The time has come for me to cap off this story and tie up the lose ends. I'm not sure if I'll be doing a sequel. I have some other stories to bring to conclusion and a Stargate Atlantis story has been brewing in me brains for a bit.

What could Danny say, He was happy, well fed and on the way to pick up his daughter. Steve was driving his car as usual but Danny couldn't bring himself to complain. That was until Steve made a hairpin turn throwing up dirt and gravel in the camaro's wake.

" The hell is wrong with you?"

" Nothing!"

" Drive like a civilized person, you animal"

" Love your too" Steve said and casted his cheekiest grin on Danny who rolled his eyes and punched Steve in the arm, all while telling McGarrett to keep his eyes on the road.

Danny was out the door before Steve could even hit the breaks. Bounding up the stairs to rap his fist on Kono's door. It only took a few seconds for Kono to open the door and a little ball of little Williams to come torpedoing into her fathers arm. Steve smiled to himself as he steadied the two before Danny could topple of the stairs.

" Danno, Kono and I had a tea party, we played flashlight tag on the beach and talked about boys" Gracie.

" Boys, Kono? Seriously"

" It was that or Tennis Brah" Kono retorted with exasperation.

" Question retracted. Thank You for having her over tonight"

" No problem, we had fun, didn't we Gracie?"

" uh huh, thank you Auntie Kono" Grace said as she hugged the only girl on team Five-0

The ride home went by with Grace recounting her entire week with Steve. Danny's head was spinning with all the things being talked about. He was now convinced Steve had a full blown case of ADHD. He also had to smile, Gracie was safe and happy and he couldn't of asked for anything more from his emergency last minute babysitter and at the moment love of his life.

When they got in the house, Steve pointedly ordered Danny to bring the basket of laundry down from his room and take it to the basement. Mainly because he could find anything better to say that'd get Danny out of the Kitchen so he wouldn't see the special cookie. Working quickly with what little time they had. Grace and Steve pulled out Danny's cookie along with the sandwiches she and Steve made the morning before. Pastrami and Swiss for Steve, Turkey and Tomato for Danny and a Blue Berry Jelly for Grace. When they heard Danny coming up from the basement, they quickly jumped on the couch and flipped on the tv acting as if nothing had happened.

They heard Danny stop dead in the kitchen.

" Whats this"

" We made you a special Danno Cookie it's a big baseball"

" I see that Monkey, did you do the pink treads"

" Uh Huh and Uncle Steve did the New York Mets Logo"

" I love it, would you and Betty Crocker like some cookie?"

" We would Danno, but after you eat your lunch. You want to grow up to be big and strong Like me"

" Shut up Steve"

" Daddy?"

" Yeah Baby?"

" Do you love Uncle Steve?"

Both Danny and Steve were shocked at Grace's question. Danny always believing in honesty told Gracie the truth.

" Well he Steve is cute, and he loves you to Danno. He just doesn't know it yet"

" How do you know that Gracie?"

" Cause you get a special smile,when ever you talks about Daddy. Even when your making fun of him. It's different form the smile you get when your saying something about Uncle Chin and Auntie Kono. I know cause I gots good detuctive reasoning skills. My Daddy is a detective!"

Steve couldn't help it, he picked Gracie up while laughing. The kid was a piece of work just like her old man.

" Hmm maybe I do Grace, what do you say to your Daddy living here"

" YES, YES, YES his place sucks"

" Babe, Child, I love how you've included me! Daniel WIlliams in this decision process" Danny said.

" Like You'd have said no" both Steve and Grace said at the same time.

" I give up, we are at least getting a box of decent cereal McGarrett" Danny said as he threw his hands in the hair making both Steve and Grace giggle.

Thank you all for diligently reading this as I've composed it over the year.