Chapter Eleven

'I thought I'd find you here.'

"'Aniel..." Jackson whimpered.

'I'm not mad at you, or frightened. Everything's okay.'

Jackson didn't seem very reassured and curled up tighter in his spot under Carter's desk. In the past when he'd gotten in trouble for stealing Jack's shoes or lunch Jackson had always retreated to Carter's lab knowing that she'd protect him. Now confused and stuck in human form Jackson had sought out the shelter of the heavy desk.

Daniel stepped in closer causing Jackson to cower. Lowering his head Daniel leaned in and licked Jackson's hand. Jackson threw his arms around Daniel and dragged him under the desk as well in a tight bear hug. Daniel didn't resist and allowed Jackson to cry into his fur.

'I'm sorry, Jackson. I've made a real mess of things.' Daniel sighed. 'I wish things could go back to the way they were before Dan'yel died...for a while there I though we actually had a family going. What I have recently forgot is that you're my family as well, and for that I'm sorry.'

Pulling away Jackson stared at Daniel for a moment before suddenly smiling brightly. He crawled his way out from under the desk and looked around. Daniel watched him apprehensively as Jackson went over to Carter's white board and picked up a marker. Jackson started writing what looked like random symbols.

'I can't read in this form.' Daniel complained. 'What are you doing?'

"Don't know."

'Wait...can you understand me the way Jack does now?'


'Jackson, I need you to stop what you're doing and go back to the infirmary.'


'We need to figure out what's happening.'

"I fix."

'Fix? Fix what?'


'No.' Daniel shook his head. 'No, that is a very bad idea. Just come up stairs with me.'

Jackson kept scribbling on the white board until he'd nearly filled it. Standing back he tried to read what he'd written. Showing some frustration he lashed out and smeared half of it with his hand. Dropping the marker he looked around and shrugged. Seemingly bored Jackson turned to wander off.

'Jackson! Come back!'

"Come with me."

Daniel stayed close on Jackson's heels knowing there was no way he could stop him. As Jackson walked past one of the Airmen the man instantly went to call Jack. The staff had been instructed not to approach Jackson, but to keep Jack updated on his whereabouts. Everyone stepped out of Jackson's way, but he didn't seem to notice the nervous energy in the air. When Daniel finally figured out their destination he jumped out in front of Jackson and bared his teeth at him.

'Jackson, no! Stop! You can't go into the Gate room.'

As if to prove Daniel wrong Jackson disappeared and reappeared on the far side of Daniel. Whipping around Daniel sunk his teeth into Jackson's uniform. Without any effort Jackson pulled free and stepped up to the locked Gate room doors. Jackson tilted his head to the side and the doors slid open.

The Base alarms instantly went off as Jackson gained unauthorized access to the Gate room. Daniel circled around Jackson and barked anxiously in a desperate attempt to stop him or at least slow him down. Jack and Sam arrived, having clearly run to the Gate room. With Jackson already half way up the Gate ramp Jack was forced to draw his sidearm.

"Jackson, stop!" Jack barked.

Jackson looked over his shoulder casually, but had no fear of Jack or the weapon aimed at him. Daniel placed himself between Jackson and the Gate, but once again he just vanished and arrived closer to his target. Jackson stood in front of the empty Gate. Raising his arms up over his head he clapped his hands together. Just as the Nox were able open the Gate without a vortex Jackson opened a shimmering pool.

'Jackson, please, please stop, don't do...whatever it is you're doing.'

"Daniel, you know I have to shoot him if he takes another step." Jack warned.

'I don't think that will help.'

Jackson smiled brightly and went to step through the Gate. Jack fired twice, but he intentionally allowed both shots to go wide of their mark. The near misses didn't phase Jackson and he stepped through the open Gate. Daniel hesitated for a moment before leaping through as well. He could hear Jack protesting, but it was too late he was already through.

Daniel landed hard on the far side of the Gate in a tangle of limbs. The ride had been far rougher than usual. Jackson came over and started to help him to his feet. A little disoriented by the trip Daniel peacefully allowed Jackson to lead him off the stone Gate dais. Daniel sat down and shook his head to clear it. Taking a deep breath the heavily floral scent of the world stung at Daniel's memory. With his long toothy jaw agape he stared at his new surroundings.

'Jackson, this is Ash's world. What are we doing here?'

"Just wait."

'No.' Daniel got to his paws. 'Take us back, now.'

Jackson just smiled. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, clearly enjoying the sun beaming down on his face. Daniel went over to the DHD and started trying to dial, however he learned as Sam had that the device would not respond to his canine touch. He was just about to start begging Jackson again when the Gate sprang to life.

'Good job, Sam.' Daniel sighed in relief believing that she had figured out where Jackson had opened the Gate to.

Daniel waited, but no one stepped through the Gate. After a few minutes a small wicker basket slid through the shimmering portal and came to an unceremonious stop on the stone dais. The fur on the back of Daniel's neck automatically raised as he stared at the basket that held a heap of blankets.

Walking up to the basket Daniel sniffed the air. The scent turned his blood to ice. Unable to back away he continued to the basket. Taking a corner of the blanket in his teeth he pulled it back. The newborn in the blanket protested the sudden intrusion of sunlight. Daniel stared down at him as he cried weakly.


"Dan'yel." Jackson confirmed proudly.

' brought us back in time?'


Jackson bent down to pick Dan'yel up. Daniel bared his teeth at him and growled menacingly. When Jackson ignored the aggressive display Daniel lashed out to bite him. Jackson was barely quick enough to pull his hand away from Daniel's sharp teeth. He stared at Daniel with a hurt expression. Daniel's amber eyes brightened with tears as he trembled with a combination of grief and rage.


'We can't take him with us, Jackson.' Daniel snarled. 'I can't let you change the past. We take Dan'yel from this world and everything changes. Beyond the paradox that it would create it would mean that we would never destroy Anuket. Ash would not keep her imprisoned forever, thousands could die at her hand.'

Jackson clearly didn't understand the conflict and tried to pick Dan'yel up once more. Daniel launched over the basket and knocked into Jackson's chest. Thrown backwards he landed hard on his back with Daniel on his chest, pining him to the ground. Daniel growled and bristled causing Jackson to break down into tears.

Feeling guilty for his actions Daniel got off his partner. Jackson sat up and pulled his knees up to his chest and continued to cry. Daniel leaned against him for support and sighed heavily. Dan'yel began crying louder as well. Daniel went to him and tried to sooth him, but the newborn only cried harder when nuzzled by the large cold nose.

"Halp him." Jackson whimpered.

'I can't. I want to. I want to take him home more than anything. But the past is not mine to change.'