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Luna leaned against a marble pillar in the high temple of Alamut. She sighed for about the trillionth time.

"Be patient." Zolm said quietly examining the knife he was holding. He was leaning on the opposite side of the pillar.

"He calls us back only to make us wait, we should be out there. With every second we waste Dustan gets closer to stopping Nizam."

"Why are you so passionate about this all of a sudden?" Gool asked folding his arms. "Why should your royal highness concern yourself with petty Persian assassinations?" he laughed giving her a grin. Zolm glared at him and it faded instantly. Luna lowered her hood and looked the swordsman right in the eye.

"I would like to have some assurance that my time is not being wasted, Gool. Favour or not I have responsibilities and if you think…" she was cut off when the doors to the chamber were opened.

"Ah Hassansins you're here." Nizam walked over to Zolm.

"Yes my lord." Zolm gave a small bow.

"Why have you called us back?" Luna asked bluntly. Zolm shot her a warning glance.

"So you're still here are you?"

"Obviously." Nizam huffed.

"Well I suppose it is fortuitous since I have a message for you."

"A message?" Luna frowned.

"Yes it was received last night," he waved a hand at one of the guards that had entered with him. "It s from your uncle." He took a piece of rolled parchment from the guard and handed it to her. She hesitated before taking the note from him. She stared at it wondering what it was about; if he was ordering her back to Egypt then he had another thing coming…

"Perhaps we should convey the business elsewhere while her highness reads the letter." He turned to Zolm. "I am sure you can brief her later if she so desires." With that and a wave of his hand he marched out of the room. Zolm gestured for the other Hassansins to follow. He turned to Luna. She hadn't opened the parchment yet. Reaching out he touched her hands. Stiffening she looked up at him.

"The others and I will meet you down stairs at sun down, I will inform you of what has been said." She nodded. Raising her hands he kissed the tips of her fingers. Dropping them he swept out of the room. Luna stood in silence, alone in the temple chamber. Sighing her lifted the letter and gently untied the string that held it closed. She let the breath ease out of her lips before unrolling the paper. The swift brush marks and unsteady black symbols covering the dried papyrus could only be her uncle's writing. She began to read:


I was alerted of your absence rather abruptly, I see that you have gone off on another one of your adventures.

Why do you insist on abandoning your duties as princess? Wish you could just stop being so restless, do crave danger so much that you must abandon your people every time that slimy Hassansin comes knocking?

I realize you are adventurous, your mother was the same, she ran off with that Persian boy. I do not regret your birth, you know I love you.

I love you as if you were my own child. Luna that is why I wish you home, I don't want you get hurt, Hassansins are not to be trusted. Please, I know growing up has been hard but we can work through this, the people respect you now, you are their princess and they'll need you to be queen when I pass. Please child, come back to us.

Luna gripped the paper tightly. What an idiot. She thought, those cretins didn't respect her, they feared her. And growing up wasn't hard, it was a bloody nightmare. She tossed the letter into a torch and turned to leave the temple room. She swept down the dimly lit spiral staircase. As she exited the corridor she felt a hand on her shoulder. Whirling around she bent the mans arm backwards.

"Gah! Luna!" She let go eyes widening.

"Tus?" The king rubbed his arm.

"Hey." She glared at him.

"I don't have time to visit sorry." She turned to leave but he jumped in front of her.

"Wait, what are you doing here?"

"I'm late that's what." She tried to push past him.

"Luna." She glared daggers at him.

"I don't want to talk to you Tus." A few years ago her uncle and the previous king of Persia, Tus' father, had tried to set up a marriage between them. Luna had obviously declined and threatened to kill him if he even thought about touching her.

"Please, just I haven't seen in such a long time, did your uncle send you?" he sounded hopeful.

"You honestly think he can tell me what to do? No and even if he did I wouldn't have come." He drooped a bit looking hurt. She sighed.

"That's one thing I could never like about you Tus, you are too feminine." He looked confused. "You are way too soft, no offence but your kind of a pansy." She patted his shoulder and started to walk away.

"If your uncle didn't send you then why are you here?" She paused; it couldn't hurt to tell him could it? His uncle probably planned it with him.

"Your uncle hired me to find prince Dustan."

"What?" Oops.

"As you are aware Dustan is a fugitive…"

"No I meant why you? You're a princess?" She smiled.

"I'm a lot more than that Tus, you could never really understand why I really am." Then before he could say anything else she swept down the corridor.