on wIth the guys at McKInley and what was goIng on wIth Rachel's latest drama or FInn sayIng somethIng a lIttle daft or who Santana was havIng a bItch about then just out of the corner of hIs eye he notIced the sectIon of people you may know and there he was as If starIng at hIm was DavId Karofsky. A strange sIckly sweet feelIng came over Kurt as he thought It would be ok to talk to hIm vIa the net or would It be bad seeIng how as everyone would be askIng why they were talkIng . So the curIous thought led Kurt to create a new profIle on Facebook and added Karofsky and waIted for a reply whIch dIdn't come In the next 45 mInutes before Kurt fell asleep.

The next mornIng Kurt awoke feelIng a lIttle tIred as he had been on the net tIll past 1am so he jumped out of bed placed the laptop on the desk and went to the bathroom to get freshened up for Blaine comIng for hIm at 10am. As the shower began to heat up and the steam began to rIse It hIt Kurt about what he had done so he ran to the laptop to see If there were any updates and there It was 'DavId Karofsky ' has accepted your frIends request and another symbol sayIng he had a message also from DavId sayIng "HI Kurt . dIdn't thInk I would hear from you but why the new profIle are you tryIng to hIde from somethIng ? hope your ok, Thanks for addIng me DavId ". Kurt knew what DavId had wrote was totally rIght but how dId he know It was hIm hadn't he done enough to hIde the fact It was actually Kurt but he decIded to have the shower and thInk about It when he came out. It was when he was gettIng dressed he had the strangest Idea he wanted to meet Karofsky to talk and see what he was all about thIs was very Important to Kurt more so than the weekend away wIth Blaine but the lIngerIng was how would Blaine react to Kurt not goIng ? Well we were goIng to fInd out as Kurt slIpped on joggIng pants and had a look In the mIrror and he looked lIke he had been dragged backwards through a hedge and made hIs way to Blaine's room and prepared hImself to get out of thIs trIp as he knocked on the door he felt the colour drop rIght out of hIs face and he felt sIck "hey Kurt are you already" saId Blaine as he answered the door to then turn round and look at Kurt "OMG are you ok you don't look well come In and sIt down " Kurt edged hIs way In to the room and sat down and began hIs tale of lIes " I have been up most of the nIght Im not feelIng the best and you are gonna have to go wIth someone else perhaps Wes he wIll be at a loose end as DavId Isn't at school thIs weekend" Blaine looked a lIttle perplexed and saId "shouldn't I stay and look after you ?" Kurt replIed wIth a raspy " all I am gonna do Is sleep It off and at worst Ill head home and see the folks so you don't have to worry Ill be fIne. Blaine responded wIth "are you sure that you are ok? " to whIch Kurt replIed rather defensIvely "of course I am why wouldn't I be ? the past few weeks have taken theIr toll on me and I just need some rest and I thInk I wIll head home and see my Dad and Carol the change of scenery wIll do me the world of good and I wIll come back and be fully recharged. And as It Is nearly mId-term the chance to see everyone wIll be great. I hope you don't mInd? ... Blaine just nodded and agreed a rest would be good for Kurt and pIcked up hIs cell phone and called Wes who saId he would be up for a weekend of fun and that he hoped Kurt would be feelIng much better when he returned to school.

After about an hour Blaine had went to fInd Wes and get thIs trIp started leavIng Kurt wIth a bIg hug and a reassurance that he would text and see how Kurt was gettIng on. As Kurt lay on hIs bed he trIed to convInce hImself that arrangIng to meet Karofsky was the rIght thIng to do not that anyone would agree but Kurt somehow knew he had to If he ever had any hope of movIng on from the dIffIcult year at McKInley. TwIrlIng hIs long fringe In his fingers he sent a text to Blaine a text to say "have a great tIme thIs weekend I promise I will make thIs up to you xKx " then pIcked the laptop up and sIgned Into hIs Facebook account that he had created just to talk to Karofsky to reply and see If he would be wIllIng to meet up and chat, to Kurt's surprIse he found that he was onlIne and avaIlable In the chat sectIon on Facebook so Kurt without thinking clicked on DavId's name and started typIng ...

Kurt- how dId you know It was me ?

Kurt – hI by the way

DK2478- I took a lucky guess and I guess I was rIght

DK2478- so why dId you add me and why the vacant profIle ?

Kurt – I got the letter you sent and I wasn't sure at fIrst If I should speak wIth you or not but I decIded It must have taken a lot to wrIte that so I fIgured you deserved to be heard

Kurt – Its the least I can do and there Is no harm In gIvIng you that chance

DK2478 – well cheers Kurt I apprecIate that, It was very hard knowIng what I had put you through and the reasons for It made me feel so bad and you dIdn't deserve that.

Kurt – hold on a mInute I don't really want to talk on here , I was wonderIng If you were free today and we could meet for a coffee somewhere and talk away from people we know. KInd of a neutral ground for us both ?

About 5 mIns passed and Kurt was a lIttle nervous to see what the reply would be and also If there would even be a reply . would Karofsky have the guts to meet hIm Kurt just wasn't sure...

DK2478 – I don't wanna pressure you Into meetIng me but If you are sure that you are ok wIth thIs then ok Ill do It . so where ?

Kurt – there Is a Starbucks at 533 S State St WestervIlle, OH Its near here and no one knows eIther of us and Its far enough away from the school so we can have prIvacy to talk how does 1pm sound ?

DK2478- sure Ill be there and If you need to call me or text my cell Is (614) 206-4205 In case ur runnIng late. See ya there .

Kurt knew thIs meetIng was eIther pure genIus or utter stupIdIty but he had to know Karofskys sIde of what happened so he got up wIth a smIle looked and hIs watch whIch saId 11.46am whIch meant Kurt dIdn't have long so he ran to the bathroom and looked at the mIrror to see what he had to do to be presentable even If It was only Karofsky . after nearly an hour of gettIng ready and changIng outfIt about 5 tImes he settled on a smart paIr of denIms wIth a smart desIgner t-shIrt and put a warm cardIgan on wIth a nIce comfy scarf whIch would make hIm almost unrecognIsable to everyone he knew. He grabbed hIs wallet and cell and left hIs room wIth an unusual feelIng almost lIke excItement or butterflIes but thIs had to be a lIttle fear and trepIdatIon. As Kurt strode out of Dalton whIch was lIke a ghost town as It was the weekend he felt lIke he was goIng to get some closure on thIs matter and could move on wIth hIs lIfe wIth Blaine , LIttle dId Kurt know what was about to happen was goIng to turn hIs lIfe upsIde down and change It forever perhaps In the most unexpected way he could possIbly ImagIne .