L hunched over the chair, his toes curled around the edge of the seat as he supported his elbows on his knees. He sucks a lollipop thoughtfully while Misa shouts frantically at him.

"You have to stop this L-kun! At this rate Kira-sama...Kira-sama is going to die!"

She gestures to a camera that held her beloved strapped to a chair, blindfolded and weakened by days without food or water just as she had been once upon a time.

L doesn't follow her pointing figure. Instead, he turns his attention to a sundae that had begun to melt. He speaks calmly, as if to a child. He had long since discovered Yagami Light was Kira, now was the simple matter of making the boy admit it. But he seemed to have lost his memory. No memory. No conviction. Bye bye case.

"He's killed a lot of people," says matter of fact, and holds out a cherry to her almost as a peace offering. "Killers are criminals and criminals should be killed. Wouldn't you agree?"

He looks up at her with the challenging circular question. There really was no right answer for a person with morals.

"He only killed bad people! If you kill him, wouldn't that make you a criminal then?" Misa stands firm.

"Perhaps...But if he is innocent according to you because he killed those he called criminals, then I too am innocent for killing those who I deem criminal."

He slurped his melted sundae leisurely, not taking dark circled eyes off the blonde.

Misa was struggling, he could tell. If he could break her conviction of Kira's innocence, perhaps he could use her after all. She'd be the best person to use to testify against Light-kun.

"N-no, it's not the same!" she stammered, but she looked uncertain.

There! She's weakened. Now for the final nail...

"Had it been I who punished the ones that hurt you, would it be the same then?"

Misa shook her head, but the fire in her eyes was fading.

"Had I been the one with the Death Note, wouldn't your feelings also be the same?"

Misa froze and glared at L. "Never! Kira-kun is...Kira-kun is..."

"Special?" L tried to smirk, but his face felt tight. "Is that what makes his actions so different from any other criminal?"

Misa slumped to the floor, her legs suddenly felt like lead. "I-I don't care what you say. I love him. I don't care..."

L snapped his fingers. An older man entered the room with a manila folder. He dropped in front of the pop-idol. Out spilled pictures of Light and a dark haired woman. She was a little older, but Misa saw them walking arm and arm smiling. The glimmer in their eyes told their true relationship.

The pictures grew more incriminating until Misa cried out and tossed the folder across the room at L. The pictures fluttered like the shed feathers of a broken wing. Her hopes and dreams had barely taken flight before being so callously crushed.

"NO!" Misa collapsed into furious sobs.

L hopped out of the chair and left the room, pausing to glance over his shoulder at the weeping girl. He still had plenty of time. She'll come over to his side soon enough. Love could be such a fragile thing. A few pictures is all it takes to break it?

"Kind of like ice cream isn't it Master Ryuuzaki?"

L glanced up at his old friend Watari. "Pardon?"

"Love. It's sweet, but if you don't take advantage of it soon, it melts and just becomes a mess."

He points at a chocolate stain on L's white shirt. L takes it off and hands it to him. "Nothing that can't be cleaned."