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Danny Williams had a problem a huge problem. If it were an alcohol problem it would be a smaller problem then the one he was currently faced with. Rachel had a problem and a huge one at that. Danny and Rachel had the same problem. They both needed somebody to watch Grace. Step-Stan had been called out to a formal weekend for the 21 and over. Rachel thought Danny would love his daughter for an extra few days. Danny on the other hand made plans to fly out Jersey for an old friends wedding. He was leaving the same day she and Step-Stan were to leave for Cabo San Lucas. This is why they were in their current position. Sitting at a diner discussing their options at midnight.

" Danny, she can fly out to my mother in England for the week" Rachel said in the way only the british ever could.

" What! are you insane? clearly I married for looks. My daughter is not flying across the ocean by herself"

" Do you have a better idea, Danny?" Rachel asked incredulously.

" Couldn't you and Stan just skip one black tie function"

" No it's very important for Stan's business"

" Well I can't skip Teyla's wedding. I promised to walk her down the aisle, when I was 7 and she was 2. That was 27 years ago"

" Fine then she'll go to England and visit mom"

" Wait..what about Steve"

" I beg your pardon?"

" Commander McGarrett"

" You want to leave our daughter with your boss, the man who always gets you shot ?"

" Yes" Danny said in a matter of fact tone.

" For as psycho as McGarrett is, I trust him with not only my life but Gracie's."

" He's a seal so I know she'll be safe and he'll do everything in power and more to make sure she stays that way. He'll probably suck at playing barbies, baking cookies and braiding hair. But he'll have her eating healthy meals and building sand castles on that godforsaken beach"

Rachel know how over protective Danny was of Grace. If her ex-husband trusted his partner so implicitly she wouldn't question his trustworthiness.

" Alright Danny make the call"

Danny punched in the digits for Steve while tapping a staccato rhythm upon the table. On the third ring he was greeted by a sleepy " McGarrett"

" Hey Steve' I've got a problem"

" What your calling me Steve!, That is bad hold on I'll call Kono and Chin"

" No No, I'm not in danger, I know it's short notice. I need somebody I trust to watch Grace while I'm at the wedding. Rachel and Step-Stan and Cabo San Lucas Brazil..."

" Mexico"

" Whatever, Rachel wants to fly her out by herself to England to visit her grand mother. By herself can you believe that? on a plane going over the ocean of all things"

" Danny?"

" Yeah?"

" Shut up and I'll do it" Steve said while massaging the very real throbbing behind his temples"

" Thanks Steve, Really….I'll just drop Gracie off in a half hour so I'll make my flight."

" Sure Danno, I'll dig out Mary's old barbie collection, those babysitter books and whatever those mighty max for girls were out of the storage closet tomorrow"

" Thanks again Steve"

" Yeah Yeah Bye"

With that Danny was met with the audible click of a hung up phone.

" Rachel, Steve said he'll babysit while I'm gone. My flight leaves at 3 AM hate red eyes!"

" I'll go home and pack her things Danny; You should pack yours and I'll drop her at your place"

" Yeah ok"

" Thanks for trusting me"

" Danny your horrible husband, even worse of ex but have always been incredible father, That's something I'll never question. Now beat it"

Danny ran around his shoebox of an apartment and gathered the rest of his things and twenty minuets later. Rachel had dropped off Gracie. Who tired conversed with him from the backseat.

" Where you going Danno?"

" New York Baby, Daddy's friend from when I was just about your age is getting married. I made a promise to walk her down the aisle."

" You always keep your promises Daddy"

" Where am I going?"

" Your going to stay with Steve for a couple of days"

" Really Danno?"

" You betcha"

" I like Uncle Steve" Gracie gave tired lazy smile that reminded him of Dopey from Snow White with a twist of Disney Princess."

