AN I know that I left this as a one shot before but I was bothered that I did not do it justice. It has pulled to me and I am going to start over.

Chapter One Introduction

Hermione reflected on the five years that passed since she graduated Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Wizarding world sunk further down in despair as Voldemort moved openly. The Ministry fell a year ago and all of the wizard villages were taken over. Other than the tattered remnants of the Order of the Phoenix, there was nothing left to stop the evil deranged wizard.

They tried to find the Horcruxes that Headmaster Dumbledore tasked Harry to find and they found and destroyed them all except the snake and the heirloom of Ravenclaw. At least the two years they spent hiding and running for their lives was partially successful. The snake was a given and inaccessible but they were no closer in discovering what the heirloom of Ravenclaw was.

She was drawn from her musings as a voice growled out. "Miss Lovegood the Order must go to America where the fight can be taken up again as you recruit wizards and witches to come back to fight. Britain is lost. The Dark Lord does not even count Harry Potter as a threat anymore as there is no one left powerful enough to protect him save I."

Luna looked the group of forty wizards and witches that she called to the remote island of Foula located in the Shetland Isles after leaving the deathbed of Kingsley Shacklebot after writing down everything he whispered concerning resistance contacts in Europe and America before he died from wounds received from an assassin's blade.

Draco Malfoy spoke out. "The Dark Lord knows your identities and will pursue you soon. You should be safe enough during the summer as he plans to deal with France as the Order is not a threat now with the death of Kingsley and there is no one left in the original Order." He became a spy after the Dark Lord murdered his parents three years ago

Luna spoke in a dreamy voice. "We've heard from Headmaster Snape and Draco. What say you Harry?"

Harry stood up as the rest looked to him. "I'm not sure why Kingsley made you the leader of our group but I'll not contest a dying wizard's words as he has his reasons. Hermione, Ron, and I will split up to look for the heirloom of Ravenclaw separately. We will meet at Hogwarts at beginning of term and I will talk to the portrait of Headmaster Dumbledore and if he says to leave England we will."

The group left the tent leaving Professor Snape, the Golden Trio, and Luna behind.

Professor Snape approached the fey witch. "Why did Kingsley make you our leader?" Trying hard to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. He did not like the fact that his life was placed in a witch that was not all together there.

"Oh that's an easy answer Professor Snape." Luna replied in a dreamy voice. "I told Kingsley about a dream I had six months ago concerning the future. It was all very hazy but all of my dreams have come true."

Hermione grasped Luna's hand. "Tell us about it."

The gathered wizards and witch watched as Luna closed her eyes. "As I said all of my dreams are hazy. All I remember is a Lion will betray us but a Snake from the future will rescue us and that we will defeat the evil upon our land."

Luna opened her eyes and looked to the group expectantly. "I have not figured it out, have you?"

She heard the snorts of disbelief and watched the wizards depart leaving behind only Hermione. "You do believe me Hermione? If you want you can take over the Order. Kingsley told me that it should be me but…"

"No Luna but get in contact with America just in case." She whispered to her disturbed at her words.

Hermione left the tent and felt her being pulled and noticed that she was in the bedchambers of Headmaster Snape.

She pulled away and looked to him as he spoke in a silky voice. "You know that all is lost here Hermione. When term starts you must convince your fellow dunderheads to abandon England if there is any hope to defeat the Dark Lord."

"I know Severus but is there a reason that you brought me here?"

"There is sweet witch." Bending down and offering up the engagement ring. "Hermione I want to marry you when term starts. Everything is falling apart and soon I may be forced to turn you in as I am a double spy after all. And I will do it as there must be someone on the inside to carry on."

Hermione looked to him and heard him spat out. "And I would for the greater good that Albus went on about. Flee Hermione after you and your friends talk to Albus."

She looked to the ring and placed it on her hand. "I accept Severus."

Severus stood up and kissed her. "It has been months since I last held you in my arms."

"Is everything as bad as it seems Severus?" She whispered to him.

"It is Hermione." He whispered back and removed her clothes. "You are beautiful and chose me and it will carry me on into whatever the future holds."

She removed her robes and lay down on his bed. "Love me Severus Snape!" She demanded as she felt him above her and looked into her eyes.

"As you demand Hermione." He whispered out as he entered and felt her velvet walls clamp down on his hard cock.

He whispered to her as he stroked his long hard length into her. "Always mine witch and I own you." Growling out as he quickened his pace at the urging of her body. Soon they booth came as he whispered. "I love you Hermione Granger."


The Golden Trio met at Hogwarts at the Welcoming Feast as promised in the meeting at the remote island.

"Were you successful Hermione?" Harry whispered to her.

She looked to Harry. "You could say that Harry." She whispered back with sadness in her voice.

"That's great Hermione!" Ron whispered to her as he grabbed her hand.

"Not really Ron." She spoke to him as she pulled her hand out of his.

She listened as Severus gave his welcoming speech and sat down beside her and whispered. "All is well Lioness? I will marry you tonight and you will have my name whatever the future holds."

"Yes Severus and remember that I do love you with all my heart." She replied and looked to him with sadness.

"Hermione, that look does not become you. Why are you so sad?" He whispered back as he took a drink from his goblet.

She watched as he clutched his chest and panted out.

Madame Pomphrey rushed up and checked the Headmaster over as the hall became quiet. After a few moments she announced "Headmaster Snape is at the Veil now. He has suffered a massive heart attack."

Professor Flitwick stood on his pile of books and squeaked out. "Students as your Deputy Headmaster I demand you go to your House Dormitory now and I will advise you."


There was only a few that attended the burial of Headmaster Snape as Hermione, Ron, and Harry witnessed it.

Ron pulled Hermione to him and spoke out to his friends. "Good riddance as I could never trust him."

Hermione hit him with her fist and watched in satisfaction as the red headed wizard fell down. "Why Hermione?"

"Because you prat you are the Lion that betrayed us!" She spat out.

"And I was the one to kill him."

Harry pulled Ron up. "What do you mean that you killed him Hermione?"