" I like him to just don't tell him that"

" Ok Danno"

Danny made the rest of the drive in silence once Gracie fell asleep. Pulling into the driveway it was already 1:00 AM. He grabbed Gracie's little Thomas the Tank Engine suitcase. It'd been a gift from Steve Gracie instantly fell in love with the silly blue train. Danny chuckled when he remembered the look of mortification of Rachel's face when she'd came barrelling into the house with her new Thomas The Tank Engine wheelie suitcase. Rachel had made a quip about taking it back since Thomas was for boys. Gracie just stuck her lip out in a wobbly pout and saying " But it's from Uncle Steve" causing Rachel to cave. Danny gently scooped Grace up the movement waking her up.

" Come on Monkey" Danny said as Gracie wrapped her arms around his neck. Danny knocked on the door a few times. A very sleepy Steve answered the door in his pyjamas. Danny noted his hair had taken on a fluffier texture that reminded him a puppy.

" Hey"

" Hey Steve, Go figure you'd have Superman PJs"

" Hope you didn't forget to pack you princess pyjamas"

" Jerk"

" Here" Steve said as he transferred Grace who'd woken up a bit more from Danny's arms to his. Gracie seemed to notice Steve's hair and petting it.

" Your hairs fluffy. I like your jamas Uncle Steve"

" See Gracie likes them, I ilke yours to, what are they?"

" Dora Silly"

" Oh"

" Hey monkey, daddy's gotta go to the airport now" Danny said as his monkey of a daughter twisted in Steve's arms giving him a hug and a kiss on the nose. It was her thing only Danno got a kiss on the nose.

" Be good for Steve and listen to everything He, Kono or Chin tell you. It's time for you to go to bed monkey"

" Yes, Daddy"

" Good Girl"

" Love you Danno"

" I love you to monkey" Daddy said running his hand through Gracie's hair and kissing her cheek.

" Uncle Steve to Danno" Danny rolled his eyes before ruffling Steve's hair and lightly smacking him upside the head.

" Uncle Steve, can I sleep with you tonight…I forgotted Teddie?"

" Sure Gracie, you want to cuddle my stuffy to?"

" You gotsa stuffie Uncle Steve?"

" Yeah, he's a stuffed long neck dinosaur named thumpy in a Navy Seals hood" Steve said as he pulled the dopey looking Dino off a near by chair.

" Really I can cuddled with Thumpy"

" Yeah….if I'm protecting you from bad dreams, he'll need you to protect him from bad dreams"

" Ok Uncle Steve" Gracie said squishing the thing in a tight hug.

" Commander McGarrett! you look after my little girl and keep her safe yah hear"

" Aye Admiral…I'll keep the fair maiden safe" Steve said with a sleepy toothy grin.

Danny rolled his eyes before giving Gracie one last time and getting bopped in the head head with the Dino's head and shaking Steve's hand. Danny pulled out of the driveway and drove to the airport feeling relaxed and safe in the knowledge that his daughter was being babysat by the biggest psycho on the planet who'd stop at nothing to protect her.

Steve closed the door and locked it before heading back to the master bedroom with Gracie. Steve dropped her on the bed earning a giggle and headed over to the alarm panel he'd take no chances with lil miss William's in the house. Steve walked over to the bed and laughed at the little girl who was lost amongst the kingsize bed. Steve climbed under the covers and Gracie followed snuggling up toe Steve with her new din buddy across Steve's tummy while she hugged it's neck.

" Uncle Steve?"

" What you gotta go potty?"

" NO!"

" Oh just asking"

" I know"

" Uncle Steve?"

" mhhh?"

" Who is going to protect you from the bad dreams?"

" I don't know Gracie" Steve said amazed by the chord such an innocent question from an even more innocent child struck.

" S'ok Uncle Steve, When Danno get's back he can protect you"

" Oh kay"

" Love you Stevie" Gracie said before snuggling up to Steve and falling asleep.

Steve was surprised by how has sleep was claiming him and soon he to was in the land of nod.